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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam enjoy the aftermath of trick or treating for Beth and Kelly. He tells Steffy inasmuch as he knows Hope will still be a while with Douglas… and Thomas… he will stay a while longer. They put the girls down for a nap and Liam says it is like old times when they put them down together. Steffy tells Liam that it blows her mind that Hope and Brooke expect Thomas to sign the adoption papers. And it is so dumb that Thomas refers to Hope as such and Douglas calls her Mommy Hope. Douglas tells his dad that he is having fun since Mommy Hope is here. Thomas agrees he is glad she is. When it becomes Douglas’s bedtime Thomas says he will go tuck him in. Douglas wonders if Hope can do that. Thomas looks at Hope and says that is up to her and of course she wants to. Quinn thanks Douglas for being so good. Shauna quips to Ridge if this is the best he could come up with for a costume. He could have least come as a half naked cowboy or shirtless gladiator. He says she has already seen him half naked, that will have to do. She says no she will take full naked. As Hope starts to take Douglas upstairs, Shauna tells her that it looks like she has made things right for her with Thomas so who knows, in the future perhaps she can forgive Flo since she gave her kidney to Katie. When Hope goes upstairs Thomas follows and says he is glad he has this second chance with her. Hope gives him a demure look. Brooke gives the full story to Donna about what Hope intends to do and she hopes it is not a mistake. After the party Shauna and Ridge go back to the guest house. She thanks him for inviting her. She asks if he would like a drink. His reply is he thinks they did that already the last time at Bikini and that did not turn out well. He even asks if she took a little peek. She says no but she was tempted. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and says goodnight. Another time for that drink.

Thomas brings up some good times with Hope and she admits they did have some with Douglas. She says she loves Douglas and that is the reason she sided with her mother over the adoption papers. But that was a mother thing. But they can do what she mentioned earlier. Thomas does not have to completely give up custody of Douglas. He says before they go further he needs to know exactly how she feels about him. He wants to know if there is a future for them. Again she gives him a sweet, demure look. Brooke continues with Donna that Ridge is enabling Thomas. He is talking to his mother but she needs help herself. She wishes Hope would stay away from Thomas but she could not talk her out of this. Ridge and Shauna cannot stop... they kiss passionately. Oops, not for real. That is her fantasy. Liam tells Steffy now he knows why she invited him over. She is angling for his daughter’s candy. Thomas tells Hope that Halloween was fun and you know what he would like. God she is so beautiful… they do not have to just be friends. They were married and if they were together like a man and a woman… she wants Douglas and there is something he wants. He will give her what she wants. If she will stay the night and make love he will give her Douglas.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani and Eli prepared for their wedding. Lani wasn't happy because she thought about the threat Gabi made to her. Gabi went to see Julie to show her the phone. Rolf warned Gina about going to the wedding. She wasn't going to wear her tiara to the ceremony. Rolf refused to let her go. Marlena told Eli that John couldn't make it to the wedding. Eli mentioned how Julie's situation made the situation hard. He explained how Gabi didn't want to donate Stefan's heart at first, but she changed her mind. Gabi told Julie that she wanted to live stream the wedding for her. Abe tried to make Lani feel better about the wedding when Tamara (her mother) showed up. Jack surprised Jennifer with the marriage license. She was excited about them getting married. Julie was impressed by what Gabi did for her. Julie wanted to know what the button did on her phone. She didn't want her to run down the battery. Gabi texted Lani and wanted her to go to the hospital. Abe told her that she would be a beautiful bride and that Eli was the luckiest man in the world. Tamara asked Abe if Lani was okay. Tamara wanted to tell him something.  Gina wondered if Rolf was afraid that she would run into Hope Brady. Rolf lied and said Hope left town. Rolf wanted to do a procedure to help her remember Hope's memories. She took off tiara and walked out of the loft. Jennifer signed the marriage license. Jack wanted to celebrate. Jennifer reminded him that she was going to have the bridal party in her room. Xander ran into Gina, but she didn't recognize him. Tamara apologized to Abe for not telling him about Lani. He understood. He was glad that they could both be there to see their daughter get married. She hoped they would be friends again. He said that she was the mother of his child. Lani saw Gabi with Julie and wanted to know what she was doing there. Julie told her what Gabi wanted to do for her. Lani wanted to tell Julie something so Gabi triggered the app to make her heart race. Julie told Lani that her heart was racing again. Gabi looked at Lani while Julie was suffering.

Xander told Gina that she didn't have to pretend he didn't exist. She had to cover so he wouldn't realize she was Gina. Jack showed up and wanted to know why she was there. Gabi stopped making Julie's heart race. Julie wanted to know what Lani had to say. Lani told her that she wished she could be at the wedding. Gabi taunted Lani and told her that she should be happy. Gabi wanted Lani to hurry up and leave. Marlena saw Tamara and they were happy to see each other. They caught up on their lives. Lani wanted to know why Gabi turned up Julie's pacemaker. Gabi wanted her to see what she could do. She warned her to do what she wanted or she would kill Julie. Lani begged her to let her marry Eli and not to hurt Julie. Gabi refused to do that. Lani wanted to break up with him in private so she wouldn't embarrass Eli. Gabi wanted her to be the one humiliated. Gina asked Jack if he saw John. He didn't see him. He told her that he and Jennifer were engaged. Jack ended up telling her about Rolf's flash drive. Gina wondered what Rolf could be doing. Jack told her how Jennifer's IT people were checking out the flash drive. Eli went to see Julie. She told him how Lani and Gabi were there. She also told him that Gabi was willing to live stream the wedding for her. She was surprised he didn't see Lani even though she warned him that it would have been bad luck to see Lani before the wedding. Lani met with Jennifer, Maggie, Sarah, and Tamara. They assured her that everything would go well with the wedding. They helped her get ready. Eli saw Abe at the town square. He wished Eli luck on their marriage. Jennifer and company gave Lani different things for the wedding. Lani got emotional over what they gave her. Lani walked out of the room. Sarah and Xander noticed how weird Hope was acting. Gina ran into Marlena and asked about John. Marlena told her that John was out of town on business. Jennifer found Hope at the wedding. Gina came up with an excuse to leave. Gabi had her phone on Lani when she arrived at the wedding. Abe walked Lani down the aisle. Marlena started the ceremony. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura finds Ava and she claims to have seen Nikolas but has no proof. Julian pays someone to take a naked photo of themselves and send it to Brad. Julian gets a call from Laura and they check Ava into rehab. Hayden and Jax deal with Nikolas.

Lucas sees the dirty picture and confronts Brad about it. Elizabeth deals with a drunk Cam while Carly deals with a drunk Joss. Nina and Valentin drop the charges against Sasha.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick announces his campaign for City Council and he asks Nikki to be his campaign manager but she turns him down saying that he needs to distance himself from the Newman family and their baggage but she does agree to advise him unofficially Amanda tells Nate that the only way he can win the case is with Victor's help but Nate is very angry with Victor and doesn't know that he can 't ask him for his help so Amanda tells him to let her do all the talking. Nate doesn't listen to her advice and lets Victor know exactly how he feels but Victor appreciates his honesty and agrees to take the blame for everything in his statement to the medical licensing board so that Nate won't lose his licensing board. Victor calls his investigator to investigate Amanda Sinclaire. Chelsea is in deep trouble when Simon Black arrives to collect the final payment that Calvin owed him and his associates which they were unable to find in the storage building. Chelsea pleads with Kevin to give her the money back right away but Kevin tells her the feds were investigating the bank and have seized all the accounts so the money is gone.

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