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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge explains to Steffy that he is not involved with Flo’s mother. But they did spend one night together so he and Brooke are not seeing eye to eye and he needed to move out and invited himself to stay with Steffy. She is not sure she wants to hear the details, saying she is still trying to wrap her mind around that Flo got immunity and he helped in that. Katie tells her doctor she hopes someone will be a kidney match. Bill hollers whatever it takes, moneywise, he wants to see what it would take to get Katie pushed to the top of that donor list. Shauna tells Flo that she alone now has the power to save Katie……go be tested. Steffy changes her mind and tells Ridge that she would like to know just what happened with Shauna. He minimizes it but says he passed out and woke up in this tiny little room in bed with Shauna. She then brought him coffee and sobered him up; nothing else happened. She felt she was indebted to him because of this immunity deal. Steffy says and all of this because of Thomas so no wonder Brooke is upset with him. Shauna tells Flo that she knows how much this family means to her. She’s kind, the Logan’s do not understand that. This would be her chance to prove it. Flo says she would never want them to think she is doing this to get back in their good graces. Shauna says she deserves a second chance and Katie would have a few life. She will make some phone calls and see if Flo is a match. Steffy tells Ridge that she believes him. He says good and not to worry about the drinking as he is not going to do that again. He had a headache for three days. She asked how many did he have. He says more than two but hopefully less then forty.

Brooke rushes to Katie who is crying that everyone has been tested and no one is a match. Flo and Shauna show up at the clinic and find Flo is in good healthy condition so should she be a match she would be an ideal candidate. Now that it is actually sinking in Flo says she is glad that she could be saving her aunt’s life. And she is not expecting anything in return. Shauna even mentions this would mean a lot to Wyatt and he will remember what a lovely, giving woman Flo is. Steffy says she never felt betrayed by Ridge. She knows he wanted to him his son. But she wanted to see Flo punished. Hope and Liam wanted that and so did Brooke. He gives her a hug when she says she knows now what it feels like to be a parent. He says everyone is fighting now and sometimes he feels it is all slipping through his fingers. He is tired of losing people. Bill tells Katie and Brooke that the doctor said they have to be patient but he is not sure that is going to cut it. Katie cries that she does not want to die. She wants to be there forever for her son. She wants to dance at his wedding. She cannot leave; she has too many things to do. Brooke tells her to be strong, do not be discouraged. She will be there for Will. Katie cries she has a good family and she does not want to leave them, but she is scared. Flo finishes her tests and told they will be in touch if she is a match. Shauna says this could be a Godsend for everyone and this could be redemption for Flo. Flo’s father’s heart is beating inside Katie’s chest, there is a cosmic connection. Brooke tells Katie they will find that match and give her back her life which she deserves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi dragged Rolf into Stefan's room so he could save Stefan. Rolf said he gave up general medicine. She knew that Stefan was still alive. She wanted him to bring Stefan back to her. Victor told Will, Sonny, and Brady about the news that Stefan was shot. He was happy about it, but they weren't. Will and Sonny didn't want to listen to Victor gloat about Stefan being shot. Brady asked them to stay so he could tell Victor his news. Kristen found out about Stefan being brain dead. She was sorry her child wouldn't meet him, but she knew he would watch out for her. Lani told Eli that Internal Affairs cleared her for shooting Stefan. She felt like she had doubts about shooting Stefan. Eli tried to make her feel better, but she wasn't convinced she did the right thing. Eli told her that Stefan' heart could save Julie. They just had to get Gabi to go along with it. Gabi wanted to know if Rolf could help Stefan. He wanted to examine Stefan. She told him that Kayla was wrong, but Rolf said she wasn't wrong. He told her there was nothing he could do for Stefan. Jordan overheard Rafe's phone call and wondered if he thought she tried to kill her. Rafe didn't think she was the one who did it. They ended up talking about Gabi. He told her that she was in a bad place. Lani reminded Eli that it wouldn't be easy to convince Gabi to donate Stefan's heart. Eli told her how Gabi is in denial about Stefan being brain dead. Gabi wanted Rolf to help Stefan, but he said he couldn't help because he didn't have a spark of life. Gabi thought he was working with Kristen and that's why he wouldn't help him. Rolf told her that wasn't true. Eli hoped that someone would be able to convince Gabi to let Stefan be Julie's donor. He thought that he should be the one to talk to Gabi. Rafe showed up at the hospital while Gabi was yelling at Rafe. Rolf tried to explain the situation to him, but Gabi wouldn't let him talk. Gabi wanted Rolf to leave so he left the room. Rafe tried to convince Gabi to accept that Stefan was gone. She refused to accept it. Jordan took David out for a walk. She realized they were where Ciara was almost hit by a car. She wanted to tell him a secret when Kristen showed up. Victor refused to apologize for the way he felt about Stefan being shot. Brady told Victor, Will, and Sonny that Kristen was pregnant with his child. Victor thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Victor called him an idiot.

