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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Eric watch as the models show their newest gowns. Eric says what is not to love. Ridge did great. Ridge informs him that it is not his designs but Thomas’s. He is so proud of his boy and that he is able to do this while home with Douglas. Eric says he is impressed. Ridge thinks things have turned around and things are on their way up. Thomas tries to find out why Douglas is glum and he says he misses his mommy. Thomas says he misses her too and he can call her in a few minutes. Steffy pops in and Douglas is happy to see her. Thomas sends Douglas upstairs to call Hope while he talks to Steffy. He quickly informs her that there is a way that both he and Hope can co-parent legally and she has papers for that. Steffy is absolutely stunned that he is considering giving up full custody. She knows Hope and Liam made him a home when Thomas couldn’t but surely Hope knew that was not permanent. Liam goes on and on about Bill offering him a place in the family and back at Spencer Publications. He realizes Hope is not really listening. She apologizes but says she was worried about Douglas and Thomas. Been there, done this before so Liam does not know what to say. He finally does say if Thomas gives her custody of Douglas then he is going to want something in return. And it has always been her that he wants and that is what bothers him and it should to Hope too. She says all that bothers her is that Douglas is safe from that man. Douglas runs and tells Thomas that Hope wants to be with them… tonight. Thomas is great with that. He tells Douglas to scoot upstairs and put on something nice. He has a feeling tonight will be very special.

Steffy tells him that she thinks he better think long and hard before giving Hope custody. He thanks her but says he knows what he is doing. Charlie and Jake look in on Ridge. They tell him they almost have the problem solved with the washers that were staining rust on the fabric. It will be ready today. Thomas calls Hope against Liam’s wishes that she not accept the call. With Liam fidgeting and definitely against it, she makes plans with Thomas to bring the adoption papers and meet him and Douglas. He suggests a nice, quiet little place where they won’t be interrupted. She thinks perhaps just at the office as it will be closed after hours. He finally agrees that it doesn’t really matter where they actually sign the papers. Ridge goes with Charlie and Jake to the site of the washers, plenty of warning signs for vats of hydrofluoric acid. Ridge does not like it as he knows it is extremely dangerous. They try to convince him it will be watched at all times, no one will be hurt and it is working so well that Ridge will be more than pleased. Still he tells them to get rid of it. Douglas is on pins and needles waiting for Hope to show up. She finally does and he runs to hug her. They have the place all decorated with fine china, crystal, flowers and candlelight. She thinks it is special them meeting this way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gina wanted to stop Jennifer from telling that Rolf turned her into Gina. She pushed Jennifer off the balcony. Jack, JJ, and Haley saw Jennifer fall off the balcony. They managed not to see Gina push her off the balcony. Kayla checked on Julie and she told her how upset she was that Lani left Eli at the altar. Eli couldn't believe Lani left him. Gabi tried to make him feel better. Abe went to see Lani to find out what happened with her. He wanted to know why she didn't tell Eli before the wedding. She thought about what Gabi told her. Rafe appeared so Jack and company told him what happened to Jennifer. He went up to the balcony and saw Gina. She pretended to be Hope and was worried about Jennifer. Rafe wanted to know what happened. Jack kept talking to Jennifer to get her to wake up. Haley and JJ were trying to help her. Julie told Kayla how she was worried about Eli. She tried to call Jennifer, but she didn't get an answer from her. Abe let Lani know that he loved Eli like a son. He told her that he was on her side. Gabi tried to make Eli feel better. He asked her if she was worried about him or herself. He thought she wanted Lani to break up with him. She told him that she gave Stefan's heart to Julie and that proved she wasn't bitter toward Lani. He apologized to her. Abe continued to ask Lani about what she did. She said she couldn't be with Eli. Gina told Rafe that she wasn't in the room when Jennifer fell off the balcony. She wanted to leave, but he stopped her from going. Jennifer was taken to the hospital. Kayla checked her out.

Lani told Abe that she couldn't marry Eli, but she hoped he would be able to move on with someone else. Eli listened to Julie's message and decided to go see her. Gina wanted Rafe to take his hand off of her. He wanted her to help him investigate what happened to Jennifer. She said she wanted to be there for Jennifer. He asked her what did she think happened on the balcony. She made up an explanation. Jennifer woke up and wanted to tell Jack something. Abe continued to make Lani feel better about leaving Lani. Eli went to see Julie. She told him not to give up on Lani. She thought their love was worth it. He wanted to go find Lani. Rafe took pictures of the crime scene. He wanted to find out how Jennifer fell. Gina went to the warehouse and told Rolf that Jennifer cracked the code on his flash drive. Rolf thought his plans were ruined. She told him that Jennifer took a fall. Jack wanted to know what Jennifer wanted to tell him. Jennifer struggled to tell Jack and JJ what happened to her. Rolf was surprised that Jennifer fell from the balcony. He wanted to know what happened. Gina told him that she pushed her. He wanted to know if anyone saw what she did. She told him how a detective showed up when he did. He said he was married to her. Rolf explained that she was married to Rafe. Gina said she had to go to the hospital to see Jennifer. She planned on keeping her quiet. Haley gave JJ his mother's ring. He went to Jack and they talked about Jennifer. Abe went to see Eli. Lani went back to the town square. Gabi went to see Lani. She gloated about taking Eli from her. Gabi wanted her to feel the pain that she felt because she lost Stefan. Lani punched Gabi. She knew Gabi wasn't going to blow up Julie's pacemaker now since she was enjoying her power too much. Gina showed up at the hospital and asked Jack and JJ about Jennifer. They waited for Kayla to tell them about the surgery. Kayla told them that the surgery went well, but she slipped into a coma. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura tries to see Jax at his house but no one answers. Nikolas is on the other side but Jax comes over and gets her to go out to lunch before anything can happen. Robert offers Cassandra a plea of a decent room in prison. Cassandra tells Nikolas on the phone to get her out of here right away. Robert runs into Violet and tells Finn to tell Anna the truth.

Hayden gives Finn a photo of Violet from when she was first born. Sam and Jason talk in the visiting room. Alexis gets a visit from Kendra and Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is excited about the dinner party he has planned to welcome Theo to the family and Traci advises him to take things slowly and consider that this will be a big adjustment for Kyle and the rest of the family. Kyle tries his best to get along with Theo while the rest of the Abbott clan is getting to know him but he is unable to hide his displeasure with the situation causing Lola to tell him to stop making things harder for everyone and she heads to Society in order to give Kyle and the Abbott's time alone with Theo. Theo tells the family that he had a happy childhood and they shouldn't feel like they owe him anything and he also wants to take things slowly. Theo calls Summer and asks her to return home because he needs her a few minutes later Kyle calls Summer and asks her to come home because she needs to control her boyfriend. Sharon is nervous. about her final exam for her Master's degree and Mariah helps her study until Sharon finds out she canceled plans with Tessa so Sharon pretends she is done studying so that Mariah can go home where Tessa surprises her with a romantic lunch. Rey sees Sharon studying at the coffee house and offers to help her study for her exam. Kevin and Chloe pretend to be federal agents looking for Simon Black hoping to scare him into leaving Chelsea alone but instead he threatens Connor if he doesn't get his money. The threat against Connor makes Chelsea angry and she tells Kevin and Chloe that Simon messed with the wrong woman. Phyllis finds out about Chelsea's problem because she is listening to Chelsea's conversation with Kevin and Chloe using the new surveillance equipment she bought for the hotel. Phyllis then decides to find out about Simon Black.

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