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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam reads stories to Beth and wonders what to do now. He will call her sister. Steffy is feeding Kelly and senses he needs something to do since he is alone and invites him over. Ridge drops in on Brooke. He says he keeps telling himself that he is doing this out of protest to help Thomas but he misses her. She smells good. She gives him a kiss and says she has missed him too. He says he knows it is not a popular thought but Thomas is Douglas’s father. He does not need shared custody. Hope has Beth. She does not need Douglas too. Brooke tries to make him see that Douglas is thriving as he is now with Hope in his life so there is no harm in shared custody. Thomas starts to sign the papers. Hope is pleased and says now they can be a family and she will be Douglas’s mother just like he promised him. When done she is so happy that she wants to run find Douglas and tell him. Thomas says forget Douglas; they need to celebrate and can tell Douglas later. He says again how much he loves her and wants to be with her. She gets back to Douglas, that she does not even know where he is or if he is still in the building. He says if she wants to see Douglas he will take her to him when they are done. They need time alone; you know like grownup time. She wants to go now and he says that is for him to know and her to find out. She runs out with him after her. Ridge wants Brooke to sit down and table their children for now. He hates being at his dad’s house and had rather be here. She says she hates it too but she cannot just brush aside what Thomas did and is still doing. But Ridge is turning a blind eye to all of that. And he is the one who moved out. Ridge says he does not think she knows how much it hurts him when she talks about Thomas this way. She says she is sorry but she does not believe Thomas for a second and still does not trust him. They both know what he is capable of.

Steffy tells Liam that she was surprised when Thomas told her what he had planned for him and Hope. He says maybe she can do this but it does not feel right that she would put herself in harm’s way with Thomas. It is like she has tunnel vision and all roads lead to Douglas. Steffy says she understands. She still has her issues with Thomas but is trying to get past it. Thomas had it hard growing up. He saw when his dad went back and forth between Brooke and their mom. Hope runs thru the halls and climbs stairs to an room where he corners her in a dangerous section with warning signs all around. Ridge tells Brooke that she is going to punish Thomas for the rest of his life and that is not fair. Meanwhile Thomas has Hope cornered and she cannot move either direction. He puts his hands on her and begs her now that he has signed the papers to be with him as a family and they can raise Douglas. The both look deeply into each other’s eyes and then she manages to break loose and she runs past him and as he turns he slips between the railings and falls into a vat of bubbling chemicals that are steaming and hissing. Coming up, face up, we see it is Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to the Kiriakis mansion and told her that she knew Sarah was pregnant with Eric's baby. Kristen wanted to tell Eric about Sarah. He didn't want to hear anything she had to say about Sarah. Kristen wanted to tell Eric the truth for once. Sarah wanted to know how Nicole got the test results. Nicole told her that Rolf had them. Sarah wondered if she told Eric. Nicole was afraid that the baby would bring them back together. Sarah wanted her to leave. Nicole wanted her to promise not to tell Eric about the baby. John and Marlena celebrated their anniversary. Jack saw them at the town square. They wanted to know if they could help him with Jennifer. He wanted to know how John stayed sane when Marlena was in a coma. Gina was about to smother Jennifer with a pillow when Ciara showed up. Ben told Rafe how he locked his place up, but it was open when he got back home. Ben noticed that Ciara's picture was cracked. Jack talked to John and Marlena about Jennifer finding out what was on Rolf's flash drive. Jack wanted to find the flash drive so he could feel like he could help Jennifer. John asked him if Jennifer had the flash drive on her when she fell. Jack felt like Jennifer's fall wasn't an accident. He refused to stop until he found out what happened to Jennifer. Gina told Ciara that she wanted to give Jennifer an extra pillow. Ciara asked her if anyone knew how Jennifer fell. Gina said it was a terrible accident. Nicole explained to Sarah why she didn't tell Eric the truth about her pregnancy. Kristen wanted to make amends in order to have a healthy child. She wanted to live a truthful life and didn't want to keep secrets. He wanted to know what secrets. Kristen told him that Sarah was pregnant with his baby. Brady showed up and heard what Kristen said. Jack continued to talk to John and Marlena about Jennifer until he wanted to go back to the hospital. Sarah told Nicole that she was leaving town and wanted to know what more she wanted. Nicole said she wouldn't get in the way if she wanted to tell Eric about the baby. Sarah told her that she didn't want Eric to know about the baby. She didn't want Eric to feel obligated to her and she didn't want to come between his relationship with Nicole. She wanted her to go home to Eric and be happy. Sarah wanted her to throw out the paper and move on with her life. Nicole told her that someone else knew about it. Eric didn't believe Kristen. Kristen told him that she lived with Sarah and knew the beginning signs of pregnancy. Eric asked Brady if he knew about it. Brady denied knowing anything. Eric flashed back to different moments with Sarah. 

