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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge dismisses the models and invites Thomas in to go over more designs. Thomas says he has had no more time as Brooke is trying to take Douglas away from him. Brooke asks Hope if Thomas signed the papers. She says no, but he will. He sees how happy Douglas is with them. Brooke is still afraid he will swoop in and take Douglas. Bill visits Wyatt who is babysitting Kelly. Bill wants to hold his granddaughter as Wyatt asks how Katie is. Wyatt takes Kelly and says it is time for a nap… not Bill’s. Bill says he is super rich and is always right. Wyatt does not want to hear anything bad about Sally. Bill says he won’t. He will hear him out and find how he really feels about Sally. Wyatt tells Bill that it is a relationship he will not understand. They have taken it to the next level so there is no need to wait. He is aghast when he hears that Quinn has talked to Bill about it. Bill says before he moves on permanently with Sally they need to talk about the other woman in his life – Flo. Liam throws his two cents in and says he is not defending Thomas and is just interested in what is good for Douglas. They have taken care of him in a very difficult time of his life and that has helped him. But to take on long-term rights he is not sure that is the solution. Brooke still maintains it is the only solution. Ridge is livid that Hope is trying to adopt Douglas and even had papers drawn up. He is even more upset when he finds out Brooke is behind it all. Ridge says this is Thomas’s son; he cannot give up his parental rights. Bill tells Wyatt that with all jokes aside that marriage is a lifetime commitment. He realizes things did not work out with Flo but he thinks they never got over each other. Wyatt says Flo betrayed the Forrester’s and he feels that too. Bill says he knows but he can not overlook that she did save Katie’s life. He knows how he feels so he can only imagine how conflicted Wyatt is. Hope tells Liam that she thought he was on board with this adoption. She says they have enough love and resources. He says he knows but there are other possibilities with his remaining family that they do not have to do this. She claims she made a promise to Douglas and she knows he does not trust Thomas but he is for this now, so give him time. Liam says he grew up without a father and years later it has worked out but this is so permanent. Hope asks Liam to trust her. She cannot in good consciousness give Thomas any legal rights to his son, now or in the future.

Thomas tells Ridge that Caroline’s death left him in a fog and he wanted Hope as the mother for his child. Then he saw Steffy with Liam and the two girls so he kept the secret. Ridge starts out the door and Thomas asks where they are going. Ridge replies to get his son back. Bill says to get the time line straight he figures Wyatt proposed to Sally before he knew Flo donated the kidney. He should have had his facts straight before he did that. Baby Kelly cries and Bill says someone needs their diaper changed….and no it is not Wyatt. He is a good man and he is not saying he needs to go back to Flo but he needs to be very clear before he moves on forever with Sally. Ridge and Thomas come in as Brooke is ranting again. Ridge tells them that Douglas needs to be with his father; they cannot steal him. It was a ridiculous idea then and is now. They are just trying to get back at Thomas. Douglas is better off with his dad so back off and be pissed off the rest of their lives, but NO ONE is taking Thomas’s son away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jordan thought about poisoning the cupcake she had for Ciara. Rafe brought Arianna to the house for the party. Jordan said she was excited about it. Eli and Lani were in bed together when he wanted to call Kayla. He wanted to find out how Julie was doing. He wanted to be at the hospital as soon as possible. He told Lani that the procedure was going to start as soon as possible. She wanted to stay in bed, but he wanted to go to Stefan's funeral. Brady was mad when he woke up in bed with Kristen. She explained that they just fell asleep in the bed, but he was upset. He walked out. Jennifer was worried when she woke up and didn't see Jack in the bed. He came back in the room with food. Jack gave Jennifer a scone. She opened it and found a ring inside of it. Jordan seemed uneasy because the tags were lose on the cupcakes. Rafe wanted to know if she wanted to postpone the party. She said that she did too much now to change her plans. Will and Sonny warned Brady that he shouldn't fall for Kristen's act. Brady told them that he just fell asleep on her bed. They continued to talk about Kristen while she listened to them. Brady wanted them to remember that she's carrying his baby. Lani didn't think it was a good idea for them to go to Stefan's funeral. He thought that she would understand and he felt that the family owed it to her to be there for the funeral. She agreed to go with him to the funeral. Jennifer was surprised that Jack found her wedding ring from before. He explained how he found the ring at the house. He got down on one knee and proposed to her again. Will didn't want to add to Kristen's stress. Sonny said that he and Will were going to the funeral. They wanted to know if Brady and Kristen were going to the funeral. They left the room. Kristen was grateful that he was by her side. Jordan told Rafe about a story from her childhood to cover how she reacted when he wanted to postpone the party. Rafe wanted to leave the past in the dark. Rafe wanted to get a cupcake, but she panicked. He said he was kidding. Rafe wanted to go to Stefan's funeral. Eli and Lani arrived at Stefan's funeral and saw Gabi. 

