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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope continues to Liam to tell Steffy now how he feels. It is hurting her to let her think something that is not true. Zoe tells Thomas it was tough to be there and see her father sentenced but now they have to move on and have closure. He says closure for him will be when he gets the last Logan out of Forrester’s. She notices Shauna is on the “in” side and he confides she might be the whole key to all of this. She notices even Hope and Brooke are “out”. He says that will mean so much to Steffy if Liam would go back to Steffy. Ridge has been sucked up like this all his life but it is not too late for Liam. Shauna has her last words with Ridge and says she is glad Buckingham has been sentenced and again how sorry she is that her baby girl got caught up in this scheme. He says all to the good if they can get on with their lives and he can move back in with Brooke. She says he is a good dad. He says he is trying. She confides that she was young and stupid and always wanted something beyond her reach and she thought she could find that in the casino. She met a lot of men during that time, some nice and very sophisticated but nothing would ever compare them, not even close to Ridge. When she got pregnant she did not even know who the father was but fell in love with baby Flo’s little face and cannot turn her back on her now. She wonders if there is any chance, just a glimmer that Flo could come back to work at Forrester. Let the Logan’s work around her and see how much she loves all of them. He listens intently but makes no comment. She says she had better go but not before she says she hopes Brooke appreciates him. All she knows is that she would never turn him out of her house no matter what he did. Thomas fills Zoe in that this is not a recent thing. It has been going on for decades. His grandmother tried to get rid of Brooke, the slut from the valley, years ago and Hope is just like her mother and she needs to learn that Logan’s do not always get what they want.

Just as she is begging Liam to tell Steffy how he feels, a baby cries and Steffy takes off leaving Hope frustrated. When she returns she has Kelly with her who calls Liam Daddy and wants him to stay. He tells her he loves her and will stay with her as long as he can but he does not live here anymore. Again Hope looks very frustrated. Zoe tells Thomas that it looks like he has traded one obsession with getting Hope for another in getting her out. And speaking of out, her ratty apartment will be gone as she is subletting and the owners are coming back tomorrow. He shows her some of his designs he has been working on and he needs a muse to help him for inspiration. He even tells her that Vinny it out of town for a few days and he is sure he would not mind her staying here for a while. They do not get started again when Beth cries and Liam says he will go get her but he turns to Hope and says he is father to two girls and right now that has to be his singular focus. Steffy says he is right. They need to focus on the children now. Hope agrees that would be the adult thing to do so Steffy knows what that means. Liam returns holding Beth and says they should get her home. Hope tells him to go ahead as she needs to tell Steffy something else. It is basically the same thing that they need to do this for the kids. Steffy says he is not ready to make a decision. Hope says she heard but Liam wants to focus on making a family with the four of them. Steffy questions four and Hope tells her that includes Douglas because Thomas is so unstable and they want custody. Steffy tells her that she is crazy. She is making demands and even making decisions for Liam. Obviously Hope thinks her family is better than Steffy’s. And she heard Liam say he would be focusing on both his families and that was his decision, not Hope’s. Hope leaves and Steffy stares at the fantasy wall poster.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Kristen that he talked to Kayla about her getting a paternity test. Eric demanded to know why Xander was in his place. He told Eric he was talking to his ex-wife. Maggie wanted to know why she was leaving when she had people there who love her. Sarah snapped at Maggie and told her it was impossible to stay in Salem. Kristen told Brady that she was only with him so her baby was his. Maggie assured Sarah that the pain she felt would go away. Sarah told her that it was hard to watch him with Nicole. She was about to tell her that she was pregnant, but Rolf showed up. Nicole started to tell Eric about Sarah. Xander tried to stop her from talking. Jack and Jennifer were talking about him giving up being mayor as well as how he treated the family. Jennifer was willing to put it behind them. Eve showed up and thought her granting him the divorce would make that easy for them. Xander wanted Nicole to stop talking for all of them. Nicole lied to Eric and said he was using her to get close to Sarah. Xander was relieved that she didn't tell Eric anything. Eric warned him to stay away from Sarah. Xander pointed out to Nicole how protective he was of Sarah. He wanted Xander out of his house. Rolf wanted to see Xander. Sarah wanted to know why he wanted to see Xander. Rolf explained to Sarah that Xander allowed him to work at Titian after Jennifer had him kicked out of the hospital. Maggie was surprised Xander would help him. Maggie wanted him to leave because he interrupted her conversation with Sarah. Hope took the painting outside. Jennifer told Eve that she wasn't going to stop her from being with Jack. Jack asked Eve to give him the divorce. She gave him the papers. He noticed they weren't signed. She didn't plan on signing them. Jack told Eve that they were over and that she lost. She told him that she's a fighter. She was going to stay in Salem and refused to sign the papers. Eve and Jennifer argued about what happened with Brady. Eve planned on getting revenge on Jennifer. She was going to destroy her. Jack took Eve off and Jennifer noticed Hope. They talked about Eve and how she wasn't going to let her get to her. Jennifer asked if she talked to Kayla. Hope didn't remember that she was going to see Kayla. Eric was surprised that Xander would go to her for help. She told him that she wasn't playing by him. Eric thought that Xander didn't want him to tell him something. Maggie wanted to know why else Sarah wanted to leave Salem. Sarah wanted her to accept her decision. Maggie wanted Sarah to stay in town for her family. Xander was back home so Sarah asked him why he let Rolf work at Titan. Kayla administered the paternity test. Kristen had a pain in her stomach right after the test. Kristen and Brady were scared. 

