The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/7/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke points her finger at Shauna and says leave her family alone… and stay away from her husband. Shauna tells her who does she think she is, barging into her house, slapping her in the face and giving her orders. Brooke says she is Ridge’s wife and for her not to forget that. She charges that the Fulton’s have brought on so much pain on the Logan’s and they are now trying to repair it from their lies. Ridge has moved in with Steffy so they can all heal. Shauna picks up on that - Ridge has moved out. Thomas and Steffy are still going at it that he should have told her the minute that he knew Phoebe was Beth. Thomas counters that it wasn’t because of him that she lost Phoebe. Ridge tells them to stop. They all know what Thomas did but pointing the finger at him over and over will not heal this family. He tells Steffy that despite how she is feeling now, he knows she loves him. She already lost a sister so do not lose a brother too. They need each other. With Bill holding her hand, Katie tells Bill that Will was very strong. He says he is strong like his father. She says she knows neither one want to show her how scared they are. Bill assures her she is going to get through this. There are more family members to be tested. One will be a match and they will have matching kidneys and plenty to talk about at family reunions. Steffy and Thomas still bicker as she says he ran away. Ridge says this is not going to help any. They need to support each other and maybe even in time forgive each other. Then he really shocks Steffy by telling Thomas he should move out of Vinny’s place and move in here with him and Steffy. Eric and Quinn visit Katie and Bill explains they are looking for a match and he is sure Brooke will be the match. The lab is just taking a little extra time. Brooke tells Shauna that it does not matter where Ridge is. Leave him alone; in fact leave the city. Shauna scoffs not when things are getting so interesting, not on her life. She pushed Thomas off a cliff and now pushed Ridge out of her home. He’s protecting his child and she admires that. Brooke says it is more than that. He is attractive, wealthy and kept her daughter out of jail. So now he is her knight in shining armor. She’s attracted to him. But she is delusional. There is no way in hell she will have him. There is no way a man like Ridge would have a tramp like her. Thomas and Steffy keep at it. He says he is willing to live here and try to keep Douglas from feeling like he lost his father and he does not want Kelly to be hurt either. She says he should have thought of that earlier. She scoffs that he thinks they will all be one big happy family. Ridge pipes in they have all lost something. Thomas pretends he is sorry that his father lost Brooke in this. He tells them he has a hell of a lot to make up for so he is going to go and let Steffy think about what Ridge said. He tells Steffy that he is not giving up. They were good once and he is committed to making that good again. Eric tells Katie and Bill if willing Will can stay with them for a while so Bill can be at the hospital with Katie. Donna tells Katie she is sure Brooke will be a match. The Logan’s are survivors and the harder the challenge the tougher they are. Shauna stands her ground and tells Brooke that she has been called names before by insecure women. Brooke reminds her that she and Ridge are married and they are going to stay married. They just have different priorities right now. She makes sure that Shauna knows Ridge did not fight the immunity thing with Flo as he did that for his son, Thomas, not for Flo or Shauna. She means nothing to Ridge. Shauna says okay, keep saying that if it makes her feel better. But if her marriage was rock solid she would not be here right not. Brooke fires back that Shauna was there because Ridge was too drunk to send her away. Shauna opines that yes he was drunk because he was upset with her and looks like he is now too. Brooke yells stop she can see what she is doing. Flo is not a good person. Shauna warns her to leave Flo out of this. Brooke says now she knows where she got it from, she is a lying, manipulative bitch just like her mother. Shauna takes her time on this one. Finally she says Ridge was in no hurry to go home that night and he asked her to stay. Brooke goes berserk, picks up a small vase and throws it at the wall just as Flo walks in and looks around and asks what is going on here. The doctor tells Katie and Bill that she knows it will come as a shock and the results are not what they were hoping for, but they cannot use Brooke as a donor. She is not the perfect match. She will still be on the waiting list. And the doctor says she will leave and give them some time to think things over and discuss what the next step is. Katie starts crying and Bill tells her she will stay on dialysis and they will find another way. Steffy tells Ridge that she needs to be in control of her own life and says who stays here at her home. Ridge backs down only slightly and says he knows he invited himself to stay here. He wanted to make peace between her and her brother. He did do some awful things that he now regrets. He’s asking for a chance to make it better. He needs their help; he lost his way. She tells him not to lose his so tell her what happened with Brooke. He shakes his head as if nothing but it had to do with Thomas and some other stuff. She wants to know about the other stuff and keeps pressing if it is another woman. He shrugs that off and says Brooke is just very unforgiving on this and it is not all black and white. Steffy wants to know who and he tells her Shauna.

