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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has more of Douglas’s clothes ready for Hope to take to him. She says she hopes he had a good first night away from home and did not cry himself to sleep. Hope says she thinks they can solve that problem. Thomas realizes that his dad has taken off his wedding ring. Ridge says Brooke took off hers first. Thomas says he feels like this is his fault. Ridge says no one is responsible for his marriage but him. Hope tells Brooke that she has seen an adoption counselor. Brooke says she hopes she knows what she is doing. Hope calls Thomas and tells him she has a few more of Douglas’s things and wondered if she could swing by and drop them off. Thomas says sure as he was about to go pick Douglas up from school. He warns her that he will be there too as he is not going into the office. She says she thinks that is good for Douglas to see the two of them together. Shauna catches Quinn up on her overnight news. Quinn thinks she was in the main house…….Flo needed her space without Shauna hovering. Shauna says no, she was in the guest house and woke up with a good looking man in her bed. Quinn needs more details and Shauna is happy to supply. It was Ridge as he had moved out of Brooke’s. He confided Shauna reminded him of Brooke a little. And she has never met anyone like him who always wants to do the right thing. And she wants to be a little mischievous. Quinn says she knows what she is talking about. OMG, Quinn and Ridge! Shauna can’t believe it. Quinn fills her in on the details how the whole family hated her and were against her marrying Eric. And Ridge was the ringleader so he planned on seducing her. They shared a couple of kisses but that is all. She always knew it would end up with her and Eric and Ridge and Brooke. She quips sometimes she regrets it, sometimes not.

Thomas tells Douglas that he lives here now too so he can answer the door. He is thrilled to see Hope there to see him. Douglas tells her Eric is having a Halloween party and he is going as a dog, and asks if she can come. She hesitates but looks at Thomas and says if it is okay. She promises she will be there. Thomas has Douglas go get a glass of milk and then he goes to drawer and takes out the adoption papers. Hope sees them and takes them out of his hands and rips them up. She says she realizes Brooke over stepped her bounds. She has another way that two people can share custody if they agree. Thomas did not know that but he listens. Shauna finds an invitation slipped under her door……Halloween party so she needs to find something that will pass for a costume. She finds her not so sexy but fun pajamas that Ridge has seen her in. Ridge smiles as he thinks of that moment. Douglas snuggles up to Thomas and Thomas tells him he must be the most beautiful person in this world as so many love him. Brooke questions Hope and she says Thomas was on his good behavior today and she thinks this new adoption plan will work. Brooke tells her without telling Liam she is taking a big risk keeping secrets. Hope says she knows what is behind those cold eyes of Thomas and she will not let Douglas down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi went to see Rafe. He was determined to find out if David was okay. Haley and Gabi tried to stop him from leaving his room. Gabi wanted to get Eli's help. Lani wanted Sarah to give her some information about Julie's pacemaker. Jordan went to see Ciara. She told her that the poisoned cupcake was for her. Ciara knew that, but Jordan made it seem like Ben was the one who tried to poison her. Ben found JJ passed out on the floor. He finally came to and they knew they had to find Jordan. Lani was caught talking about the pacemaker when Gabi heard her. Jordan wanted Ciara to check Ben's pocket to see if he had the vial. Ciara pulled out chapstick. Jordan wanted her to check the other pockets. Ciara offered to hold David while she checked the pockets. Eric put Xander on notice about staying away from Sarah. Xander toyed with him an implied that he would have sex with Sarah. He told him again to stay away from Sarah. Nicole overheard what he did. Sarah had to go so Gabi confronted Lani about what she did. She warned Lani that she would find out if she tried to do anything to get the pacemaker removed. She told Lani to keep her mouth shut until the wedding. Eli walked up on them and wanted to know what was wrong. Rafe made a phone call and got frustrated because couldn't get past the wires. Rafe told Haley that Jordan meant to poison Ciara. Jordan told Ciara they didn't have time and that she had to go with her. Ciara tried to stall, but she finally agreed. She had good timing because Ben showed up when she agreed to go with Jordan. 

Gabi told Eli and Lani that Jordan poisoned Rafe. They were about to leave when JJ showed up. JJ told them what happened so they went after Jordan. Ben wanted to know what Jordan was doing at his place. He told her that he knew what she did. She wanted to protect David. He told her it was over, but she didn't think it was. He knew she was mixed up, but she insisted she wasn't crazy. He wanted to help take care of her the way she took care of him. She went towards him, but she elbowed him and ran out of the house. Nicole interrupted Eric and Xander's conversation. Xander made it seem like Eric still had feelings for Sarah. Sarah walked in the room just as they were talking about his feelings for her. Xander pulled Nicole aside and told her how she seemed frazzled because of his conversation with Eric. He was sure that Eric still had feelings for her. Nicole demanded that he stop trying to make her jealous of Sarah. She refused to doubt Eric's love for her. He knew she was worried about Eric's love for her. He warned her to keep quiet about the baby. JJ went to Rafe and told him what happened. Eli and Lani went to see Ciara and Ben. Ciara told them what happened. Ben came back with David. Lani asked him what happened to Jordan. Ben told her that Jordan got away. Eric wanted to know why Sarah would  go to the wedding with Xander. She explained why she agreed to go, but Eric forgot why she had a tough time. She got upset by that and was glad to leave after the wedding. Ben told Eli and Lani that as long as Jordan was free David was in danger. Eric reassured Nicole that he wanted to be with her. Gabi confronted Lani and told her that she had to rip out Eli's guts. Lani thought she didn't have a compassionate bone in her body. She said that she did, but not for her. Gabi reminded her how she killed her husband. She told her that Lani that Eli's heart was going to get broken. She warned Lani to put her name on the guest list because she wanted to be there. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate persuades Amanda to take his case and defend him against the state licensing board who wants to take his license to practice medicine in Wisconsin away because he took part in Victor's plan to fake his own death. Kyle warns Jack that he should be on guard with Theo because he is a parasite who will latch on to the Abbott family. Jack is determined to do the right thing with Theo if indeed he is Dina's grandson. Jack tells Theo the whole story despite Kyle's warning not to do this and Theo agrees to take a DNA test. Kyle later tells Theo that their relationship hasn't changed even if it turns out to be true that Dina is their grandmother. Connor doesn't want to go to a Halloween party with the rest of his cousins because he tells Chelsea he is too old for Halloween. Connor persuades Chelsea to stay with him and Adam and watch a scary movie. Nick calls Chelsea because she isn't home when he arrives from the Halloween party and she doesn't answer her phone because she has fallen asleep on Adam's couch after watching the movie.

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