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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says this must be a sick joke. Flo could not be the donor. Sally and Wyatt babysit Beth and Douglas. Wyatt loses the list of instructions but Douglas comes to the rescue. Wyatt says maybe this one time Beth can skip her nap. Douglas says no, Hope says they are very important. He likes Beth a lot and glad she is back with her real family. Ridge tells Shauna to start explaining. The doctor tells them that this is a wonderful sacrifice and she wishes there were more people like Flo who would donate. Flo tells Katie that it makes her happy to see her okay. Brooke says they should have been told. Shauna said they were afraid they would say no if they knew it was Flo and seeing their faces now she would have been right. Flo says she is family and she had to do this. She knows she hurt Hope and they all hate her and are very disappointed in her. And she never got to know her father except through them. She knows he would have sacrificed anything for his family. She did this for everyone who loves Katie…..and she did it for her father. She wants to see part of him in her and know that he would be proud of her. Sally asks Wyatt why they are still talking about Flo. She seems to remember they are engaged even though she knows Flo will not give up trying to get him back. Wyatt says he does know another side of Flo now that she apparently kept hidden. There is not a thing he can think of now that would make him see her differently now. He needs to put a ring on Sally’s finger. Donna tells the others that because Katie is alive and well she cannot feel vindictive toward Flo. Brooke finally says thanks but it certainly does not erase what Flo originally did to hurt her daughter. Hope joins into that she is grateful that Katie is alive thanks to Flo but it does not absolve her. Katie joins in last with tears in her eyes that thanks to Flo she was able to open her eyes and see her son again. She will always be grateful for that.

Wyatt tells Sally there are things on this list that he knows nothing about but guess they will learn if they ever decide to have kids of their own. She reminds him they have to tie the knot first, Snookums, her new pet name for him. Katie tells her sisters that she doesn’t need anything but to please stay until Bill and Liam get back. Brooke goes to get Will and runs into Shauna in the hallway. Shauna tells her that she is praying for Katie. Brooke asks what else is Shauna praying for. Maybe that the Logan’s will be indebted to Flo for this act. She has no doubt that Flo was sincere but she can go back to Vegas now as she is not ever going to be part of this family. No matter how many organs she donates, that will never happen and Brooke holds Shauna responsible too. So stay away from Brooke, stay away from her sisters and stay away from her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander wanted Rolf to give Eric the note about Sarah's pregnancy. Rolf wanted to know why he wanted him to give it to him. Xander explained that he didn't want it to get back to him that he told Eric. Rolf told him that it might blow up in his face. Roman went to see Kate at the hospital. They talked about how she almost lost her heart to Julie. They also talked about Kristen being possibly running DiMera and that she could taking over Titan too. Hope zoned out while she was sitting at the hospital. John tried to call out to her, but she didn't listen to him. Hope explained to him how she was feeling. He tried to make her feel better about what happened. Rolf warned Xander that his services weren't going to be cheap. Xander was willing to pay any price for his help. Marlena, Eric, and Nicole had an awkward moment when she walked in on them. Marlena told Eric about Julie's transplant. Marlena wondered if he talked to Sarah. He wanted to be friends with her again. Marlena wasn't sure if Sarah was over him. Nicole overheard Marlena ask Eric if he was over Sarah. Hope talked to John about how she kept dropping Julie's rosary. She let him know that she wouldn't have it if it weren't for Rolf. He thought that was strange. She told him that she saw him in the chapel. John wondered why he was in the chapel. Xander explained his plan to Rolf. Rolf thought he could have hired a messenger. Xander offered him $10,000 to do it. Rolf didn't want the money. He wanted something else from him. Eric told Marlena that he thought about Sarah when he thought she was pregnant. Nicole interrupted them before he could say anything else. Nicole admitted that she heard them talking. Tony went to see Kate and told her that Mr. Shin asked him to take over running DiMera. She refused to let that happen.

Kate refused to let Tony run the company. He told her that he didn't call Mr. Shin about the job. Mr. Shin called him. Kate handed him the phone and wanted him to call and turn down the job. Rolf wanted Xander to get him new lab space. John talked about the things Rolf did to him and Hope. Hope defended Rolf and John was surprised by that. Marlena showed up while they were talking. Eric assured Nicole that he wanted to be with her. Nicole wondered if he would have gone back to Sarah if she had been pregnant. Tony told Kate that he needed a job, but she thought he needed a job. She told him that he wasn't qualified for the job. She advised him to start with the training program. John and Marlena were worried about Hope. They wanted her to go with them to get something to eat. Rolf agreed to go through with Xander's plan. Nicole wanted to know if Eric would have left her if Sarah was pregnant. He told her that he loved her. She reminded him that he loved Sarah, but he dumped her. Eric assured Nicole that he wanted to be with her regardless of Sarah's situation. Xander was confident that Eric loved Nicole and wouldn't be with Sarah again. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie finds Nina in her office with a bottle. Nina is not sure she believes Valentin or not but she definitely doesn't believe Sasha. Maxie wants her to stop believing Valentin because there is no way he is telling the truth. Valentin and Obrecht finish packing for their trips out of the country. They admit that they will miss one another. Nina ends up showing up. Maxie tells Peter that she thinks Nina needs to stop believing Valentin.

Peter reaches out to Andre on what could happen with the surgery. Andre honestly has no idea. Sonny and Carly get to finally start bonding with Donna. Sam is arrested by there FBI. Andre recognizes the man that is accusing Sam as hiring him as the man who stabbed him.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

After Connor tried to get out of going to school, Chelsea decided to call Sharon. Nick offered his support, and Chelsea apologized for keeping him at arm’s length. He acknowledged it’d take time for him to earn her trust. Arturo and Mia had a boy. Rey was pleased to have a nephew and at peace with never having a child of his own. Rey asked Sharon on a date, and she was hesitant because their last relationship didn’t work out, but she was open to talking about it later. A councilwoman asked Nick to run for an empty seat on the council, but he wasn’t interested. Kevin let Chelsea know her money was being laundered, but he warned her that they had to be careful so they didn’t go to jail. Connor opened up to Sharon, but when Chelsea got involved, he got angry and ran off. Chelsea was shaken because when she looked in Connor’s eyes, she only saw Adam. Traci and Jack worked on their book of Abbott history. Dina sprained her arm. Jack asked Dina about John, but she began talking about Stuart Brooks in a way that sounded like they may have been romantically involved. When Jack questioned Dina, she got agitated and wanted to go home. Traci vowed to find out if something happened between Dina and Stuart. Billy, Chloe, Kevin, Esther, Jack and Traci gathered at Delia’s tree on the anniversary of her death. Billy got a text from Victor saying they needed to discuss Billy’s attempt to kill Adam.

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