Thomas drops in on Vinny at the bar and says it is a brand new day. Vinny asks why he is smiling. Thomas gloats because it worked……telling Brooke about Ridge’s night with Shauna changed everything. Ridge has moved out of the house. So thanks to Vinny and Danny Ridge is finally free of Brooke. This is the beginning of the end, cheers! Flo asks Brooke what is she doing here. Brooke replies she does not care about the investigation or the D.A. Flo should have left town the minute she got out of jail. Shauna says she won’t repeat all the rotten things Brooke said but every time she tried to defend Flo Brooke just lost it. And now Ridge has moved out and she will be blaming her. Brooke said she came here to help her family for something that Flo did. Flo answers by saying she hates what she did and for things that Thomas did too but if Ridge could manage to put that aside and forgive maybe they can too. And she knows this might come as a shock but she is hoping someday Brooke and her family will forgive her too. Brooke says emphatically never! Some people deserve forgiveness and some do not. Shauna tells Brooke that people have forgiven her and she is no saint. Brooke points out that Flo helped steal her grandchild and she cannot even begin to describe what Shauna did. She continues with Flo; they invited her into their homes and heart and got paid back with lies. Shauna keeps saying Flo is her brother’s child and that is not going to change so she could show a little compassion. Flo tells her mother to bow out. Brooke gets a phone text and says OMG, she is not a match for Katie and she was her last chance. She has got to go be with her. She looks back and tells Shauna to stay away from her family and her husband. She is not allowed to be in the family anymore. Bill holds Katie and says he is not losing her, Will is not losing his mother. They are all going to fight. Flo wishes there was something she could do to make Brooke feel better. Shauna says maybe she can. Katie’s brother is her father so just maybe she could be the match they are looking for.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani told JJ that she shot Stefan. Gabi wanted Kayla to do more to take care of Stefan. Kayla told her that there was nothing more that could be done for him. Gabi refused to believe it. Eli, Hope and Doug thought that Julie was gone. Eli checked Julie's pulse and realized she was still alive. Hope wanted to take her to the hospital. Doug wanted to honor Julie's wishes. Hope begged him to let her go back to the hospital to get the care she needed. JJ tried to assured Lani that she didn't do anything wrong when she shot Stefan. Vivian was at the park and looked at the blood stain on the ground. She thought about Stefan on the ground. Eve showed up and she talked to her about what happened to Stefan. Gabi continued to convince Kayla to save Stefan. Gabi got upset and wanted a second opinion. She wanted Kayla to get out of the room. She threw things at her and demanded that she get out of the room. Kayla did what she wanted and left the room. Doug didn't want to do something Julie didn't want. Hope didn't want to give up on Julie. Doug didn't want to break his promise to Julie. Eli told him that they had to get Julie to the hospital. Hope assured Doug that Julie would forgive her when she woke up. Hope begged Doug to take her back until he changed his mind. They went back to the hospital. Gabi poured her heart out to Stefan. She told him that she wished Vivian were in the bed. Vivian told Eve what happened after she shot Kate. Eve didn't understand how Stefan got shot. Vivian explained everything to her. Eve wanted to know what she was going to do. Vivian said she was leaving Salem like he wanted her to do. Eve offered to go with her. Lani talked to Stefan about Gabi getting revenge on her for shooting him. Kayla showed up and told Lani that Stefan was brain dead. Lani got upset and walked away. Lani went in Stefan's room and Gabi was upset to see her. Gabi warned her that she was going down for what she did.

Vivian was surprised that Eve wanted to go with her. Eve told her what happened with Jack. Vivian advised her to stay in town and fight. JJ talked to Eli about his conversation with Lani. Lani tried to explain to Gabi what happened when she shot Stefan. Gabi was upset when it seemed like she was blaming Stefan for being shot. Gabi reminded her that she was trained police officer. Lani continued to explain, but Gabi didn't want to hear it. She let her know that she would never forgive her for what she did. Lani continued to apologize to Gabi, but she wanted her out. Eli showed up and Gabi yelled at them to get out of her sight. Vivian thought that Eve was a fighter. Eve told her that she was tired of losing. Vivian thought she should try to get him back. Eve wanted to know how she would do that. Vivian was sure she could come up with something to get him back. Julie was back in the hospital. Her family gathered around to make sure she was okay. Doug explained to Hope why he took her to Doug's Place. Kayla told everyone that Julie slipped into a coma. Doug asked her if she could wake up. She said it was unlikely, but she would try to get her to wake up. Doug asked if he could be alone with Julie. Lani felt guilty about Stefan not waking up. She beat herself up for putting a bullet in an innocent man. Eli tried to make her feel better about it. Vivian got a message from the pilot. Eve asked her where she would go. Vivian didn't care since she lost her son. Eve explained how it felt to lose Paige. Kayla told Hope about what happened to Stefan. Hope seemed hopeful about it. The Hortons were happy that Julie might have a heart. Kayla told them that Stefan might not be a match. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu attempt to talk with Nina about Sasha however Nina refuses to listen. Maxie gets Lulu to sit down so the wedding can begin. Nina gives her vows when Lulu decides she cannot hold it in and tells Nina the truth about Sasha. Nina doesn't believe her. Sam and Jason go to Spinelli and ask him to look into Peter. Spinelli has no issue and finds out that he did take out a lot of money.

Bobbie visits Carly at GH and gives her BJ's music box for Donna to have. Jax confronts Sonny about Dev and tells him that he is being selfish. he doesn't want Dev around his daughter. Jax leaves to go to the wedding. Joss admits to Dev that she told Jax. Dev understands.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Summer sought comfort in Jack after she was hurt by her relatives. Victor showed up hoping to reconcile with Summer, but it didn’t go well, and she stormed out. Jack contended that Victor caused a lot of collateral damage with his scheme. Victor was adamant that he did this to protect his family and that his actions weren’t anyone else’s business. Jack and Traci worked on the book of Abbott family history. Jack drew parallels between his life and Dina’s and noted that they were more alike than he used to like to admit. Victoria solved conflicts at Newman and Billy said Victor was lucky to have her. Elena got Devon to put the issues with the will aside and enjoy the dedication for the New Hope building. Connor was struggling, and Nick convinced Chelsea to seek Sharon’s advice. Sharon talked to Connor, and he wouldn’t open up about Adam, but Sharon told Chelsea to be patient. Chelsea thought about taking Connor and running. Sharon urged her not to, because it’d hurt Nick. Elena and Devon thought Nick sounded like a natural-born politician. Nick said he had no interest in going into politics. Victoria, Nikki and Nick all learned that Victor was stepping back into the CEO’s role, and the all disapproved of what he was doing to Victoria. Victoria felt hurt and angry, and she privately vowed not to let Victor get away with this.

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