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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is on the phone but waves to Liam to come on in. He has a surprise for her. He hands her Beth. He apologizes for not calling first but says something tells him that she does not mind. Brooke drops in on Hope and says she hoped to see her granddaughter. Hope tells her that Liam took Beth out for a little while. Brooke tells Hope that Dr. Buckingham has been sentenced and while it has been kept out of the news she thinks it will be released now that he is coming back to the States. Carter has been keeping her abreast. Thomas is about to open the door to Vinny’s place when Zoe walks up behind and he turns around. She quips that life has been rough lately with her no job, almost broke and her dad sentenced to the max today. But doesn’t Thomas have another mansion to crash in. Guess they all have their burdens. She says her father deserved punishment and justice done but she just wishes she had not ever been a part of it. She had to go see him. Hope says that Reese is in prison and that is all that matters to her. She cannot justify what Flo did either, donating a kidney or not. Steffy tells Liam that she knows he was not just in the neighborhood and Hope will not believe that either. He says now that the dust has settled they will work on being more a blended family. Steffy says she has not heard at all from Hope. Liam says Hope did nothing wrong with taking Beth home with them when they knew Phoebe was Beth and if he is making a mistake today just tell him. She says no. He says he promises he will try to keep Steffy in Beth’s life as much as he can.

Thomas tells Zoe that he should not be here. He is a Forrester and they are Logan’s and he will not take this and if Hope thinks so she can think again. He also mentions that Zoe is the only one that has shown him any loyalty. Her boyfriend, Xander, could not wait to rat him out. He tells her that there is a revolution in his family. He has a list on the wall, of those at Forrester – in or out. He tells Zoe she does not want to be on the out side. Brooke tells Hope that she and Liam make wonderful parents but she wonders if they have made a commitment together. Hope laughs if her mother is asking if Liam has proposed. She says she knows Liam is committed to her no matter what. Steffy tells Liam that she understands now that Hope had the right to take Beth home. But one minute he was looking at her birth certificate and the next she was ripped from her arms. She just wishes Hope could have been more generous with her and eased into it. He says he wishes he could be with her more. Kelly and Beth are sisters and he is their dad. She looks at the fantasy photo on the wall and asks if it is possible. They could have been a beautiful family and he is saying they still are a family. Could they do this again? Saying not a word, he has a very conflicted look on his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Jennifer had a tender moment at the hospital. Jack wanted to make amends for the things he did when he came back to Salem. He left to fix what he did wrong. Hope zoned out when Abe called out to her. He wanted to know what was wrong with her. She said she thought about Gabi. They talked about Julie's surgery. She confessed that she was feeling off and didn't realize what was going on anymore. Julie woke up after surgery. Doug told her how Gabi gave Stefan's heart to her. Julie was surprised that Gabi donated her husband's heart. Gabi grieved over Stefan's death. Kate went to her room to check on her. Gabi was upset with her for what happened. She thought Stefan should be dead instead of him. Kate hugged her. Jennifer texted Hope to tell her that Julie woke up. Abe was concerned when Hope forgot why she had to go to the hospital. She suddenly remembered and went to the hospital. Gabi apologized for what she said to Kate. They talked about Vivian leaving town. Gabi mentioned how Lani didn't pay for what she did. Eli and Lani joined Doug in Julie's room. Eli told them how Gabi was kind enough to change her mind and donate his heart. Lani thought about Gabi making her get on her knees. Gabi talked to Kate about Lani's carelessness causing Stefan's death. She wanted Lani to suffer the way she was suffering.

Jack went to Abe and apologized for the way he treated him when he came back to Salem. Kayla ran into Jennifer and apologized to her for Henry. They talked about Jack getting his memory back and Rolf not working at the hospital anymore. Kayla had Rolf's flash drive. Jennifer wanted to give it to him. Eli and Lani wanted to postpone their wedding. Julie didn't want them to cancel their wedding. She insisted that they get married. Gabi told Kate that she hated Lani and hated her before she shot Stefan. Kate advised her to think about her grief. Kate told her that Mr. Shin gave her job to Tony. She told Gabi that she was considering going back to Titan. Gabi didn't want her to leave her at DiMera by herself. She told Gabi not to sit by and let Tony take the company. Kate advised her to use Stefan's projects to get the job from Tony. Jack continued to apologize to Abe for what he did to him during the election. Abe understood and accepted his apology. Jack asked him to take his job. Jennifer and Hope went to see Julie at the hospital. Hope was about to give her back her rosary, but she zoned out again. Julie wanted to speak to Gabi so she called her. She wanted Gabi to come to the hospital. Jack continued to convince Abe to take the job back as mayor because he felt he didn't deserve it. Abe was flattered, but he told him it didn't work that way. Jack told him that he could appoint him as the next mayor. Hope talked on the phone with Ciara. After her phone call, she had a pain in her neck. Kate saw her and reached out to her. She told Kate not to touch her. Gabi overheard Lani talking about how perfect her life is with Eli. Gabi reminded her that she is planning a funeral while Lani is planning a wedding. Kayla warned Julie not to do too much. Julie wanted to see Gabi. She thought she was going to be fine until she saw the look on Kayla's face. Doug and Julie wanted to know what was wrong. Kate told Hope that she didn't have to snap at her for checking on her. Hope apologized to her and blamed it on stress. Eli apologized to Gabi for being insensitive to her. Lani apologized too. Eli told her that Julie was grateful for what she did too. Gabi was on her way to see Julie when she heard Lani talking. Kayla told them that there was a complication with Julie's surgery. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason meets with Peter's goon and tells him if he tells the truth that he will help him. He doesn't want to listen but Jason knows he is working for Peter. Jason tells Diane on the phone he thinks he has the right info. Sonny meets with Julian and tells him to give Olivia back her down payment on Charlie's. He also tells her to watch out on Ava.

Lucas demands to know why Brad would support Nelle. Brad has no real answer and Brad lies. They agree to go to therapy together. Ava and Laura have drinks together at the Metro Court in attempt to make things better for them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola gets an unexpected visit from her father who admits he is hiding from the angry husband of a woman with whom he had an affair. Lola tells him to leave and learn to take responsibility for his mistakes. Lola goes to the bathroom because she is feeling sick and Kyle decides to give Adrian money but makes it clear it is a one time thing. Kyle also tells Adrian that if he hurts Lola again he will make sure he regrets it for the rest of his life. Jack and Traci seek help from Leslie and Lori Brooks who tell them they have a letter that Dina wrote to their father and they e-mail the letter to Traci. Jack and Traci read the letter and think the smudges on the paper are tear stains. Jack and Traci also wonder what the quote from Shakespeare in the letter could possibly mean the quote is this" I must be cruel only to be kind thus the bad begins and the worse remains behind" Adrian runs into Traci at the Grand Phoenix and he buys her a drink and he flirts with her a bit while they talk. Chelsea and Nick talk to Connor who admits he hit a little boy who was saying mean things about Adam. Nick and Chelsea tell Connor it is never good to fight their is always a peaceful way to resolve problems. Connor calls Adam and it keeps going to voice mail and later Chelsea tells Connor to focus on all the people that love him rather than on the people they have lost. Chelsea also tells Connor that Adam loves him very much.

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