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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is waiting when Liam gets home. She asks if he is annoyed at her. He quickly says no. He was just surprised at her reactions to Steffy. He states Hope apparently wanted a verbal smack down and he just could not do that over a few X’s and O’s which he thought was normal between friends. And knowing that Steffy is hurting as she lost a child too. Brooke drops in and tells Hope that she has the papers she wants her to look over. Liam watches attentively as Brooke shows Hope an adoption request and Thomas will have to sign off on his rights as a father. Hope thanks her and says they both have come to the same conclusion. Liam looks over the papers and says excuse him but isn’t Ridge in a bind right now without threatening to take Thomas’s son away. Jenn drops Douglas off after school and somehow a puppy comes up in conversation and Douglas is all excited and wants one. Hope calms him down enough to say perhaps when school is out and he will have more time to take care of one. He wants to see Beth but she is asleep so Hope tells him he can go outside and pick her some flowers but stay inside the gate. Liam tells Brooke that he thinks they need to put on the brakes as he has another child living with Steffy and he is spreading himself pretty thin as is without inviting another to stay with them. This does not go over with Brooke very well.

Thomas has a long talk with Zoe to make sure she is on his side and would not testify against him should it come to that. She says no, she would not do that and besides she would be incriminating herself. He gets a call from the office that warns him that Brooke had papers drawn up about adoption. He quips Brooke better hope they never see each other on the same cliff. He gives Zoe a key and says he will be gone for a while. He will be damned if he is going to be accused of abandoning his son. Not long afterwards Vinny walks in and is surprised to find Zoe, who he does not know, is there. She explains that she is a friend of Thomas and his bad but he told her Vinny was out of town and she could stay a couple of days. He thinks it over and says she can still stay. He will go stay with his girlfriend like she always wants. Thomas walks right into the cabin. He asks three times where his son is. They better not be hiding him. Liam says he cannot just come barging in here without knocking. Thomas says he didn’t as he knew they would not let him in. And he gets chastised if he does not see Douglas enough or now does wants to see him and they do not think it is a good idea. He reminds them that someone drove his father out of the house so no one here now is even related by blood to Douglas so that is unacceptable if they try to take him away. He says he is nothing without his son and he is only trying to make a better life for him than he had as a kid. Douglas comes back in with flowers and Thomas forces a hug between them. Brooke says she baked that morning and Liam should take him up to the main house and have his afternoon snack. Hope pleads her case and tells Thomas to remember Caroline’s last request that Hope be his mother. They show him the papers and say no one is saying he cannot see his son again but he needs to sign this to get it started. Hope begs Thomas to let her nurture and care for Douglas and be a mother to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf talked to Kayla about his missing flash drive. She wasn't sure where it was. Rolf wanted to go after Jennifer to find it. He didn't want her to see anything. Kayla wanted to know what he didn't want her to see, but he didn't want to tell her. Jordan told Rafe that she invited Ben to David's birthday party. Ben told Ciara about his conversation with Jordan. She wasn't sure she wanted to go to the party after what Jordan did. Ben tried to convince her to go to the party. She changed her mind and wanted to be there. Rafe was surprised that Jordan wanted to invite Ben to the party. She explained why she decided to change her mind toward Ben. Rafe was proud of her for moving forward and putting the anger behind her. Hope went to the pub to see Roman. She wanted to get a glass of champagne. He was surprised that she wanted a drink since she doesn't do that often. She used Julie as her excuse. Roman went to look for the champagne and Hope got a pain in her neck. Rolf found Jennifer and demanded his flash drive. She said she didn't take it. He told her that she lied. Jack saw JJ and Haley and wanted to apologize for the way he acted. Haley accepted his apology. Jack poured his heart out to both of them about what he did to them. JJ understood what he did. He thought it was Eve's fault, but Jack didn't want to blame her. Rolf put Jennifer on notice about not ruining her life's work. Roman gave Hope the drink, but she didn't like it. He reminded her that she didn't really like champagne. Kayla showed up at the pub and asked Hope about not meeting her at the hospital. Hope told her that she went to see Ciara and got sick. Jordan was making cupcakes for David's party and slipped something in the batter. 

