The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/31/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is getting ready to go to Eric’s. Brooke asks if she is sure. Hope says she has to if she is to have a chance at legal custody of Douglas. Brooke tells her again that she is taking a huge risk. Thomas tells Douglas to go upstairs and put his costume on and he will be up in a minute. Thomas calls Steffy who is less than thrilled to hear from him. He tells her about the rings coming off between Ridge and Brooke and he hopes this is the beginning of them all working together and him getting back with the company. He also tells her that Hope has been in touch and she wants to spend Halloween with him and Douglas. He does not know what this means for Liam but perhaps he wants his two girls to spend their time together with him and Steffy. Shauna shines in her costume when Ridge comes in and tells her how great she looks. Later when Quinn questions why he is not in costume, he says he’s about there, holding a helmet in his hand. He says he just discovered he is better at dressing other people than himself. Turns out he pulls on a hockey jersey. Liam is stunned when he comes home and finds Hope is going to Eric’s to spend it with Douglas... and Thomas. He knows she loves Douglas but he thought she would want to spend this first holiday with her own daughter. She says Douglas already lost one mother and she just wants to be with him as much as she can. She says she loves Liam but please make this one sacrifice for her.

Shauna tells Ridge she cannot stop thinking about when he kissed her. He says he thinks she has it wrong, it was the other way around. She tells him if that is what he needs to think. Donna shows up at Brooke obviously channeling Olivia Newton John in Grease. Brooke tells her about Hope and that she hopes she knows what she is doing. Liam rocks Beth and is trying to figure out what to do next. His cell rings and it is Steffy. She says Kelly still has a lot of energy so he and Beth should come over. Thomas dresses as a fireman and tells Hope, dressed as a cowgirl, that he is glad she could make it. Shauna walks into the main house and seductively coos “trick or treat”. Liam quips that he knows Steffy has a chronic sweet tooth and the girls better watch their stash. He thanks her for inviting him and he is grateful for his two beautiful daughters and all this candy. Eric gives a toast and says he knows it will not last forever but for now he is happy to have Thomas, Ridge, Douglas and himself in the same house. It makes him one happy man. Hope says she knows she is a Logan but she is happy she was invited and will be spending it with them. She tells Douglas that she loves him. He hugs her and says he loves his mommy. Thomas manages to pull her aside and thanks her for coming. She says she thinks they should put their past aside and move on with their future for Douglas. She takes a sip of a drink and bats her baby blues.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire's family talked about her being at Bayview. They were worried about whether they were worried about whether she would get help. The family was also worried about Jordan going after Ciara. Ben and Ciara thought Jordan was outside of their door. It turned out to be Will. Victor sent Ben a text to meet him. Jordan ended up being in Claire's room. John and Marlena were in for quite a surprise when someone dressed in a mask and cloak showed up at their house. The person was holding a knife. The person ended up being Tony. They panicked when they saw it was him. They told Tony what happened when Andre came after her years ago. He wanted to have a drink with them. John went to get drinks so he left them alone. Tony confessed  that he killed Anna. Marlena didn't understand. He admitted that he wasn't Tony. He was Andre and he wanted to finish their business. Will talked to Ciara about what happened to her. Will noticed the necktie and thought it was strange that Ben still wore neckties. He asked her if she was afraid if Ben would snap. Ciara wasn't worried about Ben even though she understood why he was afraid. Ben went to see Victor. Victor warned him that Jordan was going to be killed. Maggie overheard his threat and told him that he wasn't killing her. Jordan and Claire snuck into the hospital and threatened JJ and Haley. They demanded to know where they could find Rafe. Claire slit Haley's throat and Jordan stabbed JJ in the back. John came back in the room and Marlena told him that he was Andre. Andre warned him that he had an accomplice. Marlena turned out to be the accomplice. She hit him in the head with a baseball bat. Andre gave her the mask she had when she was the Salem stalker. Rafe realized he shouldn't have trusted Jordan. Jordan showed up at his house. She apologized for him getting the wrong cupcake. Rafe wanted Jordan to go back to Bayview. She said she loved him. Maggie didn't want Victor to hurt anyone else. She told Ben to leave because she would talk him out of killing Jordan. Maggie agreed with Victor and wanted him dead. Claire showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. Marlena went to Ben's place with the Salem stalker mask. Ciara was afraid until she found out who she was. Marlena wanted to see Ben. Will talked to Marlena about how he wasn't comfortable being in Ben's place. Marlena took a necktie and strangled him. Ciara came back and saw Will on the floor.