Eric told Nicole that he didn't want them to have secrets between them. He told her that it was hard to tell her about Sarah. She said they put it behind them. Eric told her that she could tell him anything and his feelings wouldn't change. She told him that there was something she wanted to tell him. Xander wanted to know what Rolf wanted. Maggie told him what Rolf said to him. Xander lied about why Rolf was working with Titan. Sarah didn't think that the company would want Rolf involved with the company. Jennifer told Hope about the pacemaker, but she wasn't listening to her. Jennifer wanted to know if Hope's errand was important. Hope told her how she was with Ciara. Jennifer asked if she was with Ciara when Kayla called her. She said she wasn't with Ciara. Jennifer wanted to know where she was. Hope flashed back to taking the portrait. Jennifer noticed that she was grabbing for her neck. Rolf showed up and wanted to know what she was doing too. Eve didn't want Jack to put his hands on her. He showed her the divorce papers again. He demanded that she sign the papers. She threw them on the ground and refused to sign them. He told her that she would do it now. Jack threatened to tell the police what she did to help Claire. Rolf told Jennifer and Hope how he was kicked out of the hospital after Jack got his memory back. He walked off. Jennifer told Hope that she had his flash drive. Sarah told Xander that Maggie refused to see how hard it was to be in town with Nicole and Eric there. Xander thought they should respect Sarah's decision to leave. Maggie gave in, but said her heart was broken. Maggie left the room. Xander thought he would be just as heartbroken as Maggie. Nicole told Eric that it was hard to leave him after Brady blackmailed her. They talked about how hard it was for her to help Kristen. Kayla gave Kristen an ultra sound. Kayla said she couldn't find a heartbeat. Eve warned Jack that he was going down with her. He told her that he didn't know anything. She told him that he didn't stop her. She said he would go to jail with her. He was willing to take that chance so he demanded that she sign the papers. Hope wanted to know why Jennifer had the flash drive. She explained why she had it and that she was holding on to it. Jennifer wanted to know about Julie, but Hope forgot about it again. Kayla finally found the heartbeat for Kristen's baby. She and Brady were relieved. Sarah didn't like breaking Maggie's heart, but she didn't want Eric to know that she was pregnant. Xander wanted her to show her gratitude to him. She didn't want to do it. He wanted to be her date at the wedding. Hope took the portrait to a loft. Xander wanted one night with Sarah before she left town. She agreed to let him be her date at the wedding. Eric told Nicole that Xander wouldn't hurt her again. Nicole said losing him would hurt her. He assured her that she wouldn't lose him. Kristen told Brady that the baby was his and it was made out of their love. Jack told Jennifer that he got her to sign the divorce papers. Rolf went to see Kayla because he wanted his flash drive. Kayla told him that Jennifer had it. He told her that Jennifer didn't say anything about having it when he saw her earlier. Hope kept looking at the portrait of Stefano. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

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