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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is on the computer at her office when Ridge comes in and kisses her on the head. He asks about Katie and she says both Will and Bill have almost camped out in her room the last few days but she will check in later. He says with past mistakes aside, Flo really stepped up and he thinks she should get their forgiveness. Brooke disagrees and says she should have gone back home or even to prison. It changes nothing of how wrong she has been in the past. Ridge asks what do they have to do if a kidney is not enough. Shauna gets Flo settled in and says the Logan’s are driving her crazy for not accepting this gift. She is so proud of her little baby. Flo says it is okay, she has come to terms they will never forgive her. Shauna gets in the last dig that she is not sure how that marriage of Ridge and Brooke is going to weather this tension. Liam calls Wyatt over to the cabin and slowly explains he has news about Katie. No, she is fine but there is news about the organ donor. Wyatt is stunned to hear it is Flo. He wants to know if Flo is okay and Liam says yes, she was released a few days ago. Not everyone was forgiving but he knows Wyatt’s feeling were a bit deeper so Liam knew he would want to know. Thomas walks in and Brooke asks why he is here. He says he works here and she says no he does not. He cannot do what he did to her daughter and expect just to waltz back in and go back to work. Ridge shakes his head and says this is his son and this is a family business so he does have a right to be here. He is not a criminal. He did some bad things. He kept a secret but he did not steal a baby. That was Buckingham. Thomas is trying to right his mistakes and they need to stick together and heal. Brooke says not after all that he has done to Hope and even to Douglas. She will never forgive Thomas. Thomas stops her and says he only came by to give his dad some designs. He does not want them fighting about him. Ridge asks Brooke where is that compassionate woman he married. He tells Brooke that everyone makes mistakes. She even has made mistakes and people forgave her. She says yes but she never stole a baby. And yet Ridge wants her to forgive Thomas and now Shauna and Flo, that is too much. He says he does not understand what she wants him to do. She says for starters Thomas needs to go get mental help. Ridge says he is getting that and with family they can overcome this so he is not sending him away. He belongs here. Brooke grabs her phone and purse and says she is going to see Katie before she says something she will regret.

Again Thomas tries to say the right thing that he is sorry this has caused another rift over him. Wyatt goes to see Flo and she shows him her new hospital chic digs. He says she looks like she just saved someone’s life. She said she was shocked too but when she found out she was a match she had no choice. It’s like fate. Katie has her dad’s heart and now Katie has her kidney. It was like the universe was coming together. She hopes she made her dad proud. He says he knows he is proud of her and sure her dad would be too. Ridge tells Thomas that he made some horrible decisions but he is making amends and he sees that. Shauna knocks on the door and comes in. Thomas says he was just told that Flo gave Katie a miracle and he is so thankful. He leaves but with the door ajar as Ridge and Shauna talk. He tells Shauna that he is disappointed in Brooke, but Thomas is handling it better. Suddenly she says she swore she would never tell him this but standing here now she feels compelled. That night they spent together and then he asked her not to leave. He was down for the count but she did something after she got him to bed. He says he knows he is going to be sorry but he will ask what happened. She says she leaned in and kissed him… and he kissed her back. It was the most magical, electrifying kiss she has ever experienced. Of course Thomas is listening and eyeballing all of this from his standpoint outside the door. Shauna is only inches away from Ridge’s face batting those baby blues.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander panicked when he tried to stop Rolf from giving Eric the pregnancy test. He wanted Kristen to give him Rolf's number so he could stop him. Rolf was at Eric's apartment. Nicole demanded to know what he wanted. He wanted to talk to Eric. Victor went to see Kate at the hospital. She told him about Tony taking over DiMera Enterprises. She was upset that Tony was going to be running the company. Victor told her that he had another reason for his visit. Eric ran into Sarah at the hospital. He noticed that she was pale. She explained how she was part of the team that worked on Julie. She ended up fainting. Rolf wanted to know when Eric would be back. Nicole didn't know so he wanted to wait for him. She wanted to know what Rolf had to tell him. He was willing to tell her. He said he learned some intriguing news. Xander explained to Kristen why he wanted Rolf to tell about Sarah's baby. Kristen wanted to know why he was freaking out. He said he realized it was a terrible idea. Sarah apologized for fainting. Rolf said he stumbled upon some information that pertained to Eric. He wondered if he should show Nicole. He was holding the envelope in his hand. 

