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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas is spying through a door left ajar and sees and hears Shauna telling Ridge how much their kiss that he knew nothing about meant to her. She admits she felt something that made her want to kiss him again. Brooke visits Katie in the hospital. Katie says it felt so good to wake up and see Will’s smiling face so she can not feel anything but gratitude toward Flo now. Brooke says that is okay as long as they do not forget what she originally did. Wyatt admires Flo for going to that extra level in donating her kidney to Katie. She says she wanted to do it for Katie and also for her dad. She did not do it to get back in the good graces of Hope and Brooke. He says in time he cannot imagine them not forgiving her and seeing her in a different light as he does now. Sally comes up in conversation and Flo says she knows they are engaged. He is surprised as after all they have been through he thought he owed her to be the one to tell her when he puts a ring on Sally’s finger. Pam catches Thomas at the door and he closes it quickly. She says he cannot hoodwink her. She is on to him. As he wiggles she says she knows he came in to grab one of her lemon bars, but family or not, he has to ask. He tries to get rid of her by saying Quinn was asking for her. Pam says things are always up and down around here but she is back at her desk now and she is not about to leave. Shauna keeps on about the kiss and even tells Ridge that she told Flo but she is sworn to secrecy so Brooke will never hear about this from them. She is sure she would not like it. Ridge does not want to talk about Brooke. He gets a call on his cell and says he has to go take this. She says she will allow him to go first so they won’t be seen together. No sooner than Ridge leaves, Pam catches him for something and they walk toward the elevator. Thomas has been watching again and he sees the coast is clear and walks in on Shauna who is pilfering around the office. He smiles that he heard that she kissed his dad. Will visits Katie with his dad. He says she always said that Uncle Thorne was an angle in heaven but now it looks like there are angels right here on earth with the lady who donated the kidney. Katie says yes in many ways she is.

Ridge goes to Brooke’s but does knock first and goes on in. She tells him that it does not seem the same around here without him. He says he misses it too and they need to find a way to help their family without it tearing them apart. Softly she tells him that she will never trust Thomas again and she still does not like that he lied to her and did not tell her the full story about Shauna and the kiss. She does not want that to happen again. And as for the family they both need to work on that and get past it without hurting their relationship. They hug. Thomas locks the door and wants to talk about that kiss. Shauna says he was eavesdropping. He gloats that was the best thing he has heard in a long time. Not only was there a kiss but she has fallen for Ridge. Katie tells Will that she knows she has a long way through recovery but knowing they will be here makes it all better. Flo tells Wyatt that she only wants his happiness and if that is with Sally then she will accept that. But she would be lying if she did not say she wishes that happiness was with her. She still loves him. Shauna tells Thomas that nothing happened about the kiss. He is okay with that but says that he just wants Brooke to be out of his dad’s life and that will happen more easily now. He can tell his dad is into her too. And if she can manage to get Brooke out of his dad’s life then he will be forever grateful. Now that Ridge is out of the house it is time to strike. It is time for payback.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben interrupted Rafe and Jordan while they were talking. He wanted to know why she was going after Ciara. Ciara went to see Victor and he wanted to know why she was really there. Nicole told Xander that she read the letter and knew Sarah was pregnant. Eric wanted to know if Sarah was leaving Salem because of him. She told him that she couldn't fight how she felt about him. She understood that he didn't want to hurt her. She said she was happy for him, but she was hurt seeing them together. She thought it was easier to leave. Nicole wanted to know if Xander knew about the baby. Xander said Sarah told him, but it didn't mean that Eric was the father. Nicole told him that she knew he was the father. Xander admitted that Eric was the father and didn't want her to tell Eric the truth. Victor wanted to know why Ciara was at his place. She was worried because of Julie. She wanted to see him before something happened to him. Jordan told Ben she didn't want him near her son. He said he wouldn't hurt David. They went back and forth about whether she was crazy. Ben said she needed help. Rafe said there was no proof Jordan tried to hit Ciara. Ben reminded her about what she did to Ciara in the elevator. Victor assured Ciara that he wasn't going anywhere and neither was Julie. Victor talked to her about the near hit and run. She told him about what happened in the elevator. Ben was waiting for Jordan to deny what happened in the elevator. She wanted him to talk to Ciara about it if he was so worried. He told her that he knew she was the one who tried to run her over. Eric apologized for being the reason why Sarah wanted to leave. She didn't want to spoil his happiness with Nicole. Nicole couldn't believe Xander wanted her to keep Sarah's pregnancy from Eric. He explained how Sarah didn't want Eric to know. Nicole thought she would be doing Sarah a favor if she told Eric about the baby. He told her that Sarah would come between her and Eric. Sarah slipped and said we while talking to Eric. He wanted to know what she meant by it. Rafe wanted to know if Jordan was following Ciara. She told him that she was there to get her old job. Ben wanted to know if Rafe believed Ciara over Jordan. Rafe got a phone call about the person who almost ran down Ciara. Ciara talked to Victor about Jordan. Ciara left Victor's place and he made a phone call to someone. He wanted Jordan dead. 