Victor couldn't believe Brady got Kristen pregnant. Brady explained how he ended up getting Kristen pregnant. Victor was upset about it. Brady told him that she was getting a paternity test. Victor said she had to terminate the pregnancy. Kristen and Jordan talked about David and the fact that she's pregnant. Jordan mentioned how Ben accused her of trying to kill Ciara. Kristen wanted to know if she did it. Lani wondered if it was a good idea for Eli to ask Gabi for Stefan's heart. He explained why he wanted to do it. Gabi wanted Rafe to leave if he refused to support Stefan. She knew he wasn't happy about her marrying Stefan. Rafe was happy for her. She said she was happy and that she loved him. She said he couldn't ask her to let go of the man she loved and loved her. Kristen was willing to listen to Jordan, but Rolf showed up about her baby. Brady refused to ask Kristen to get an abortion. Victor thought Kristen was going to use the baby to get him back. He said he wouldn't go back to her. He wasn't going to turn his back on his child regardless of how he felt about the mother. Rafe understood how Gabi felt about Stefan, but she shouldn't hold on to false hope. She didn't think it was false hope. He tried to convince her to let him go. She wanted Stefan to come back to her. Rolf wanted to take care of Kristen. Brady overheard part of their conversation. Lani and Eli continued to talk about Gabi not giving up Stefan's heart. Rafe showed up and asked how Julie was doing. Lani told Rafe she felt awful about what happened to Stefan. He told her that she did her job. Rafe told them that Gabi finally accepted that Stefan was gone. Eli realized he had to talk to Gabi now. Gabi didn't know how to say goodbye to Stefan. Gabi didn't know how to let go of him. Kristen told Brady that Rolf was being overly cautious about the baby. She told him that Rolf wanted her to have weekly visits. She told him that Rolf was going to move in with her. Brady didn't want that to happen. Eli went to see Gabi. He apologized for what she was going through. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to ask her something important. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu tells Nina the truth about Sasha. She doesn't believe her and thinks it is sabotage. Nina turns to Sasha to confirm it. Sasha admits that Lulu is telling the truth. She is not her daughter and she just wanted to make her happy. Nina knows Valentin had to be part of this and runs out. Maxie tries to get more information out of people. Curtis tells Valentin he will get back at him for involving him in this. Nina runs into Jax who takes her back to his new house to help her sort through this.

Willow babysits Wiley along with Chase. Brad goes to see Nelle in jail and Nelle needs him to claim she was going through strange hormones. Ava goes to see Ryan in jail and tells him to leave her alone. She leaves all the letters for him to keep because she doesn't want them or need them anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy wants Victoria to leave Newman Enterprises and come work at Jabot. This leads to a disagreement with Kyle because Billy thinks that he is running the company by himself and he is treating Kyle like a kid instead of his co-workers CEO. Victoria tells Billy she isn't ready to make such a big decision about her future yet she needs some time to think about things. Kyle and Summer talk and bond because they are both tired of everyone treating them like they are children and not valuing the work they do. Devon fires Theo because he tries one more time to say that he should be in charge of Power Communications instead of Mariah. Theo tries to use his charm one more time to get her to speak to Kyle about mending their friendship but she gets upset with him because she knows he is working an angle. Devon talks to Amanda Sinclair again but she accuses him of telling her stories about Hilary to get her to let her guard down so he can get information from her. Phyllis finds Adam in Vegas and sits down at his poker game to play poker with him.

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