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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge drops in on Steffy. He acts chipper but asks if he could move in with her and Kelly. She is surprised but says yes she has space since Liam and Beth are gone. But she wonders if Brooke is okay with this. He says yeah; they both thought it might be good to get out of each other’s hair for a while. She sees through that and asks what happened. He said he lost one child; he does not intend to lose another and they did not see eye to eye. And since Taylor is still on a lecture tour he thought Steffy might need a baby-sitter. Before he can say more Thomas walks in. Ridge tells Steffy that he asked Thomas to meet him here. Steffy says ambush. Ridge says they have to have peace in the family and it starts now. Thomas asks Ridge if he has left Brooke. Ridge replies he left the house. Goodbye sounds too final. Thomas jumps in and says when Flo told him the secret that his first instinct was to come here and see Steffy. But the first thing he saw was that Liam was moving in to be father to both girls and they looked so happy that he could not destroy that. Steffy says yes everyone says that, no one had the power to break that up by telling her the truth. She says she looked up to him every day of her life and now he let her down. Flo tells Shauna that Brooke knows. Shauna does not understand why Ridge would swear her to secrecy and then turn around and tell Brooke the secret. She does not believe Brooke heard it from Ridge. Flo had barely left when Brooke shows up and wishes to speak to Shauna. She is reluctant to let her in but does. Brooke says Shauna does not look surprised, but then maybe visits from outraged wives is the norm for her. Shauna says they are still family and asks how Katie is. Brooke says they fell for that one time, that’s enough. Brooke gets right to the point. She wants to hear about this little game she is playing with her husband. Shauna says she assumed Ridge told her all about that. Brooke says she knows she spent the night with him and she wanted more than what she got. The last thing Ridge needs in his life is a liar like Shauna. She wonders why Shauna didn’t just put Ridge in a car and drive him home instead of dragging him up all of those stairs and put him to bed. Or even call Brooke and she would have been glad to come pick him up in the wee hours of the morning. Shauna says no thanks, not after the way she had just reamed her out earlier in the day.

Bill brings Will in to see his mother. They discuss they will be looking into searching for a kidney donor. The doctor tells Bill that she cannot go home now. She is on anti-rejections drugs because of her heart. Donna is out as a match but they are checking Brooke’s right now and will let them know. Katie tells Will do not worry about her. She will be fine. And when she comes home there better be some evidence of broccoli and not just hamburgers. Brooke and Shauna have a few more words and Brooke says she does not see what her brother ever saw in her. But glad it was quick and he found out what she was. As her late mother-in-law would say she is just a slut from the desert. Shauna laughs and says how rich, her calling her a slut. Brooke counters with yes a woman who does not even know who fathered her child without medical information, yes she is calling her a slut. Shauna says wow, Mrs. Hypocrite – the woman who slept with every male member of the Forrester family. Shauna continues oh she kept up in the tabloids. There is the good and pure Hope whose father is Deacon something or the other who was Brooke’s son-in-law at one point. Wonder where he is now, still in prison. But if anybody in this room earns the title of slut……Brooke hauls off and slaps her hard across the mouth. Shauna recovers long enough to say no wonder Ridge drinks; she would too. Brooke stares her down and tells her to stay away from Ridge. Do not come near him, do not call him, do not go to his office and do not follow him to bars. He will not be there. He knows she is trash. She hopes she understand what she is saying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Doug snuck Julie out of the hospital to give her one last night together. Vivian and Lani faced off against each other. Vivian wanted to kill Lani, but her plan didn't go the way she wanted because Stefan jumped in the way. He ended up getting shot. Jack went to Eve to apologize to her for accusing her of kidnapping Jennifer. He told her what happened. He apologized again, but she said he used her. He reminded her about what they did years ago. She was surprised that he remembered that. He told her that he got his memory back. Julie told Doug that she remembered them being at the old Doug's Place. She wanted to ask him for one more thing. Lani wanted backup to get Vivian. Stefan struggled after being shot. Vivian decided to escape while Lani was taking care of him. Doug and Julie had another flashback of when they were together. Doug put makeup on Julie. She thought it would take more than makeup to make her look better. Doug thought she looked beautiful. Gabi tried to call Stefan, but he didn't answer. She heard the phone ring, but it turned out to be Vivian. Vivian told her that she had to get to the hospital. Stefan arrived at the hospital. 