Ben knew Jordan was guilty and was glad there was proof. Rafe told him that the car belonged to a drunk driver. He told them the driver remembered almost hitting a young woman. Jordan told Rafe that she wasn't the threat to Ciara. Rafe wanted Ben to keep his distance from Jordan and David. Ben tried to stop Rafe, but he and Jordan left. Sarah had to cover her tracks with Eric and he believed her story. He wanted her to stay in touch with him. Nicole didn't think Eric would leave her. Xander told her how she wasn't around when Eric and Sarah fell in love. He told her about their relationship. Xander reminded her that Sarah could give Eric the family that she couldn't. If Eric found out the truth, he would leave her. Nicole wanted Xander to leave. He was trying to help her. She didn't need his help. He wanted to know why she opened the envelope. They went back and forth about Sarah's baby. She was confident that she had nothing to lose. Xander told her that all she had to do was forget about the envelope. He said that Sarah was leaving town anyway so she shouldn't blow what she had. She wanted Xander to leave. He warned her again to keep her mouth shut. Ben called Victor and told him that Jordan wasn't the one who tried to hit Ciara. He told Victor how Rafe believed she was innocent. He wanted Victor to call off whatever he was going to do to Jordan. Ciara wanted to know who he was talking to on the phone. Jordan told Rafe that she didn't do anything to Ciara. Rafe believed her and apologized for not believing her. Jordan opened the door and saw a strange man there. Victor sent him a text to cancel the hit. Ben told Ciara that Jordan wasn't the one who tried to hit her with the car. He felt bad for accusing her. Ciara understood why he felt that way. He lied to her about who he was talking to on the phone. They talked about Stefan being killed. She told him how the doctors took Stefan's heart.  Xander was sure things would work out as long as she didn't open her mouth. Sarah wanted to know what he meant. Nicole folded up the letter and put it in a drawer when Eric came back home. She said there was something she had to tell him. The hitman let Victor now that he didn't go through with the hit. Jordan told Rafe about the guy who gave her the free pizza. Xander lied to Sarah about what he meant. He asked her if she talked to Kayla about resigning. She didn't tell her yet, but she planned on telling her soon. Eric told Nicole that Sarah was leaving town. He was ready to move on from Sarah. He wanted to know what Nicole wanted to tell him. She said that it could wait. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Maxie have breakfast together. Michael and Sasha do as well. Nina and Valentin walk in. Maxie thinks that Lulu is being a jerk towards Nina and her happiness. Chase shows up to arrest Sasha and Nina watches in glee. Michael goes to the PCPD where he has Alexis show up to represent her. Alexis tells Sasha to stop protecting Valentin.

Nelle has her hearing and is denied the chance to get out of prison. Martin tells her it will be another two years. Kendra, Alexis' trainer goes to Kiefer's grave telling him that she is getting her revenge on Alexis. Brad wakes up from a brad dream that Lucas hears. He wants to go to therapy with Brad. Julian thinks that Olivia is trying to hurt his business.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate ends his relationship with Abby because their perspectives on life are too different she thinks he is making a mistake. Billy is surprised when Victor tells him that he suspected he tried to run Adam over and he decides not to tell the police or get his own justice instead he gives Billy a second chance after Billy explains what he has been going through since Adam's return to Genoa City. Lola gets dizzy and the smell of food makes her nauseous so Abby thinks she may be pregnant. Theo later sees Loa almost pass out at Society so he calls Kyle who arrives to take Lola home. Theo takes the opportunity to apologize to Kyle for bringing Zoe to town and being a jerk about him being with Lola this leads Kyle to tell him they can have a beer sometime. Lola takes the pregnancy test which turns out negative and Kyle and Lola are both relieved and disappointed but they agree that someday they will have children. Nate plays pool with Amanda to get more information about her but she figures out his plan and doesn't reveal anything important about herself. Elena confronts Amanda at Crimson Lights and tells her that what she is doing to a good man is disgusting and Amanda tells her she doesn't have to take this treatment from anyone. Amanda slips and mutters that she shouldn't have let that old jerk get her into this mess. Amanda and Devon both ask her what old jerk she is talking about and Amanda says that he sounded like an old jerk on the phone.

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