The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/10/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Will that his mother has a kidney donor and all is going to work out fine. Liam tells Hope that Beth and Douglas are with Wyatt and Sally filling in as babysitters so he can be with her here at the hospital. A lady checks in on Flo to make sure she is comfortable and explains the procedure will be in a few minutes. Flo says she feels good in knowing that she is helping someone else have a new life. Meanwhile the Logan girls are surrounding Katie while she tells them she appreciates their support. She tells Will that she will get her new kidney and then get back home doing what she loves most and that is to be his mom. They tell each other they love each other and share a big hug. The doctor explains the procedure and it sounds like no big deal. Bill tells her yesterday she was waiting three to five years for a transplant and now today a miracle. That donor is a hero to him. Another doctor tells Flo that everyone is different but she should be up and about later today and then just be careful for two to four weeks. Shauna still keeps pushing how Wyatt will feel about her when he finds out what she is doing. She has goodness and generosity in her blood. Ridge explains to Hope and Liam why he left home that night that nothing happened with Shauna. But he left to spend more time with his kids. Brooke sees him for the first time since that next morning. He tells her she is the strongest person he knows and sometimes even those need a big hug. She smiles and they both hug.

Bill walks up and thanks Forrester for coming. Ridge says sure, anything he needs. The doctor tells Katie that when she wakes up she will have a brand new functioning kidney thanks to that donor down the hall. Justin checks in to give Bill support. All await patiently in the waiting room. Bill says he hates this. There is nothing he can do and he does not know what is going on in there. He is so upset that he doesn’t even care that Forrester is here. Brooke tells Ridge that she does respect him for doing what he is trying to do for his family. He says now they should just focus on Katie. But it does not take long to get back around to Brooke saying she thinks Douglas should stay with Hope and Liam. Ridge says they have their own child. Brooke says she still holds it against them for what Shauna and Flo did but she will let that pass for the moment and have faith in this procedure to make Katie well. Shauna thinks to herself that she hopes this puts Flo back in the good graces of the Logan’s and they see what a wonderful person she really is. Brooke likewise is saying this donor is will be part of the family forever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Doug overheard Eli and Lani talking about Gabi not donating Stefan's heart to Julie. He heard part of their conversation and wanted to know what they meant. They told him part of the conversation. Will and Sonny checked on Gabi. She realized she had to take Stefan off of life support. She didn't want him to be left alone. She was about to go to Kayla when Will stopped her. Brady told Victor and Maggie that he wanted Kristen to move in the mansion. Victor was completely against the idea. Maggie wanted to hear them out. Rolf injected Hope with a needle. She ended up passing out. Brady didn't want Rolf to be near his kid. Victor didn't understand why he would let Kristen near the kid. Maggie wanted them to stop fighting. Kristen realize that no one wanted her to be at the Kiriakis mansion. She needed someone to help her. Maggie didn't understand why she would go to Rolf. She explained why she needed him. Victor warned Brady about getting played by Kristen. Brady demanded that Kristen stay at the mansion. Victor threatened to fire him. Will and Sonny tried to convince Gabi to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. She got very upset and told them that she wasn't going to give the heart to Julie. Rolf told Hope how she got away with shooting Stefano and that's why he injected her. Unfortunately, she was passed out while he told her that. Brady couldn't believe Victor would fire him, but he said he would. Victor warned him that if he took Kristen upstairs, he would fire him. Gabi couldn't believe that Will and Sonny would guilt her when she was about to bury her husband. They tried to use Arianna to get her to change her mind. Sonny told her that they would respect her decision. Rolf revealed that Hope was one of his projects when he got the lab at the hospital.

Maggie tried to downplay what Victor said to Brady. Brady was shocked that he wanted him to choose his career over his unborn child. Victor wanted him to do it quickly. Brady chose to quit. Gabi continued to refuse to give Julie the heart. Sonny and Will seemed okay with it. They hugged her and left. Eli and Lani talked about how Julie was going to die. She said that Rafe said he would convince Gabi to change her mind. Will and Sonny showed up and let them know that she wouldn't change her mind. Gabi poured her heart out to Stefan about how he loved her. Doug showed up in Stefan's room. Doug pleaded with Gabi to save Julie's life. He tried to appeal to her. He understood why she was hesitant to give Julie the heart. He told her that she was their only hope. He said he wouldn't judge her if she didn't let Julie get the heart. Kristen tried to kiss Brady, but he didn't want her to do it. Sonny and Will hoped Rafe could talk Gabi into changing her mind about the transplant. Rafe went to see Gabi. She got upset when he showed up. He told her that he wasn't trying to pressure her, but she thought he was. She wanted him to get out. Brady wanted to give Victor his security code back, but he decided not to fire him. Victor warned him that he made a mistake. Eli found Hope at the chapel. Gabi told Lani that she changed her mind about donating Stefan's heart. Lani was happy about it, but she had one condition. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Phyllis questioned Adam about his ties to Chance, and he wouldn’t tell them anything. Adam said he didn’t know or care where Chance was now. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to drop the subject. After Connor was sent home from school for disruptive behavior, Chelsea had Sharon talk to him. Connor claimed to be unfazed by Victor faking his death. Sharon believed Connor was suppressing his emotions, which could lead to anger and resentment if it wasn’t addressed. Chelsea feared that Connor was going to turn out like Adam. Chelsea wondered if Connor needed more help than Sharon could give. Nick promised they’d give him whatever he needed. Lola told Theo that he kept sabotaging his life. Summer and Lola thought Theo was on the verge of turning his life around, but Kyle told them that Theo was manipulating them. Summer believed Kyle, but Lola thought Theo was sincere. Kyle wasn’t pleased when he found out Theo had been hanging around Society. Lola played peacemaker when Kyle ordered Theo to leave the restaurant.

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