Anna wasn't happy about Tony running DiMera Enterprises. He tried to explain why it was a good idea to take the job. Tony reminded her that the company was part of his legacy. He wanted to be his own man and wanted to make her proud. Victor and Kate continued to talk about Tony taking her job. Victor wanted her to work at Titan again. She told him that she didn't want to work under Brady. He said that he was considering firing Brady. Xander continued to tell Kristen why he changed his mind about telling Eric about the baby. He was afraid that Sarah would find out what he did and never forgive him. Kristen didn't care. Xander demanded to know Rolf's number. Nicole wanted Rolf to give her the envelope. He wanted her to make sure that Eric got it. He didn't want her to open it because it was for Eric only. He gave her the envelope and left. She looked at the envelope and thought about opening. Victor talked to Kate about Kristen having Brady's baby. He told her how he wanted Brady to focus on his career, but he wanted to think about her. He felt he was useless and didn't trust him now. Xander wanted to know if Kristen would help him. She said she would and let him use her phone. He called Rolf and asked if he gave the note to Eric. He told Xander that he gave it to Nicole. Xander hung up the phone and ran out the door. Anna told Tony she was proud of him. He wanted to have some money. She wanted to take care of him. He didn't want her to do it. He wanted to take care of her. Kate said her place is at DiMera Enterprises. Victor didn't think she could get the job back. Kate was determined to get her job back. He thought it would be easier for her to take Brady's job at Titan. Nicole looked at the envelope again and wanted to open it. Sarah remembered Eric's birthday and had a present for him. He was touched by it. He thought it was nice that they could be friends. He was hoping things wouldn't be awkward for them anymore. She didn't think they would be because she was leaving Salem. Tony continued to convince Anna that he had to think about his legacy until Kate came back. She didn't think he would walk away from DiMera. He assured her that things would be different this time. Victor offered Kate a chance of a lifetime. She wanted to think about it. He gave her 24 hours to decide. Eric wanted to know why Sarah was leaving. He wanted to know if she was leaving because of him. Xander went to see Nicole. He wanted her to open the door. She opened it. Xander wanted the envelope Rolf gave her. She said she already opened it. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly is discharged from the hospital. Jax runs into her and they talk about Morgan's death being on this day. Carly thinks she knows why Sonny is late. Sonny is at the cemetery talking with Morgan alone and discusses how he should be here with them. Carly shows up and they reminisce all about how things have been for the two of them since he has died. Joss along with Trina and Cam carve pumpkins. Dev wants to borrow Sonny's car but Joss blows up on him after she reveals that Morgan died borrowing a car.

Alexis and Finn talk after an AA meeting. Finn thinks that Hayden might be hiding a child from him. He doesn't want to think she could be doing such a thing but it would make sense. Alexis urges him to call Anna. Valentin convinces Nina that he had no idea that Sasha wasn't really her daughter. Obrecht learns about this and tells Peter that she is not going anywhere. Hayden and Jax talk about the plan.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola have their first big argument as a married couple about Theo because Lola tells him about the time Theo fainted at the sight of blood an \\d the joke she played on him the next day. Kyle thinks that Theo played Lola and strongly tells her to stay away from him. Theo apologizes to Summer for acting like a jerk and tells her he wants to change and Summer tells him that changing will be hard and won't happen quickly but she hopes for his sake that he can become a better person. Devon talks to Elena and tells her that he is worried about Tucker because he thinks electronic waves are seeping into our brains from all the electronics we use so he went on a spiritual retreat to unplug himself. Elena thinks Tucker has electric hypersensitivity which is an often undiagnosed phobia of electronics that is a mental illness. Devon is upset that he had to find this out from Tucker's assistant and he also worries that Tucker's company is in trouble. Phyllis is worried about Cane and what his next move might be so she calls everywhere she can think of and all she can find out is that he check out of the hotel in Vegas. Connor tells Nick and Chelsea that he can't understand why Adam left and he wants him to come back and then he cries. Chelsea is worried because Connor hit a little boy in school for no reason at all so she desperately calls Sharon asking if she knows how to contact Adam. Sharon asks Phyllis for Adam's number and then Chelsea calls Adam to tell him Connor needs him. Adam sends the call to voice mail and then calls Riza and tells her he is back in town and wants to get into the Vegas action and he is in Vegas to stay because there is nothing for him in Genoa City. Devon, Sharon, and Nikki try to persuade Nick to run for the open city council position but he tells them he doesn't have the right temperament for politics.

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