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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn is away from home for the night so Eric tells Thomas that tonight it is just going to be the four Forrester men under one roof. Eric tells Ridge that he hates to ask but what is this going to do to his marriage. Ridge shows him the ring. Eric says he must take that back to Brooke. They need to work on this. Ridge says she has different ideas. Ridge tells Douglas they are all going to start to heal right here in this room; try to make the family stronger. They have been strained for a while but they have to work on it and do better. Eric shows Douglas a great big room all to himself and says his dad will be just down the hall. He will speak with the cook now to have some broccoli and cauliflower in the morning for breakfast……well maybe pancakes. Thomas tucks Douglas in and says there are going to be a lot of changes but he thinks this will be a good one. They are Forrester’s and they will stick together and no one will come between them. Douglas says he already misses home and Mommie Hope. Eric tells Ridge that he is taking a pretty hard stand. Ridge says he needs time for this betrayal. He says Thomas has made mistakes but Douglas is his son. He was never Hope’s so she has no rights to him but Brooke does not see it that way. She thinks Thomas is mentally sick. Eric says at one point Ridge felt that way too. Ridge says but he is getting better and he is helping him so that makes Ridge the enemy to Brooke. Eric voices his concern that this could be the end of Ridge’s marriage. He agrees this was very bold of her so he is not sure what to expect. Meanwhile Brooke explains it all to Donna and says she took the ring off because without loyalty or trust what do you have. Hope and Douglas deserve to be protected but Ridge does not see it that way. He just wants to whitewash all the terrible acts that Thomas has done. Donna tells her that Ridge called and she needs to talk to him, but Brooke does not want to talk to him and make things worse. Ridge pours himself and Eric a drink. Eric says he can stay as long as he wants but his home is with Brooke. Ridge says she took off her rings. They gave their vows to each other but now she is running away. He opines that two can play that game. He takes off his own ring. He says he is not going to abandon his boys, not even for the love of his life.

Eric gives Ridge good advice. They both said things out of frustration and in the heat of the moment. He takes the drink away and says he needs no more of that and he will see things differently in the morning. Time for bed. Ridge goes to the guest house and takes off his clothes in the dark and climbs into bed. There is a loud scream and a lady gets out of the other side of the bed. With the light on Ridge laughs like crazy. It is Shauna with this weird mask on. He says he guesses Quinn forgot to tell Eric that Shauna would be here. She says she would have thought by now his little vacation from Brooke would be over. He says it is going on some longer as Brooke took her ring off. She picks up his finger and sees his is missing too. She asks if his marriage is over. Still smirking he asks if there is something he can do for her. She says no, there is room there for both of them in this room. He replies he meant for her face. She looks like she is in a galaxy far far away. She remembers she has this mask on so he gently starts peeling it off. She asks again if his marriage is over. He looks at her, she looks back at him and then they lean in and kiss…..and kiss……and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi taunted Lani by making Julie's heart race. Julie didn't understand what was going on with her heart. Gabi warned Lani that she would make Julie suffer if she didn't do what she wanted. Gabi used the app to stop making her Julie's heart race. Rafe was in pain and Jordan tried to get him some help. She realized that he ate Ciara's cupcake. John and Marlena talked about Hope smoking. John told her how Hope was in the chapel and talking to herself. Marlena was worried about that. Gina returned. Rolf explained to her how Hope was the one responsible for Stefano being missing. Gina wanted the town to be ready for her return. Gabi warned Lani that she would continue to make Julie suffer if she didn't do what she wanted. JJ arrived to help Rafe. Jordan told him that she thought he was poisoned. JJ thought it was a leap. He started to examine Rafe. John and Marlena continued to talk about what's going on with Hope. Marlena mentioned Hope smoking and that's when Ciara and Ben walked in the pub. Rolf offered Gina a cigarette. Rolf wouldn't give her a match because smoking was dangerous. He offered her a drink. 

