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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy’s at work and Ridge shows her Thomas’s designs. She thinks not bad. He says a compliment from her would mean the world to Thomas. She says she cannot just forgive him like that for what he did. He says the same old; they are family and it is not easy but necessary. She says Thomas uses people and he uses his own son too. He says he is happy to see her working but it should be with her brother too. She tells him that Hope was way out of line and she has no business dictating who will raise Douglas. She’s not even blood kin. He tells her he moved out of Brooke’s so he could be closer to her and to Thomas. She reminds him not to wreck his marriage. He says he knows he and Brooke are on opposite sides of the fence. She says and if Brooke talks Thomas into letting go of Douglas then there are going to be many more rough days ahead. Thomas tells Brooke that she wants him to give away his son; he is not going to sign over his son. Hope wants to talk to Thomas alone. Brooke does not agree but gives in and says she will be right up the hill. Liam is not happy to hear that Hope is alone with Thomas. Brooke tells Liam that he needs to speak up if there is any chance they can get Douglas. Thomas tells Hope that hurting her is the biggest regret of his life. He’s not used to rejection and it threw him a little when he knew she did not want him. He was too stubborn to admit it and he was ashamed. And letting Douglas stay with her does not mean he does not love his son. He would only sign those papers for Hope. He lost his way but he has been trying to better himself. If he cannot have that life with Hope then maybe Douglas still can. She reminds him that he wanted her to be Douglas’s mother. So she begs him to sign the papers and let her and Liam have him permanently. She just wants to give him all the love and support that he wanted. If Thomas wants to make up to her for what he did then sign these papers.

Liam is not against Douglas; he likes the little boy a lot. Brooke says this is the way it has to be. Thomas could snap at any time. Hope continues to beg, she loves Douglas and she can be his mother. That is what she wants. Thomas says he made decisions that he cannot justify but he never meant to hurt her or Douglas. She says Douglas needs this security and only Thomas can make that happen. He says he is confused. He needs to think. She sees this as a good sign and tells him to think seriously. He zooms in on her lips, then her eyes and how she drives him insane and gets to him. Hope is still talking about him signing the adoption papers and he says he will seriously consider it. He opines for what it is worth he lays awake at night thinking of the things he did wrong. He is sorry for what he did to her and he will spend the rest of his life proving how much he cares about her and can win her trust. They both look at each other like they have different agendas in mind.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate ran into Jennifer and they talked about Jack coming back from the dead. Gabi wanted to make sure that everything went well with her plan. Sonny and Will wanted to take Gabi out. She didn't want to go until they forced her to go. Eli and Lani were at the Bistro. She wanted to plan the wedding. She was determined to make the wedding perfect. Jennifer arrived at the Bistro and saw Justin, Adrienne, and Jack. Brady and Kristen showed Victor the sonogram. Victor wasn't convinced that the picture was real. Brady told him that Kayla called him and that they would see who had the last laugh. Brady left to take Kayla's call. Kristen talked to Victor alone. She told him how she was pregnant with Brady's baby. She warned him that he wouldn't forget what he said about him. Victor thought she shouldn't get away with what she did. Brady came back and told them that she was having his baby. Adrienne told Jennifer that she came back home because Jack got his memory back. Adrienne talked about Eve to them. Justin thought they wanted to be alone. Sonny, Will, and Gabi showed up too. Lani told Eli that planning the wedding would be work. Eli tried to flirt with her to take her mind off of the wedding. Lani noticed Gabi watching them while they were flirting with each other. 

Gabi went to Eli and Lani's table. She told them that Sonny and Will dragged the grieving widow out to eat. She noticed the desserts and Eli told her they were picking out a wedding cake. Gabi brought up how she lost her husband. She apologized for the way she reacted when Eli asked for the heart. She thought they deserved to be happy despite what she went through. Lani thought about Gabi making her beg for Stefan's heart. Will and Sonny came over to take Gabi with them. Gabi didn't feel like eating anymore. Kristen let them know that she was right about Brady being the father of her baby. Brady thought that it validated her being in the mansion. Victor wondered if he valued his job. Kate showed up to tell Victor that she would accept the job offer. Eli felt bad for celebrating their wedding when Gabi was suffering. Lani wanted to leave. Eli thought Gabi was over what happened when she let Julie get Stefan's heart. Justin apologized to Jack for representing Eve in their divorce case. Jack wanted Justin and Adrienne to leave so he could be alone with Jennifer. Brady didn't understand why Kate was taking his job. Victor told him that he wanted to cover his basis because he was with Kristen. Kristen wanted to call Mr. Shin to get back her job. Kate told her that Tony got the job. Kristen didn't understand why she wasn't asked to run the company. Kristen suddenly felt sick so Brady wanted to take her upstairs. Brady asked Victor if he was fired. He told Brady that he still had a job. Kate was upset by what Victor did. He told her that she could leave. She was livid by what he did. Jack and Jennifer went to his room and they kissed. Eli wanted to make Lani feel better about what happened with Gabi. Lani thought Gabi was in pain. He wanted to know if she wanted to postpone the wedding. She felt better since he was willing to postpone the wedding. Justin put a ring box on the table. Adrienne wanted to know why he got the ring. He proposed to Adrienne. Kate warned Victor not to come to her when Brady runs his company to the ground. Brady wanted to look for another place. Kristen told him that Victor took his side. He didn't think Victor would let up on her. Kristen continued to defend Victor to Brady. Gabi laid Stefan's clothes out. She was determined to get justice for what happened to him. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon and Rey made a date. Sharon told Mariah she and Rey could have a chance now that Adam was gone. Elena told Nate she wasn’t sure how to help Devon. Jill and Cane met with Devon. Devon and Amanda saw the proof that Cane was the true heir to Katherine’s fortune. Devon grappled with the news and wondered what to do. Elena and Nate provided moral support. Nate suggested Devon think of how Neil would handle this. Adam and Connor reunited, and Adam vowed to make amends for leaving. Connor had his broken arm in a cast. When Connor asked to move in with Adam, Chelsea said yes. Nick disapproved. Chelsea didn’t want to say yes, was afraid of what would happen to Connor if she didn’t allow it. Phyllis gave Adam a pep talk about parenting. Connor moved into the penthouse. Phyllis moved into the hotel, and she overheard Amanda having an argument with someone. Sharon tells Mariah that with Adam gone she feels like she and Rey have a chance to rebuild their relationship and later she and Rey plan a second date for tonight. Cane and Jill tell Devon that the person they hired to authenticate the will says that the portion of the will that says Devon is the heir to Katherine's fortune was written on a different type of bond paper than the rest of the will. The handwriting expert they hired also says that Katherine's initials were forged and Devon is heartbroken. Devon wonders why Katherine would leave the money to Cane instead of Mac or another of her relatives. Devon tells Elena and Nate the news and he wonders what he should do and Nate advises him to think about what Neil would do in this situation. Adam returns home and Connor is thrilled to see him and Adam promises Connor that he will become the father he deserves to have and he tells him he made a mistake leaving town. Connor asks Chelsea if he can live with Adam and she makes the heartbreaking decision to let him move in with Adam hoping that Connor will become the sweet little boy he used to be.

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