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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy hums as she waltzes around holding Beth. She tells her that she can nap a little longer and then she and Kelly can go with her down to the beach and play in the sand. She tells her that she and her daddy love her so much. Liam is back home looking for some papers when Hope comes in and is concerned that he did not tell her he was taking Beth over to see Steffy. He gets a text from Steffy and Hope picks it up out of his presence. Steffy thanks Liam for making her day. When Liam returns to the living room Hope is taking off to do something she forgot. Thomas tells Zoe that he tried to get back in Brooke’s good graces but it did not work. She tried to kill him by pushing him off the cliff and could be in jail right now. Zoe thinks Thomas is just bitter because Hope is with Liam. In a flash Hope shows up at Steffy’s and says she came to get Beth. Both of them know how hard it is for Steffy, but…….she saw the text with XOXO emojis. Hope makes her point; he is with her now. Thomas tells Zoe it is not that unreasonable to think this could be permanent. Ridge has already moved out of Brooke’s house and there is another woman in his dad’s life. Zoe cannot believe the other woman is Flo’s mother. She would be the last woman he would ever have an affair with. He says Shauna is definitely into Ridge and the more Brooke pushes, the quicker he will land in Shauna’s arms. Shauna shows up again unannounced at Ridge’s office. Says she flashed Charlie and made sure Brooke was not at work or in her parking space. Ridge asks what she wants. She quips that is a loaded question. But she thinks she can help him. She needs to tell him someone else knows about the kiss… Thomas. That does not please Ridge and he says she needs to fix that. He is trying to do all he can to get Thomas back on path and help him and Steffy. This rift with Brooke will not help. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says she could be wrong but she does not think Brooke will care one way or the other about his kids.

Steffy says she is very aware of who she is to Liam so Hope does not have to remind her. Hope says she thinks she does. Steffy says she puts no pressure on Liam. Has Hope forgot that she has a daughter with Liam and they were perfectly happy until it all fell apart. Hope came and got Phoebe and she became Beth. That is what Logan’s do with no thought of others. Hope says this is so typical of Steffy bringing up old history that has nothing to do with Beth. Steffy keeps saying that Kelly needs her father and it was indeed Hope that wanted Phoebe to be with them too. Hope says it sounds like Steffy thinks Liam is still fair game, but he isn’t. He walks in and stops Hope from yammering and wants to know what is going on. Thomas tells Zoe that he wants every single Logan out of Forrester and Brooke away from his dad. And he is not jealous of Liam; Hope is just another Logan. He has had to watch them infiltrate the Forrester family for years. First Brooke and now the others. Hope is exactly like her mother; they do not care. All they care about is latching onto a man and now that man is Liam. Steffy tells Liam that it is okay. He says no, Steffy is a victim. Phoebe was snatched away from her. They should have been bringing Beth over here before now so they could all bond and visit. With Steffy smirking at her, Hope continues that they are co-parenting but Liam is with her. They do not need a ring or paper of commitment. She insists that Liam tell Steffy that. They co-parent but the romance is over and the sooner he makes that clear to Steffy the better all will be. Liam stands there like a statue with the dumbest blank look on his face and does not know where to begin. And both he and Steffy are staring at Hope like she has suddenly lost it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah almost slipped up when she thought Xander told Maggie she was pregnant. Maggie finished what she was saying and wanted to know why she didn't tell her that she was leaving town. She was relieved that she didn't know the truth. Eric wanted to know what Nicole wanted to tell him. She told him that Rolf came to see her. He noticed that her hands were shaking. He wanted her to tell him what she had to say. Kayla had Eli, Lani, and Gabi thinking something was wrong with Julie. She told them that Julie had issues after the surgery. She said Julie had Bradycardia and that she had another option. Lani wanted to talk privately, but Gabi wanted to hear it. Sarah was upset that Xander told Maggie about her leaving. Maggie told her not to get mad because she should have said something. Maggie wanted to know if Eric was why she was leaving. Nicole struggled to tell Eric what she wanted to say. She thought about her conversation with Xander. Nicole told him that Kristen was pregnant with Brady's baby and that he moved her in the mansion. Eric didn't think that had anything to do with them and wanted to know why she didn't tell him the night before. Ben apologized to Jordan for accusing her of trying to run Ciara down. Hope went to see Ciara and had another pain in her neck. Ciara asked if she was okay, but she wasn't sure. Nicole blamed herself for what happened. Eric told her it wasn't her fault. Nicole talked about how she helped Kristen pretend to be her. Eric didn't think Brady would be tied down with Kristen. She thought Brady would stay with her because she was pregnant with his baby. She made a thinly veiled comment that Eric would stay with someone he got pregnant too. Sarah told Maggie that she wanted to do more in the medical field. She planned on giving Kayla her notice. Maggie thought she should give Kayla more time to find a replacement. Xander agreed with Maggie. Sarah thought he should stay out of it. Maggie wanted her to stay for Eli and Lani's wedding. Eli didn't care if Gabi heard what Kayla had to say. Kayla told them that Julie needed a pacemaker. Ciara gave Hope some aspirin. Ciara asked about her pain. She wanted Hope to see Kayla. She didn't want to go back to the hospital. Hope wanted to take care of her. Ciara told her that Jordan wasn't the one who tried to run her down. Ben and Jordan talked about whether she was better. She said she would never do anything to be away from David. Ben wanted her to admit that she was wrong about him the same way he was wrong about her. 

