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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is home okay and says Beth is sacked out. Liam must have had a great time with both of the girls at Steffy’s. He asks about her time with Douglas and she tells him he was the most adorable little creature ever. His mind is really on Thomas and he asks about him. Liam tells her that Douglas is welcome here any time she wants but he has other family like Ridge, Steffy, and even Eric. Bill drops by so Hope splits after giving her good wishes to Katie. Thomas runs into Zoe in Vinny’s apartment and he tells her that his moving back to the Forrester’s has already paid off. It has made Hope see him in a different light, more like the man she is worthy of. Hope goes to Brooke’s to leave Bill and Liam alone. Brooke wants to know how it went with Thomas last night. Hope keeps it light but says Thomas wants to see the adoption papers so there is hope. But there is a catch. Liam tells Bill there are plenty of other options. They do love Douglas and Hope wants to be his mother but he has Ridge, Steffy, Eric and even Quinn. Bill raises his eyebrows and says Quinn as an anchor, really! Liam still maintains that Thomas does not have it within him to be the father that Douglas deserves. Bill says he can deal with him in other ways outside the law. Liam says absolutely not. The family is in enough turmoil without that and besides Bill is not that man anymore. Brooke guesses what the catch is for Thomas to sign the papers. Yes…… sex. How disgusting. Hope assures her that was more than she bargained for and no that did not happen. Thomas keeps confiding in Zoe that he thinks he is making progress. He can tell when a woman is into him. Zoe says good, then maybe this will not surprise him. She gives him a big kiss. Look at that, Thomas now speechless. He says she made her point. Hope does not know what she is missing. He tells her she is a beautiful woman and very sexy and under different circumstances……but there is only one woman in his life now. Hope tells Brooke that she has to be careful but be around Thomas as she will not let him raise Douglas. He has to trust her and they can co-parent if she does not get full custody.

Bill tells Liam that he is shocked that Brooke and Hope did not tell him right away they had adoption papers drawn up. Liam says they meant well. Bill says then it is time. Liam replies time for what. Bill says to come back to the family and take his rightful place at Spencer Publications. He says he is thinking about Katie and how he could have lost her. Time is precious and he does not want to waste any more time. Like pulling teeth, Liam finally says he has been thinking about family too including Beth and Kelly. So yes he will return to SP. He tells Bill he is such a sap and they hug. Thomas tells Zoe she is a good friend. She says they could be more and she even wants to be on his team and help him at work. He has so much more to look forward to than Hope. Thomas calls Hope and thanks her for last night. It meant so much to him and Douglas. He suggests they meet with the papers. Hope suggests one thing but he wants it more private and says he will call her. They connected last night and he thinks they can connect again. After hanging up, Brooke tells her that Ridge is wrong. Thomas is not changing at all for the better. He will want something and she hopes Hope will be even more careful this time. Hope goes through the usual. Douglas deserves better than this and she will not leave him in that man’s hands. She will be his mother.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will gave Jennifer the flash drive and told her that the IT person unlocked it. She didn't look at it though. Rolf was on the phone with someone talking about Gina going out in public. Gina showed up and told Rolf that Jennifer was determined to find out what was on his flash drive. Will wondered why Jennifer wanted the flash drive. She explained that she wanted to find out what was on the drive. Marlena announced to everyone that there wouldn't be a wedding. Jack wasn't so sure about that. Abe wanted everyone to enjoy the reception since the Bistro was paid for in advance. Sonny thought it would be weird to be there when there wasn't a wedding. Jack and Adrienne spoke together about a wedding taking place. Adrienne was about to tell everyone that she and Justin would get married. Jack thought she meant him and Jennifer getting married. Both couples wanted to get married since Eli and Lani didn't get married. Eve was drunk at the pub because Jack and Jennifer were happy together. Roman didn't show her any sympathy. Rolf was upset that Jennifer lied about having the flash drive. He thought she was being ungrateful when he brought Jack back to life. He was about to leave when Gina wanted to know what was on the drive. Adrienne and Jack started arguing over who was going to get married. Maggie suggested that they have a double ceremony. Rolf didn't want to tell Gina about the details. He did end up telling her that she and Hope were the same person. She didn't understand how she was Hope. Jack/Jennifer and Adrienne/Justin agreed to the double wedding. Roman couldn't believe that Eve wanted Jennifer dead. Eve told him how she always looked like the bad guy when it concerned Jennifer. Roman tried to get through to her about Jack being in love with Jennifer. Eve refused to be ignored by Jack or anyone else. She was going to make Jennifer pay for what she did. Roman left Jennifer a message warning her about Eve. 

Rolf told Gina that she was the one and only Gina. He explained how he put her essence in the body of Hope Brady. Gina wanted to know why he did it. Will told JJ what happened at Eli and Lani's wedding. Jack and Jennifer told JJ and Haley that they were getting married with Justin and Adrienne. Marlena performed the ceremony, but Eve interrupted it. Eve told them that Jack and Jennifer couldn't get married because she was pregnant with his baby. No one believed that Eve was pregnant. Jennifer told Eve that she couldn't do anything to stop her from being with Jack. Eve ended up admitting that she wasn't pregnant. She told them to get married again. Gina realized that Rolf took Hope's essence because she shot Stefano three times. Gina wondered if there was a chance that Hope could come back. Maggie tried to talk to Eve. Eve told them that they all made her sick. She walked off and Maggie went after her. Marlena wanted to go on with the ceremony. Jack and Jennifer started with their half of the ceremony. Marlena moved on to Justin and Adrienne. JJ called Abby and told her about the wedding. He gave Jennifer the phone so they could talk. Jack talked to Abby too. Gina insisted on keeping her identity quiet until the time was right. She thought Jennifer would cause a problem. She wanted to know what was on the flash drive. Rolf thought it was just his plans. She was determined to stop Jennifer. She left the loft to go after Jennifer. Jennifer went to the Bistro and had memories of her life with Jack. She saw a computer and wanted to look at Rolf's flash drive. Gina snuck behind her and saw her using the computer. Jack told JJ that he forgot to give out the rings. He told him about the story about being on the Loretta. He was determined to keep the ring on her finger. Jennifer got scared when she saw Gina. Jennifer showed her what was on the flash drive. She told her that Rolf wanted to turn her into Princess Gina. She said it was too late and that she was Gina. She pushed her off the balcony. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tells Nick that she hopes his election campaign won't turn him into Victor. Abby warns Phyllis not to even think about getting back together with Nick. Phyllis tells Abby that so many people are telling her that so she might just have to go after Nick again. Connor has a nightmare and since Adam can't calm him he calls Chelsea and she rushes to the penthouse to calm Connor. Chelsea later tells Nick what happened and that she thinks Connor is manipulating her so she and Adam will get back together. Nick thinks Adam is using Connor to manipulate her into getting back together with hum. Mariah throws Tessa a surprise first anniversary party.

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