Sarah thought Rolf was the one who knew about her pregnancy. Nicole told her how Xander was the one who got Rolf to tell about the baby. Sarah was upset that Xander did that. Nicole continued to explain what happened. Sarah wanted to know if she was going to change her mind and tell Eric about the baby. Kristen told Eric that he didn't have to take her word about Sarah. He could go ask her. Eric stormed out of the room. Brady wanted to know why she lied. John told Jack what he went through when Marlena was in the coma. He told Jack how he used the hourglass that he had for Marlena. Ben left a message for Ciara letting her know he was on his way to get her. Someone watched Ben when he left his place. Marlena wanted John to give Jack the hourglass. John wanted him to have faith that Jennifer would wake up. Gina tried to smother Jennifer again when Ben walked in the room. He thought Ciara was with her. Gina told her that she left. He left to go after Ciara. Rafe called Gina and wanted her to go to the station to talk about Jennifer. Brady wanted to know why Kristen didn't tell him about the baby. She felt Eric deserved to know first. Nicole didn't want to tell Sarah's secret. She promised Eric wouldn't hear about it from her. Sarah threw the test results in the fireplace. Eric showed up at the Kiriakis mansion looking for Sarah. Eric wanted to know why Nicole was there. Sarah got an alert from the driver. Eric wanted to know if Sarah was pregnant. Brady wanted to know why Kristen didn't keep quiet about the baby. She explained why she told Eric the truth. He wanted to know if she was making amends or trying to score points with him. Jack went to see Jennifer. Gina told Rafe what happened with Jennifer. She reminded him that he was supposed to be investigating what happened with Ciara. He wanted her to look at the footage of the night of the fall. Ben went home and saw his place was trashed. He looked down and saw a hand on the floor. Jack wanted Jennifer to come back to him. The footage didn't show who pushed Jennifer off the terrace. Rafe wanted to keep looking and saw how Jennifer wasn't alone anymore. Ben noticed that the person on the floor was cold. Eric told Sarah that Kristen said she was pregnant. Eric wanted Sarah to look him in the eye and tell him that she was pregnant. He wanted an answer from her. Nicole blurted out that Sarah was pregnant. Kristen told Brady she wanted him to believe that she's changed. Brady stopped her from leaving and kissed her. Jennifer woke up from the coma. Jack told her what happened to her. Jennifer wanted to know how long she was in a coma. Jack told her that she was in a coma for a year. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Theo gets a ghostly visit from his dad Eric who advises him to go with his gut about his new family situation because his gut has never steered him wrong. Eric also tells his son that he should let people see that he is a good man. Simon continues to threaten Connor and Chelsea persuades Adam to take Connor on a trip to Hope's farm in Kansas. Adam knows Chelsea is hiding something from him although she denies that there is any trouble. Devon returns from his trip to Thailand where he found Tucker in a commune and Tucker told him that he didn't forge the will because he doesn't care about money anymore. Elena tells Devon that the lesion on Jett's vocal cord was not cancerous and she wonders if its time Jett give up his singing career. Amana talks to someone on the telephone and says that the GPS tracker they are using to track someone is working great and now she won't have to ask this person everyday about the other person's location. Cane talks to Charlie on the phone and tells him about Katherine's will and the trust fund he has set up for him and Mattie. Cane finishes his call with Charlie and is shocked to see Chance burst through the door of the hotel room and Chance punches Cane in the face.

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