Gina didn't want to work with Stefano again. She wanted to work with John again. John told Ciara and Ben that Haley saw Hope smoking. Ciara told him and Marlena that Hope didn't smoke. She didn't smell it on her. Ciara told them that Hope kept getting a pain in her neck. Eli came up to Gabi and Lani. He thanked Gabi again for what she did for his grandmother. Gabi made it seem like she was okay with what happened. Eli didn't think they could get past what happened. He thanked her again. Gabi told him that she wanted to be at the wedding. Eli was okay with her being there. Eli left to go to Julie's room. Lani told Gabi that she was evil. Lani said it was an accident. She didn't believe her. Lani asked her why she would hurt Eli. Gabi didn't want to hurt Eli. She wanted her to suffer. Lani wanted to know how she could make it look convincing. Gabi warned her that if she didn't do it, she would destroy Julie's pacemaker. Gina wanted to see John. Rolf told her that he was in Salem. Rafe woke up after he got his stomach pumped. JJ wanted to take Rafe to the hospital. Jordan tried to talk JJ out of taking him, but he insisted that Rafe go to the hospital. Jordan wanted to go to the hospital too. Lani tried to convince Gabi that getting revenge on her wouldn't give her peace. She wanted Gabi to get help. Gabi thought she would enjoy that while she ride off into the sunset with Eli. Gabi told her how Arianna was asking about Stefan. She wanted to know how to tell her that Lani shot her stepfather. Gabi wouldn't waver. She wanted Lani to dump Eli. Eli came back to tell them Julie was fine. He told Gabi that Julie wanted to talk to her. Rolf tried to stop Gina from going after John. She wanted to be with him, but she couldn't believe John would be with her. She was determined to get Marlena out of the way. Jordan didn't understand what went wrong with the poison. Jordan went to Rafe's room to check on him. Rafe told her that doctor wanted to run more tests. Jordan was nervous and didn't think he needed that. He said he was waiting for the test results. Julie thanked Gabi for donating Stefan's heart. She couldn't believe that Gabi did that for her. Gabi warned Lani not to tell Eli or anyone else about what she threatened to do. She thought it was fair to take her man from her. Ciara threw Ben's jacket on the couch and the vile fell out of it. Rafe found out that he was poisoned. Rolf came back to the loft and noticed Gina was gone. Gina was outside of John and Marlena's place. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco is deemed to be sane enough in court to leave all because of Kevin's testimony. Cam freaks out and runs off with Trina. Scott punches Kevin in the face and thinks he is worse than Ryan at this point. Laura and Sonny talk about how Scott is not that bad.

Alexis and her trainer talk for a while. Kendra pretends to drink the supplement. Alexis and Neil talk about meeting up but Alexis has to get work done. Willow watches Wiley and Julian is annoyed Brad took Lucas to therapy. Julian tricks Brad into changing his phone lock and Lucas gets freaked out over it.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

With the help of Dina’s old classmate, Jack and Traci discovered that Dina gave birth to Stuart Brooks’ son and gave him up for adoption. The boy’s adoptive parents named him Eric Vanderway. Jack wanted to find their half brother. Vanderway was also Theo’s last name. Chelsea wondered why Adam didn’t restrict her access to Connor to get back at her for making it difficult for him to see Connor at first. He didn’t think keeping score would benefit their son. Adam confronted Billy about trying to kill him. Billy didn’t deny it. Adam suspected someone pulled him out of the path of Billy’s car, but Billy refused to say who it was. Adam and Billy decided to go their own separate ways and not seek revenge anymore. Mariah encouraged Nick to run for city council. Summer tried to cheer Theo up because he was depressed over losing a client. Kyle told Mariah that when you were married, you had to work things out after a fight instead of just walking away. Summer and Theo chatted with Kyle and Mariah. Theo was pleased when Kyle said that Lola would be back at Society soon. Chelsea found out people wanted Nick to run for city council, and she sensed that he wanted the job. He admitted he did, but he’d been concerned she wouldn’t be on board. She assured him he had her full support, but she got worried when he said his opponents would dig up dirt on him. He decided honesty was the best policy. She was concerned that his opponents would use her sketchy past against him, but he didn’t think that would happen, since all of her misdeeds happened a long time ago. He called the councilwoman and said he wanted to run for office, and Chelsea looked nervous.

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