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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The doctor tells Katie that her heart is under stress. Bill says she is no better but no worse and they are not giving up. He tells her one way or the other she is going to come out of this whole. Flo tells Shauna that waiting for the tests results for her kidney match is beyond painful. Shauna says she knows and she knows she is not doing it for herself but to save Katie. She can then be elevated from the horrible person she is to a wonderful one that can save Katie’s life. Will visits and wants to donate his kidney. Katie has to explain as wonderful as he is do want to do that he is still growing and needs both of his kidneys. She is so proud of him and wants him to never forget his own dreams. She loves him so much and does not ever want him to forget that. Flo gets a call from the transplant center. While the tests are not in, the advocate has more questions and things to go over and in person. Liam is working and explains to Wyatt that he will be stepping in while Bill spends more time at the hospital. Wyatt says it is so not fair. Katie almost died giving birth to Will so he deserves her to be around now. Somewhere out there is a match for Katie and they must find that person. The lady tells Flo everything they discuss is confidential and that they need to know that she is doing this for the right reasons. Flo explains that she is estranged from this family but she is hoping it will make them feel better and she can forgive herself if she can do this. Katie tells Brooke that this feels like déjà vu, her waiting on a body part. Brooke tells her that Bill loves her and he is trying to be strong but they have to face some hard facts. Brooke does not want to listen to her say they are running out of time. Katie tells Brooke that she has to take care of her baby. They hug while Brooke promises to do so.

Bill tells the doctor, do something, bend the rules. He is not losing his wife. There must be someone out there. Flo gets word that she is a match. There could be complications and recovery time is a couple of weeks. The lady tells Flo she will contact Katie’s doctor. Flo tells Shauna it is a small sacrifice but she will do whatever she has to do to save Katie. She tells the lady she wants to be anonymous so the family does not know who the donor is. Wyatt confides in Liam that he knew Flo better than anyone else in his life but he was wrong. He is not sure there is anything she can do now to change his mind about her. Shauna tells Flo that she is surprised that she wants no one to know about her being the donor. She is proud of her. Flo says she is beginning to believe Shauna that perhaps she is right. She was born to be the one to help Katie. And Shauna adds then maybe the family will welcome her back into their lives. The family is all together when the doctor says a match has been found. Will talks about the miracle. Brooke wishes they knew who the donor was. But it does not matter; whoever will have all of their undying gratitude. The doctor says bright and early tomorrow will be a big day. Bill and Katie and Will have a group hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli wanted Gabi's help. She thought that he wanted her to forgive Lani and she refused to forgive her. Lani talked to Rafe about the investigation about Ciara's near hit and run. Rafe didn't think Jordan did it. Jordan and Ciara were in an elevator together. Jordan denied trying to kill her. She warned her that Ben was the one who was after her. Ben went to Victor to get him to take Jordan out. Victor didn't want to rush to do it for Ben. Ben had to convince him to do that for him. Victor thought he should take care of both of them. Ben reminded him that he loved Ciara and that Jordan was the problem. Hope was at the chapel and Rolf appeared. He said he was the help she needed. Eli told Gabi that Lani was cleared of wrongdoing against Stefan. Gabi wasn't happy about it. She wanted to know what he wanted. He asked her if she could help Julie. Jordan wanted Ciara to hear her about Ben. Ciara didn't want to listen because she loved Ben. Ciara tried to get the elevator to start moving, but she messed it up. Ben asked Victor if he would help him. Victor decided that he would have to believe him. Rafe didn't want to jump to any conclusions until more evidence against Jordan. Brady and Kristen talked about her doctor visits. They also talked about what happened to Stefan. She wanted to look forward to the next generation of DiMeras. Kristen was determined to keep her baby safe. She wanted to get Rolf's help to take care of the baby. Brady thought there had to be another way. Rolf and Hope talked about Julie and Stefan. He was willing to help Julie. Gabi couldn't believe Eli asked her to donate Stefan's heart. Eli explained what happened to Julie after she lost Kate's heart. He begged her to donate Stefan's heart. He thought she could help his family and help her heal. He asked her if she would save his grandmother. 

Rafe and Lani talked about Eli asking Gabi to donate Stefan's heart. He didn't think Gabi was ready to give Stefan's heart to Julie. Gabi couldn't believe that Eli asked her to donate Stefan's heart. He reminded her what happened when she left Julie. She couldn't believe that he thought she owed Julie. Rafe told Hope he could extend Julie's life until she could get a new one. Hope was suspicious of his motives. He wanted her to go to his lab. Jordan told Ciara that she shouldn't be afraid of her. She thought he should be afraid of Ben. Victor finally agreed to help Ben. Ben told Victor that Ciara's love made him a better man. Victor asked him if he changed, did he want Jordan's blood on his hands. Kristen didn't want to risk losing her baby with another doctor. Brady wanted to get an excellent doctor to take care of her. She said she didn't have any other choice since he wouldn't help her. She was about to faint so he grabbed her. Ciara refused to believe that Ben is crazy. She reminded Jordan about the things she did to her. Ben didn't want Victor to kill Jordan. He wanted him to have her shipped away so she couldn't hurt Ciara anymore. Hope wanted to know if Rolf really could help Julie. Rolf wanted her to believe that science could save Julie. Gabi couldn't believe that Eli wanted her to kill her husband to help Julie. She reminded Eli how he and Hope yelled at her to stay away from Julie. Eli tried to explain himself to her. Gabi refused to give Stefan's heart to Julie. She hoped that Julie died. Eli continued to convinced Gabi to donate Stefan's heart to Julie. Gabi refused to do it and threw him out of Julie's room. Hope went to Rolf's lab. Ciara told Jordan to stop her crusade to ruin Ben in her mind. She was convinced Ben changed. Jordan warned her that she better hope Ben changed. Ben wanted Victor to send Jordan away and leave David with Rafe. Victor told him that they would have to do whatever is necessary to keep Ciara safe. He wanted to know if Ben could live with himself if Jordan died. Kristen denied trying to risk hurting her baby by pretending to fall. She walked away from him. Eli told Lani that Gabi refused to give Julie the heart. Rolf put something in a syringe. Hope wanted to get Kayla to make sure what he was giving Julie was safe. He told her that the injection was for her. He stuck her with the needle. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah and Summer both tell Theo to set aside his ego and let people see the real person inside because deep down he is a good person because if he continues to act this way he will end up alone. Theo is offended by their advice and tells Summer that she like Kyle thinks she is better than everyone else. Phyllis arrives in Las Vegas to persuade Adam to return to Genoa City but he tells her he doesn't want to go back he likes loving in Vegas. Phyllis thinks that Adam is just waiting for Victor to let his guard down even further so he can swoop in and take over Newman Enterprises. Phyllis is about to leave when Cane arrives at Adam's door and Phyllis thinks that Cane's arrival is very interesting and wonders why Cane wants to talk to Adam. Victoria makes her terms very clear to Victor either he gives her the CEO position at Newman Enterprises permanently or their relationship is over for good. Victor finally realizes that Victoria is just like him and is proud of the way she went after what she has always wanted so he tells her that she is the permanent CEO of the company.

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