Eve was surprised that Jack got her memory back. Jack explained how he got it back. Julie didn't understand why Doug texted Hope. She didn't want the family to come after her. He didn't want the family to worry about her. She thought the family meant well, but she didn't want them to watch her the way they do. They had a couple of flashbacks. Gabi wanted to know what happened. Vivian told her what happened. Gabi was furious when she found out that Vivian wasn't going to be there for him. She couldn't believe she left him. Gabi told her that she wished she were the one who got shot. Kayla and her staff tried to help Stefan. Jack let Eve know that their divorce was happening and she couldn't do anything about it. He loved Jennifer and it wouldn't change. Doug and Julie had more flashbacks of their lives together. Vivian pulled out a bloody tissue and couldn't believe she couldn't find out what happened to him. She found scrubs and thought she could do something before she left. Lani was waiting at the hospital and Abe saw her. Lani told him what happened with Stefan. Gabi showed up when Lani told him that she shot Stefan. Gabi let Lani know that she wouldn't let her get away with shooting Stefan. She wanted to check on him. Lani was afraid Stefan would die. Doug expressed how much he loved Julie. She said that she loved him and passed out. Jack told Jennifer that he apologized to Eve. Eve realized there was nothing left for her in Salem anymore. Jack and Jennifer were happy to face the world together. Eli and Hope showed up at Doug's Place and saw Julie. He told them it was too late to take her back to the hospital. Kayla told Gabi that Stefan was brain dead. Vivian was dressed in scrubs and heard what Kayla told Gabi. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Diane confronts Jordan about Sam's bail price. Jordan thinks it made sense given the evidence. Diane plans to prove it all was wrong. Jordan and Curtis talk about it and Curtis believes Sam. Jordan is not sure how it turned out to be Sam when so many other people could have been responsible. Jordan and Curtis go to Valentin and Nina's wedding together. Lulu is unsure if she wants to tell Nina the truth or not and Dustin helps her. She decides it is the right thing to do.

Peter and Valentin question each others current motives. Maxie freaks out with the bridal party. Curtis gives Nina her something blue. Joss goes with Jax to visit Carly. Jax gets Joss to admit that Dev is not related to Sonny. Mike meets Donna. Sonny and Carly reveal that Donna's middle name is Courtney. Dev tells Jason that Peter had a large sack with him at the docks.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon and Rey have a long talk over drinks at Society and Sharon tells Rey she is glad Adam left town and she hopes he never returns this makes Rey happy and he walks Sharon to her car. Summer goes to girls night at Adam's penthouse with Phyllis. Summer and Phyllis argue because Summer wonders how Phyllis could house sit for the man who almost killed Victor and has done so many other horrible things. Summer heads to Society where Lola offers to listen to her problems or she offers to let Summer eat her feelings so Summer decides to eat her feelings because she doesn't feel like talking. Cane asks Nick, Nate and Rey where Adam could be and Rey tells him that he could talk to Riza Thompson in Vegas but she doesn't like to talk much to anyone. Devon meets Amanda Sinclaire at the Grand Phoenix to tells her the kind of person Hilary was and advises her not to be caught up in a scheme by a con artist who only wants money. Amanda tells him to face reality that he has been living off money that belongs to someone else. The Newman family dinner gives Nick Victoria, Nate, and Billy a chance to tell Victor how upset they are that his plan ruined their lives and Adam wasn't put in jail. Abby is the only one who defends Victor by saying that he was only protecting his child. Phyllis gets a text message and heads to Society where she is surprised that Michael has Victor's phone. Michael explains that Adam sent him the phone by courier along with the access code. Michael tells Phyllis Adam wiped the phone clean of all the incriminating evidence and leverage he had accumulated since he came to town. Phyllis overhears Cane borrowing the Chancellor jet to go to Las Vegas.

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