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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Hope that this whole night seems like a nightmare but she should be at the cabin with Liam and Beth. Brooke says she did not want to take off her rings but Ridge gave her no choice. Ridge is embraced in a lip lock with Shauna both finding themselves in the Forrester guest house. Thomas thanks Eric for letting him stay there. Eric says he and Douglas are family so they are welcome here any time. Eric says Douglas is an exceptional little boy and Eric's only concerns is how Thomas was acting. Thomas interrupts and says he only did those things out of love. He still loves Hope. Shauna apologizes for the way she looks in the mask which some pieces are still attached and her old pajamas, she is going to burn. And then she will kill Quinn for not telling her about others on the premises. She is so embarrassed for standing there in front of him of all people. Ridge says Quinn did not know. She asks why he moved out of his house to here. He tells her about the adoption papers and she is sorry. He says he wants his marriage and his wife but not at the expense of his son. Thomas explains to Eric that he wanted a mother for Douglas and Hope was that mother he wanted. He still does. Hope gets a call from Douglas who wants to tell her good night. He’d like to come home but his dad says he can’t. He misses her and she repeats it to him. She says if he ever feels alone or scared he can touch his heart and know she will always be there. They both say they love each other. She then tells Brooke this boy is like her son so she has to get custody of him. She thinks it over and tells Brooke perhaps there is some way to protect Douglas and get custody like she wants. Shauna tells Ridge that she and Brooke are not that different. They both came from homes with no money. Shauna says she had a tiny little boutique in a casino and Brooke took shortcuts too when she married Ridge.

Hope tells her mom that she might think this is crazy but she knows how much Thomas still loves her and if she is careful and pretends this might work out. He might sign the adoption papers. Douglas is vulnerable but worth the effort. She loves Liam and Beth of course, but she has to do this for Douglas. Brooke is more skeptical since Hope can barely stand to even talk to Thomas now, much less be around him. Ridge tells Shauna not to take this the wrong way but Brooke used to have this mischievous twinkle in her eye but he has not seen that in a long time. She asks which one is going to leave. He replies no one. She wonders if he wants a redo of the Bikini night. He says no, he did not even remember that. What he needs now is a friend. She says she can be his friend if that is what he wants. But she has been told she has assets that might distract one and then there is her sexy pajamas. He quips that he will take his chances. Hope reminds Brooke once again that Thomas is not fit to be a parent and she has to keep Douglas out of harm’s way. Thomas thinks of his wedding to Hope and calls her on the pretext of letting her know that Douglas is settled in and in bed already. He makes it quick and says good night. She is delighted and tells Brooke that she is positive that Thomas still loves her and she can tap into those emotions and try to change his mind and he will sign the adoption papers. It’s a risk but she can be careful and not even let Liam or Steffy know. It’s a huge secret but Douglas is worth it. It will work, it has to work!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and John were concerned about Hope. They talked to her about her smoking. Marlena wanted to check her purse. Hope gave the cigarettes to her. Rolf ran into Will, Sonny, and Arianna. Arianna told him that Hope was at Marlena's place. Rafe told JJ that Jordan was the one who poisoned him. JJ was surprised that Jordan would hurt him. He didn't think she wanted to hurt him. He thought she wanted to hurt Ciara. JJ asked him if David was in danger. He didn't think he was, but he wanted JJ to search his place for the cyanide. Rafe called Ciara to find out how she was. He wanted to know if Ben was there. She put Ben on speaker. Rafe wanted to know what Jordan told him so he explained his conversation with Jordan. Rafe told them how he was poisoned. He told them what happened. He said he had cyanide in his system. He was surprised Jordan didn't tell them when she called. She called Ben after he was taken to the hospital. Ciara wanted to tell Rafe something, but Ben hung up the phone. She wanted to know why he hung up the phone. 

Will ran into Jack and Jennifer and told them how weird Rolf was acting. They were curious about it. Marlena assured Hope that she and John would be there for her. Hope wanted to leave because she was tired. Rolf met with Gina after she left the penthouse. She told him that she let John and Marlena think she was Hope. Ciara wanted to know why he hung up. Ben couldn't believe Jordan would want to hurt Rafe. Ciara didn't think she was trying to hurt Rafe. She reminded him how she attacked her. She thought Jordan was trying to frame him. Ben reminded her that they accused Jordan of trying to hit her and they were wrong. Ben wanted to go to the hospital to check what was in the vial. He didn't want her to let Jordan in the house. Ben went to the hospital and gave Haley the vial to test. She was willing to check out the vial. Rafe called Will and left a message about being in the hospital. Ben went to Rafe's room. Ben wanted to believe that Jordan was innocent. He didn't want to accuse Jordan when they were wrong about her before. Rafe wanted to know what Ben was keeping from him. Ben told him how Ciara found a vial in his pocket. He wasn't sure what it was. Rafe wondered if he thought Jordan planted it and it had cyanide in it. He wanted to give Jordan the benefit of the doubt, but he believed she was dangerous. Jordan prepared to leave Salem before she got caught. She wanted to go pack some things. Rolf reminded Gina not to roam around Salem because she is wanted by Interpol. She told him that John and Marlena thought she was Hope. He told her that if she was going to go out, she had to pretend to be Hope. She said she only wanted John. Marlena told John that Hope seemed off. He said he didn't notice because he only saw Arianna. Will told Ciara that Jordan yelled at Arianna because she switched the cupcakes. They realized that Jordan was trying to kill her and not Rafe. Ben was worried that Jordan might still be sick. Rafe told him that he sent JJ to check on David. Ben wanted to find Jordan before she did something. JJ saw David and was going to take him out of the house. Jordan hit him in the head and knocked him out. She took David and left the house. Gina told Rolf that John is her destiny. Haley had the results from the vial. The vial had the cyanide that was found in Rafe's system. Ben went to Rafe's house and found Ben on the floor. Jordan showed up at Ben's place. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kim wants to move on with Franco. Franco points out that he has no idea what he wants to do next. Kim can't stay in town. She has no job and neither does he with his medical records. She wants to go back to San Diego. She goes and slaps Julian. Julian thinks that this is for the best. Bobbie sees Elizabeth and wants her to be strong.

Julian helps Kendra into Charlie's as he finds her in the alley. Alexis and Neil try to have a date night but Jason shows up. He finds out about Franco and goes to check on Elizabeth. Alexis doesn't feel well and Neil goes home. Sonny and Franco are left alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy has another therapy session and his therapist warns him he needs to be on guard for things that could trigger the return of bad Billy because all she can do is give him the tools to handle his grief but his grief will never go away. Victor is hurt when Adam tells him that he doesn't want anything to do with him or the Newman family. Adam also tells him the best thing for him and Connor is to leave Genoa City. Victor makes it clear to Adam that he and Chelsea will never allow him to leave town with Connor. Phyllis wants Adam to help her take over Newman Enterprises but Adam tells her no because he wants to concentrate on being a good father to Connor. Adam gives Phyllis a check for ten Million dollars and tells her to use it to do whatever she wants but she tears u the check and tells him that he won't get rid of her that easily. Kyle is shocked when Jack tells him that Dina gave a child up for adoption before she married his grandfather and that he and Theo might be cousins. Kyle leaves to tell Lola the news and Kyle is determined to prove that Theo isn't his cousin. Kyle invites Theo to lunch where he asks him questions about his family. Theo shares that he misses his dad since he died and always keeps his dad's watch with him. Kyle asks to see the watch which has initials on the back Kyle asks what the initials EV stand for and Theo tells him that his father's name was Eric Vanderway.

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