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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam puts the girls to bed and then realizes how late it is. Steffy tells him the girls are out so he can stay as late as he wants. He can only think about that he is surprised that Hope has not called the whole night. She is with Thomas and that does not bode well. Hope is with Thomas who has made the proposal he will give her custody of Douglas if she will give him what he wants. When she has this deer in the headlights look he says or they can forget this. Perhaps she is not as committed to Douglas as he thought she was. He opines she wants to be Douglas’s mother and he is his father so it only makes sense that they…….Ridge is pacing the floor when Shauna walks in and wants to know what he is doing. He says just waiting for Thomas who is upstairs with Hope still. Liam confides in Steffy that his dad has laid down hints and he thinks he wants him to come back to Spencer Publications. She says that is his birthright and she thinks he really should forgive his father and join him again at work. Hope feigns a sore back and Thomas guides her to the couch and starts massaging her neck. He says he never thought they would be like this and not in his bedroom. She makes specific mention that others are in this house and it is better than staying at Vinny’s. Here he has Ridge, Eric, Quinn all watching out for Douglas. As he eases up she says the soreness is a little further over convincing him to keep massaging. Ridge calls Brooke and says the party has been over for a while but Hope is still here and in fact up in Thomas’s room. He just hopes she is not trying to push the adoption papers on him again. Brooke says oh no, she is sure she is not. She says Donna is there so she better go. But she misses him. He tells her please do not let their children divide them again. Steffy thanks Liam for bringing Beth over and for the hundredth time he reminds her that he will always be in her life. She gets a phone call and puts it down right away but Liam realizes it must be a dating site. She covers by saying she might not need a man in her life but sometimes she does need a man. Thomas finishes his massage and asks Hope if that is easing her tension. Then he wants to get right back to the thought at hand. He puts himself closer to her as Hope has moved away a little. He tells her that her skin is so soft and leans in to kiss her neck. She pulls away and he says he must have been getting mixed signals.

Hope says no she did not mean to. She does want to help raise Douglas but she and Liam will eventually get married and she has Beth with him and will live with them and co-parent Douglas with Thomas. No he wants more. He wants to be the man in her life. She has what she wants, he will have what he wants. They can be adults about this and even seal the deal tonight. Liam is besides himself if there is a whole new person in Steffy's life. And if it is not the first date there will be another. Any man on the planet would want her. She says she will not be with anyone who does not understand how important Liam is to her. Shauna tells Ridge that she wishes he did not have these issues with Brooke. She would be on her side if it were her in those overpriced shoes. She tells Ridge goodnight. Thomas repeats to Hope they can make everything right tonight. She interrupts and says she wants to help raise Douglas with him but anything else is not an option. He says he is on to her. He knows why she came tonight. And anything less than her is no option for him either. So she can go now. It was fun and perhaps they can do it again another time with Douglas. Bring the papers. She looks hopeful but then he asks for one last hug. He won’t bite her…..unless she wants him to. He hugs her and whispers again that they can both have what they want tonight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli and Lani's wedding was underway. Gabi glared at Lani while she waited for her to stop the wedding. She was about to press the button for the app when Lani spoke up. Lani wanted to say something about Gabi. She said that Gabi had the camera. Gabi told everyone that she was filming the wedding for Julie and Doug. Lani thanked her for being there and mentioned how she fired the bullet that killed her husband. She apologized for what she did. She said she was just doing her job. She hoped that she would put any ill will that she felt for her aside for the day. She begged her to do it. Gabi didn't say anything. Gabi reminded Lani that the day wasn't about her. It was about her life. She wanted her to focus on Eli. She told Lani that she meant every word she told her earlier. She wanted to know if she wanted her to press the button on the phone so Julie and Doug could hear her. Lani didn't want her to push the button. Marlena wanted to proceed. Marlena wanted to start with the vows, but Eli wanted to say something first. Eli talked about what happened when he arrived in Salem and how he met Lani. He also thanked Gabi for saving Julie. He believed that David was looking down on him. He called Lani the love of his life. Lani started to cry. Marlena wanted to move on to the vows. Gabi continued to glare at Lani while she held her phone. Marlena asked Lani if she would take Eli to be her husband. Lani apologized to Eli and said she couldn't do it.