Jack told Jennifer that he was free to be with her. He wanted an answer to his proposal. She told him that she would marry him. Gabi was surprised Eli and Lani showed up. He told her how grateful he was for what she did for Julie. She walked away when Rafe, Sonny, and Will showed up. Ciara and Ben arrived too. Ben was sorry that he couldn't stop what happened to Stefan. Gabi made a speech about Stefan. She was glad not to spend the funeral alone. She wanted Lani to put the rose on Stefan's casket first. Gabi glared at her while she did it. Everyone else put their roses on the casket. Jordan noticed that Ciara's cupcake was missing. Jordan freaked out when Arianna told her that she gave it to David. She frantically searched his playpen. She found the cupcake and was relieved that he was asleep. Arianna apologized for what she did. Jordan calmed down and she understood. Jordan wanted to pretend it didn't happen when the others arrived. Rafe noticed that Arianna wasn't happy. Eli and Lani showed up at the hospital and ran into Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer told them that Julie's procedure was a success. Lani noticed the ring Jennifer was wearing. They were all happy about the engagements. Jordan was impressed that Ben made a toy chest for David. Jordan let Ben hold David. Will told Sonny and Gabi that Julie's procedure was a success. They wanted to take Gabi home, but she wanted to be with Stefan one more time. She was happy that his heart would go on, but she wanted to make Lani pay for what she did. Kristen and Brady arrived at the funeral after Gabi left. Will and Sonny took Arianna with them. Jordan was willing to give Ciara one of the cupcakes. Eli thanked Lani for going to the funeral with him. Gabi showed up at the hospital and saw Lani. Lani thanked her for making Julie's procedure possible. Gabi told Lani that everyone was looking forward to her wedding. Lani apologized for not inviting her to it. Gabi said she wanted to go to it because she wanted to see her face when she dumps Eli at the altar. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

The trial gets heated as Martin and Scott both take turns examining everything. Jason is called in as a witness and he tells people that Franco should get the option to be his own person. Monica begs to keep Drew around. Cam storms after Jason and demands to know why he couldn’t just let Franco live on. Jason just answered the question honestly. Scott brings up Kim drugging Drew.

Trina goes to Ava’s gallery and tries to get an internship. Dev also shows up trying to sell the portrait of Helena. Ava gives him a hundred dollars and explains to Trina it is worth so much more. She gives Trina the job. Dev gets in trouble with Sonny after he tries selling candy bars to the school.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

There was a possibility that Jett had cancer, so Devon arranged for Elena to fly out to be with him. Devon wasn’t sure what to do about the inheritance. He questioned whether Cane would use the money in a way that would make Katherine proud, or if she’d still want Cane to have the money after the things he’d done since her death. Devon took Elena’s advice to seek guidance from Lily. Lily agreed to return to Genoa City to visit. Billy returned from L.A. Victoria let him know Adam was back. Billy didn’t think that would have an effect on his mental health. Billy hoped Victor and Adam could bond. Victoria felt ready for any threats that happened to her family or company. Lola went to Miami to meet Arturo’s baby. After Kyle couldn’t predict what house Lola would like, Summer suggested that Lola and Kyle weren’t on the same wavelength anymore. Summer would be going to Atlanta on business. Kyle was confused when Billy wasn’t more pleased about Jabot’s success. Billy and Kyle had a disagreement about whether Kyle was ready to be co-CEO. Theo hoped to see Lola at Society, but he ended up chatting with Abby instead, and he admitted he thought Lola was a sweetheart. Abby warned Theo not to cause problems for Lola and Kyle. Victoria was supportive when she learned Abby and Nate broke up. Abby was pleased that Victor made Victoria the permanent CEO. Theo met Victoria, who’d heard good things about him from Billy. Theo told Summer he wanted to work at Newman. Summer wasn’t interested in working at Newman because the family lied to her about Victor’s death. Theo bristled when Summer brought up Kyle. While Summer vented about Abby, Theo texted Lola to say hello.

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