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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo and Katie go through their procedures while all the family and Justin wait in the waiting rooms. And Brooke thanks the donor whoever they are. She wishes they could thank him or her in person. Shauna tells the donor advocate lady that she knows this is selfless and she just hopes Flo won’t regret this. A nurse comes in and says Flo is just fine. She does not know about the recipient yet. Bill tells Justin that he knows this is going to work. He will get his wife back and his son will have his mother. Donna brings Will by. She says they thought about going to a movie but neither felt like it. Bill says good; his mom wants his to be the first face she sees when she wakes. Brooke bends down and tells Will that his mother is strong and they have to have faith that she will be here a long time to take care of him. She notices Hope is a little down and asks. Hope says this is probably not the time but Ridge just told them about the night with Shauna and while he says nothing happened, what the hell was he thinking. Brooke says things are not easy for her and Ridge right now but he is being supportive today and she will not deny him that. She also will never forgive Shauna or Flo no matter what they do now. Shauna is there before Flo wakes up and holds her hands as Flo’s eyes flutter. Shauna says she made it through just fine. The doctors tell her that the transplant went fine. She did a great thing today. Shauna tells her the Logan’s will be happy if only they knew. Bill and Will rush in to see Katie but before she wakes up. The doctor tells Bill they will be watching her closely to make sure no rejection. She wakes up and sees Will and Bill welcomes her back. Will says he knew she would be okay as she promised and she always keeps her promises. Others poke their noses in just to see for themselves but know Katie does not need this many visitors at one time.

Alone Katie tells the doctor that she would like to meet the donor, the wonderful person who gave her life back. The donor advocate tells Flo that she has good news and bad news. The good news is the transplant went just fine and Katie is okay. The bad news she is hoping is not bad news after all, but Katie now wants to know who the donor was and meet her. Shauna tells Flo that she knows she was against it before the surgery but there should be no reason now. Shauna goes on ahead and enters Katie’s room first. Brooke stops her and says this is a private family matter and she cannot be here. Shauna says she and Flo are family and she has every right to want to be here. Both were very worried about Katie. And that is why Flo did what she did. No one understands. Ridge comes forward and asks Shauna what is she saying. Shauna tells Katie to meet her donor. Flo is wheeled in with her back to all of them and is slowly turned around. All jaws drop as Shauna says Flo did this as Storm’s daughter and it saved Katie’s life. They are not simply stunned; they look absolutely horrified.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla heard Rolf talking about a special patient. She wanted him out of the hospital. Eli asked Hope what was wrong with her since he had trouble waking her. She remembered being at the chapel praying for Julie, but she couldn't remember what else she was doing. Gabi told Lani that she would donate Stefan's heart if she begged her to do it. Sarah and Xander talked about whether she should leave Salem. He made the mistake of reminding her about Eric leaving her for Nicole and she was determined to leave. Rolf reminded Kayla that he had a deal with Jack and Julie. Kayla reminded him that he didn't keep his end of the bargain. He told her that he did, but she wanted him out anyway. Kayla noticed Julie's rosary and wanted to know why he had it. He explained, but she took it anyway. Hope had trouble remembering what happened. Eli understood why she had trouble remembering because she was tired. Doug talked to Jennifer and Jack about how Gabi wouldn't change her mind about donating Stefan's heart. He told them how Julie was towards Gabi. Jennifer didn't think she had the right to play with Julie's life. Gabi wanted Lani to beg for Stefan's heart. Lani tried to beg her, but she didn't think it was good enough. She wanted her to get down on her knees and beg for it. Lani got down on her knees to beg Gabi to help Julie. Gabi finally agreed to help, but she wasn't finished with Lani. Julie ended up flatlining so Doug wanted Jennifer to find Hope and Eli. She found them in the chapel and told them it was time. Rolf said he found the rosary. Kayla wanted him out of the hospital. She got a message that something happened to Julie. Sarah told Xander that he was the one who wanted to stay. She said there was nothing he could do to get her to stay. He grabbed her and they kissed each other.

Sarah pulled away from Xander and got mad that he kissed her. She was still determined to leave town. Gabi noticed how much Lani hated her and could see it in her eyes. Gabi felt like Lani didn't deserve to be happy. She wanted Lani to admit that she didn't deserve to be happy. She did it so Gabi wanted her to get out and tell everyone before she changed her mind. Jennifer talked about what type of person Julie was. Doug didn't understand what happened to Julie. Kayla told the family to get ready to say goodbye when Lani showed up and told them Gabi agreed to sign the papers. The family was so happy about that. Rolf went to the Kiriakis mansion and talked to Xander about Sarah. Rolf told him that Eric would be the only one to keep her from leaving. Rolf told him that Eric had to find out that she's pregnant with his baby. Gabi was determined to make Lani pay for what she did to Stefan. Jennifer talked to Hope about whether Julie would make it. Hope told Jennifer that she had a weird feeling. She wanted Hope to hang on to hope. She felt like she wasn't in the room. Jennifer told her that she was stressed out, but Julie was going to make it. Eli thanked Lani for convincing Gabi to change her mind. Xander realized that Rolf was right and wanted Eric to find out that Sarah was pregnant without it coming back to him. Gabi said goodbye to Stefan. She flashed back to times when they were together. Xander wanted Rolf to give Sarah's test results to Eric. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Nikki and Nate that he has stepped away from Newman Enterprises and they both tell him they are happy he made the best decision for his health. Victor later admits to Nikki that he hates retirement but she assures him that he will find a new adventure. Victor calls his private detective to stop his surveillance of Adam because he won't be returning to Genoa City. Victoria tells Billy that she is the permanent CEO of Newman Enterprises and he admits that he is a little disappointed that they won't get to work at Jabot together. Victoria assures Billy that they are partners in what is important which is life. Billy and Victoria go to the park to play with their kids and later they spend a romantic day at the Grand Phoenix. . Elena is worried about Devon because he is concentrating too much on Amanda Sinclair and the will despite the fact that he found out that the statute of limitations is up on contesting the will. Cane gets a text message from Chance and then he calls Jill to tell her that they are going to meet soon and he hopes that this will be put to an end. Cane arrives where he is going to meet Chance and he is hit over the head and someone drags his body away.

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