Eli wanted to know what Lani meant. She said she couldn't do it and she ran out. All the guests were surprised by what Lani did. Gabi called Julie and told her about what happened. She said her work was done. Will overheard her say that and wanted to know what she meant. She came up with a lie when Sonny arrived. He said that Eli might be able to talk Lani into marrying him. Eli found Lani in the park. She wanted him to leave her alone. He wanted to know what happened. She said she couldn't marry him and he wanted to know why. He wanted to know why he wouldn't marry him. She blurted out that it was because of Gabi. Abe talked to Tamara about wanting to go after Lani. Tamara mentioned how he didn't get the chance to raise Lani. He wasn't worried about that. He believed they would get through it together. Marlena noticed that something was wrong with Sarah. She told her that she had an argument with her mother. Xander came up to them and Marlena mentioned how he shot her. Eli wanted to know what Lani leaving him had to do with Gabi. She thought about Gabi's threat. She told him that she didn't deserve a husband after what she did to Gabi. Eli told her again how she did her job and it wasn't her fault. He didn't understand why she would do that at their wedding. He kissed her and told her again that she didn't have to beat herself up over what happened. She said she killed a man and destroyed lives. She said she destroyed his life. He said she didn't destroy his life. She reminded him of what she did to prove that she wasn't worthy of him. He assured her that they got past the issues they had. He wanted to finish the ceremony, but she didn't want to do it. She owed him the truth. She said that she didn't love him enough to marry him. Marlena told Xander how she knew what he did to her. Xander assured her that he had no reason to do that to him. Sarah wanted to go back to their seats. Marlena was surprised that he was her date. Sarah admitted that he was her date. Eli continued to reach out to Lani, but she wouldn't change her mind. Lani continued to tell Eli how she didn't love him the way that she wanted to love him. He was convinced they could make the marriage work. She didn't want to do that to him. Abe and Tamara wanted to find Lani. Gabi went after them. Eli wanted to talk to Lani. She didn't want to talk anymore. He didn't understand how she could leave him. She told him that it was over. She walked away from him just as Abe and Tamara showed up. Eli told them to be with her. Gabi went up to Eli and wanted to know what happened. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Obrecht asks Maxie if she is still mad at her. Maxie explains that she has forgiven Obrecht for much worse things and isn't mad. Obrecht questions Sasha if she told Nina about her involvement. Sasha explains that she said she was the only one involved. Curtis and Jordan run into Nina and find out she is still with Valentin and gets angry. Obrecht and Nina make up.

Nikolas confronts Hayden and Jax about why Laura is involved in all of this. He doesn't want his mother or son getting involved. Lucas confronts Brad about the picture and he kicks Brad out. Julian admits to Brad that he wants him out of town.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

In an attempt to get some money, Chelsea offered to sell Abby her stake in the hotel, but Abby thought Chelsea was joking. Abby let Rey know his father skipped out on a $3,000 hotel bill, but she refused to let Rey pay it off. Chelsea told Nick she missed his press conference because she’d been swamped with hotel business. Nick and Chelsea were interviewed about his run for office. Simon gave Chelsea 48 hours to get his money. Chelsea called Kevin for help. Jack told Kyle that the DNA test showed Theo was Dina’s grandson. Kyle clashed with Jack and Lola over their decision to give Theo a chance. Kyle apologized, but he still felt that Theo was an opportunist. At Theo’s request, Jack brought Dina over for a visit. Dina mistook Theo for her son, Eric. He went along with it and assured her Eric had a good family. Rey let Lola know their father left town. Theo told Lola about his visit with Dina and how he wasn’t sure who he was anymore. Kyle was angry when Jack vowed to make Theo feel welcome. Sharon told Mariah about her great date with Rey. Mariah worried Adam would interfere, but Sharon was confident that she wouldn’t let that happen. Mariah was throwing a surprise anniversary party for Tessa to celebrate living together for one year. Sharon invited Rey to the party, and he accepted.

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