Jack offered to make a donation in Haley's name that supports immigrants. Haley appreciated what he wanted to do. JJ and Haley thanked him for what he was willing to do. Jack didn't want them to thank him because he wanted to make up for what he did. JJ thought it was great that Haley forgave his father. She wanted to have a great relationship with his father. Kayla questioned Hope about how she was feeling. Hope blamed her neck pain on what Julie was going through. Hope wanted to know about the pacemaker that Julie had to get. Kayla looked for the information in her bag. Kayla had to take stuff out of her bag to look for it. Hope noticed the cigarettes and wanted to take them. Rolf wanted to search Jennifer's bag. She refused to let him go through her purse. He grabbed Jennifer and told her that he wasn't finished. Jack showed up and stopped him from grabbing Jennifer. Kayla told Roman and Hope about Rolf. She told them how he kicked him out of the hospital. She mentioned the flash drive to them. Hope told her that Jennifer didn't want to give it back to Rolf. Jack demanded to know what was going on with him. Jennifer told Rolf that she lost the flash drive. Rolf didn't believe her. Jack defended her and told him to go. Rafe wanted to know about David's father. Jordan looked at him like she didn't want to answer him. Jennifer confessed to Jack that she still had the flash drive. She wanted to find out if the IT department could crack what was on the drive. Hope prepared to leave the pub. Roman and Kayla walked away from the table so she snuck back to get the cigarettes. Rafe apologized for bringing up David's father. He suggested that Arianna go to the party. Jordan was okay with her being there. Jack wanted to take Jennifer on a romantic evening. Roman noticed the cigarettes were missing. Hope lit a match while she was holding a cigarette. Rolf went to the warehouse and saw Stefano's portrait. He wanted him to see everything that was going to happen. Haley saw Hope smoking. Hope didn't recognized her at first. Haley told her who she was and then she remembered. Haley didn't know she smoked. Hope told her that she didn't and she put it out. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason asks Laura if he can get into see Ryan in jail to talk about Bryce. Laura will look into it. Jason goes to see Franco and asks him as Drew if he recognizes Peter. Franco doesn't really remember him but feels like he should. Martin tells Elizabeth and Scott that things are going to be difficult. Julian informs Scot and Elizabeth something on Kim.

Cam and Trina prep for court as Joss tries to defend hours of journaling to Dustin. Laura goes to pick Cam up for the trial. Ava and Kevin chit chat about moving on from Ryan. Ava tells the world she is moving on. Hayden reveals her daughter is sick to Finn.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dina goes to the Abbott house for a visit and Jack and Traci question her gently about Stuart Brooks and read her the letter she wrote to him. Dina tells them that was a terrible night and asks to go home right now. Jack arrives back at the Abbott house after driving his mother to the memory care facility and Traci shows him an invitation to a prom after party she found the party is at the Abbott house. Jack reads the note on the back of the invitation it is a note from Stuart to Dina asking her to come to the party tonight and he promises he will change her mind. Cane, Jill, and Esther talk to a will authenticator Jill hired who tells them that the portion of the will that names Devon as the air is printed on a different type of bond paper than the rest of the will and she assures them the rest of the will is authentic. Cane , Jill, and Esther worry about how Devon will handle the news and if he will honor Katherine's wishes despite the fact that the statute of limitations has expired. Chelsea takes Connor to see Victor hoping that it will help with his behavior while Nick is in Las Vegas talking to Adam. Nick tells Adam everything that has happened to Connor and that he has been acting out but Adam still thinks its best that he not return to Genoa City. Nick gets a call from Chelsea saying that Connor broke his arm when he jumped off the jungle gym claiming he was invincible and Nick wonders if Adam still thinks he shouldn't come home.

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