Rafe was surprised to find out that Jordan still loved him. She thought he felt the same way about her. He told her that he had feelings for her, but she tried to kill Ciara. She didn't want him to turn her in to the police. She tried to seduce him to get him to go away with her. Ben went back home and found Will dead on the floor. Marlena pretended to show back up and said he killed her grandson. Ben left to find Jordan. Marlena pulled out a gun and mentioned how Ciara got away. Ciara went to the townhouse and found John on the floor. Claire told Maggie and Victor that she was cured. She told Victor that she wanted to work for Titan, but he told her that he gave the spot to Ciara. Claire flipped out about Ciara. Claire ended up stabbing Maggie with a needle when they argued. Victor couldn't believe that Claire killed Maggie. He said he didn't want to live anymore. She was more than willing to stab him with a needle. Jordan was ready to go away with Rafe and David. Rafe suddenly didn't feel well. He didn't think the poison was out of his system. She told him that she had the same poison in her lipstick. She didn't trust him anymore so she gave him the kiss of death. Andre was suddenly at Ben's place and Marlena shot him. Ciara ended up at the police station and ran into Claire. Marlena was at the hospital and founds JJ and Lani dead. She wondered who killed them since she didn't do it. She thought that was interesting. Ben went to Rafe's house and found him dead. Ciara wanted to know why Claire wasn't at Bayview. Claire explained what happened when she left Bayview. Claire was determined to keep Ciara from taking things from her. Ciara has a bat and was going to defend herself. Jordan stabbed Ciara in the back with a knife. Claire and Jordan were burying a body. Claire was wondering if Ben would take the fall for what they did. Jordan said that everyone who knew what they did was dead. Marlena told them that she knew what they did. Ben showed up while they were debating about being the Charlie's Angels. Ben wanted to know which one killed Ciara. They said it was Jordan. He ended up killing Jordan. They buried her body. Marlena handed him the necktie and told him he had to catch up. Ben woke up and told Ciara that he had a bad dream. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Dustin chaperone Joss, Trina, Cam, and Dev’s dance. They start to kiss one another on the boat. Joss and Cam get drunk together and Trina helps Joss work off a hangover. Lulu and Dustin catch her. Dev finds Cam.

Laura tries to get info out of Valentin who doesn’t understand why Laura is so wrapped up in that picture. Valentin decides to look into the picture more. Ava thinks she is getting watched still and later confronts the man. It is Nikolas.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

It is a sleepless Halloween for some Genoa City residents as they all have nightmares that reveal their biggest fears. Phyllis dreams that she is CEO of Newman Enterprises and she has everything she has ever wanted but then suddenly she is in a room with the Newman family where nobody is paying intention to her because she is invisible . The entire family is happy because she is destitute and begging for money on the street. Nick dreams that he is at Adam's funeral and his entire family is upset with him because he killed Adam because Adam was a good person. Nick loses Chelsea because she can't for give him for killing Adam. Kyle dreams that Theo has turned the Abbott family Thanksgiving into an endless party and he has had Jack committed to Dina's memory care home. Kyle also dreams that he had a fight with Lola because he and Theo can't get along. Rey dreams that he and Sharon are burglars but later he discovers that Sharon is working for Adam and she and Adam set him up for all the burglaries. Abby dreams that she is in a sit-com where everyone is making jokes at her expense since they treat her like a dumb blonde.

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