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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is busy texting and barely pays attention to Donna. This must have to do with signing the adoption papers in Ridge’s office. Shauna walks in on Ridge having a drink alone so he includes her. She asks what is the difference in brandy and cognac and he explains that all cognac is brandy but not all brandy is cognac. She sips it down. She asks how he is all keeping it together. Here he is waiting on Thomas like he has a curfew. This house is too big for just Eric and Quinn. He replies that is why it is good now for them to all be there. She says she is enjoying the cognac and always these special moments alone with him. He puts his hand on her knee and says he is enjoying the cognac too. Thomas shows Hope and Douglas some designs he made. Douglas thinks they look like Hope and Thomas agrees most of them will. He tells Douglas he will be running this company some day. He appreciates his sister but she is not a designer and that is the face this company needs. He shoots Hope a look and says it will be great with the two of them working together again. Thomas gets around to telling Douglas that he and Hope need to discuss some business so he should get his backpack and come with him. Ridge says he is worried about Thomas and why he is not here. Shauna makes light of it and says maybe now is time for her to put the moves on him. He says he will not stop her as he likes the way she chases his blues away. And thanks for her for putting up with him. And besides she cannot seduce him since they did not have a first date but she saw him naked or almost already. He just wants this night to end, Hope and Thomas can finish their business and settle all of this and he can go back to his wife.

Brooke tells Donna that if Thomas signed the papers and she had reason to celebrate Hope would be coming home by now. Donna says unless Thomas starts playing handsies. Brooke says no that would not happen in front of Douglas. Even Thomas would not cross that line. Hope calls Brooke to make sure she is not worried. Hope assures her all is going well. Brooke tells Donna she does not like this as the last time Hope was alone with Thomas he tried to get Hope to fly away with him. Ridge tells Shauna that he needs to go investigate. She calls him super-dad. Thomas returns and Hope wants to sign the papers. Then they can tell Douglas that she will be his mommy. They will be a family and she will not change her mind. He asks if she knows what she is asking of him, like the day they married. She does not respond but he says she is being very nice to him but wonders if it is real. He says he loves her and does trust her and this signature will be proof. She anxiously awaits as he picks up a pen and starts the first letter of his signature.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss goes to see Jax in order to move in with him. He calls Carly so they can discuss it together. Joss just wants to be somewhere that Oscar was not. Carly is fine with it but suggests to start with weekends. Jax thinks they need to wait for certain things to come together. Cassandra smacks a guard with a shovel and runs for Nikolas who is taking her somewhere.

Curtis questions Sasha and tries to figure out what happened. Michael is not going to let him make her look like she is a bad person. Nelle meets with Martin who explains that she was married but now widowed and has a lot of money coming her way. Nina visits Nathan's grave but then Valentin shows up and tries to make her feel better.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Theo struggles to find new clients and to also get used to his new family. Jack gives Theo some information he and Traci gathered for him about his grandfather Stuart and Dina he also tells him stories about them both and tells him that it is up to him how much he wants to be a part of the family. Theo bonds with Lola and he admits he is a little overwhelmed by all of this since he comes from a working class background. Billy tells Victoria what Jill told him about Katherine's will and he thinks Cane is running a con on Devon and it is working like a charm. Billy warns Kyle to keep his guard up with Theo because he is a threat just like Cane is to Devon. Victoria tells Nikki about Billy's alter ego and that she is afraid his alter ego could return and Nikki advises her not to ignore her instincts.

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