Kayla explained how the medical team would give Julie the pacemaker without surgery. She wanted to get the family's approval before she started anything. Gabi wanted to talk to Lani alone for a minute. Sarah agreed to stay for the wedding, but she was leaving the day after the wedding. Maggie left the room so Sarah ripped into Xander for telling Maggie that she was leaving. He explained why he wanted her to stay. Eric tried to make Nicole feel better about whether he would take responsibility of his child. Eric wanted to go see Brady and tell him that he supported him. Ciara told Hope about the drunk driver that almost hit her. Ciara was glad that Jordan wasn't the one who almost hit her. She was afraid that Ben might kill Jordan. Hope told her that if your loved ones were threatened, you could lose your mind. Jordan told Ben that she wasn't ready to accept him in her life yet. She knew Clyde was out of her life, but he could still be in him. Ben explained that he would be on his meds and wouldn't risk losing Ciara. He wanted to be close to her again. She wanted to go back inside. She wanted him to wait because he was about to leave. She invited him to bring Ciara to Rafe's place to celebrate David's first birthday. Jordan thought it could be a new start for them. Hope talked to Ciara about shooting Stefano and that she's glad she didn't kill him. Xander went to see Nicole and told her that Sarah was leaving. He thought they needed to work together to keep Sarah from telling about the baby. Nicole said she planned on telling him when he got back home. Eric went to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Maggie. He told her that he knew about the baby. Sarah dropped something when she heard him. She asked him if he knew about the baby. Xander warned Nicole that she would lose Eric if she told him the truth. Sarah wanted to know how Eric found out so he told her that Nicole told him about Kristen being pregnant. Sarah was relieved. Sarah told Eric that she was staying in town for a couple of weeks. Hope was about to leave when she got another pain in her neck. Ciara wanted to take her home, but she zoned out for a second. Hope recovered and said she had errands to run. Gabi wanted Eli to keep her posted. Eli thanked her for what she did. Hope went to the DiMera mansion and saw Stefano's portrait. She walked towards it. Maggie knew Sarah was hiding something. Xander told Nicole again that they would lose everything if she told Eric the truth. She was determined to tell Eric the truth. Eric showed up and demanded to know why Xander was there. Kayla called Hope to tell her about Julie. She wanted Hope to go to the hospital, but she had to take care of something first. Hope took Stefano's portrait down and moved it. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael sits down with Carly and Sonny and talks about Nina’s wedding. Michael admits that they didn’t get married. Carly and Sonny joke about who left who and Michael admits that Sasha is not really Nina’s daughter. Carly is against him being with Sasha. Curtis attempts to figure out who Sasha is working with. He goes to Lucas and Brad and Brad starts freaking out. Julian tells Brad to dump his therapist.

Ava and Laura discuss Ryan. Ava cannot handle being alone anymore with Ryan out there. Ryan kills his roommate in jail and claims it was a suicide. Ava finds out and Laura calls Julian to come look out for her. Sam and Jason try to work out what is going on with Alexis. Sam is taken to jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Elena persuades Nate not to give up on his relationship with Abby without a fight because she thinks that Nate and Abby have something real. Nick and Chelsea think Connor has turned a corner but later they discover that Connor locked Christian in the garage because he thought Christian was being too whiny. Chelsea asks Phyllis for Adam's address in Los Vegas and Nick promises to go to Vegas and bring Adam back to Genoa City. Devon is worried about Tucker and the situation with the will so he talks to Amanda to try and persuade her to drop the case but she says no she won't drop the case and go home. Cane wakes up on the floor of a dark room where he finds a flashlight and once he searches the room he finds the original pages of Katherine's will so he calls Jill to tell her he is coming home with the original will pages.

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