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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna is still pulling up pictures of Ridge on the internet when Thomas comes by. He thinks she is not being hospitable. He says she is just acting like the mamma bear in her den but Flo is not on his radar these days. On the other hand, she is. He knows all about her and his dad. When Shauna looks alarmed he tells her not to worry. He is not here to ream her out about that but more to encourage her. He tells her he has never been a cheerleader for Brooke and his dad. And the Logan’s have dumped on Flo and Shauna. He thinks they want the same thing. She would want Ridge to be a free man and Brooke out of the picture. He thinks he is getting close. In fact that could be happening right now since Brooke knows. Liam and Hope with Beth spend the morning with Douglas. Brooke tells Ridge that knowing what Shauna and Flo did to Hope it was unacceptable for him to just sit and have breakfast with Shauna after spending the whole night with her. And for the record, Thomas repulses her and Ridge has to get that through his thick head. He is defending Thomas, even Flo and Shauna and that is unacceptable. Secrets destroy marriages and that is the problem. And there are probably things that Thomas did that they do not even know about.

Brooke continues that there is Douglas and his stability around Thomas. If that is what Ridge wants to do, then fine, but she is not going to be a part of it. She thinks Douglas needs to live with Hope and if he loves Douglas then he would agree. She begs him to talk to Thomas and get him to see that it is for Douglas’s own good that he live with Hope and Liam and they be his guardians. Otherwise with Thomas he will be screwed up the rest of his life. She absolutely will not allow that. Ridge is conflicted but finally says Thomas is his son, he is not going to abandon him. Brooke keeps saying he has deep-seated issues that Ridge cannot help him with. He needs professional help. Ridge finally says okay they are not going to agree on this so perhaps the best thing is for him to move out and get closer to both Thomas and Steffy to help them both heal. Brooke says okay that is what is for the best now but when he returns she expects him to have papers signed by Thomas giving Hope and Liam full custody of Douglas. She knows this will not be easy but it has to be done. By now both have tears flowing down their faces. As he turns to leave she says she loves him. He repeats it too but not with much conviction.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara was almost hit by a car. She didn't get to see the person who almost hit her. Ben thought Jordan might have tried to hit her. Brady wanted to get inside of Kristen's room, but Vivian wouldn't let her answer the door at first. She wanted a chance to hide before she answered the door. She ran to the bathroom before Kristen let him inside. He wanted to know who else was in her room because he heard the talking. Ben wanted to make sure that Ciara was okay. He was about to leave when Lani showed up. Ciara told her what happened when she was almost hit. She thought Jordan did it. Jordan showed up after Rafe was looking for her at home. She claimed she was singing David to sleep. Kristen denied that anyone was in her room. Brady seemed to believe her. He went to see her because he found out that she was pregnant. Vivian called Stefan to get her out of Kristen's bathroom. He was going to have a jet ready for her. Sarah told Xander that she was going to leave Salem. He didn't want her to go. She felt like she had to leave because she couldn't be around Eric and Nicole. Kristen was happy that Brady believed her. He said he believed she was pregnant, but wasn't sure he was the father of her baby. Xander tried to use Maggie as a reason to keep Sarah from leaving. She didn't think Maggie would mind and then he used himself as a reason for her to stay. Brady thought Kristen might have been with someone else. Kristen denied being with another man. She thought they could be together. He said that nothing changed and that they wouldn't be together. Gabi wasn't upset that Vivian was leaving town. She thought that she would keep her and Stefan from being together. He had a gift for her. Lani went to Rafe's place to question Jordan about the attempt on Ciara's life. 

Kristen realized Brady wasn't happy about the pregnancy. Brady said if the baby's his, he will take care of it. He didn't want to be with her. Vivian came out of the bathroom and advised her to forget about Brady. She thought she should think of her child. Stefan expressed how he felt about Gabi. They started to make love. Jordan wanted to know why Lani was at Rafe's place. Lani told her that Ben thought she was the one who tried to hit Ciara. Jordan didn't have anyone who could verify that she was at Rafe's place. Lani asked Jordan what type of car she drove. She said she didn't have a car. Rafe basically told Lani that Ben didn't have any proof that Jordan did it. After Lani left, Rafe asked Jordan if she hit Ciara. Brady ran into Marlena and he told her that Kristen was pregnant with his baby. Sarah thought Xander wanted to be with her. She said there could never be anything between them. He knew that, but he wanted her to keep him from doing bad things. She didn't think she ever stopped him from it before. He was about to tell her what he did. He told her that Kristen wanted him to help her. He thought if Sarah stayed in Salem, he could stand up for himself. Brady talked to Marlena about what happened with Kristen. Marlena didn't believe that he was the father of the baby. He assured Marlena that he wouldn't be with her. She wasn't sure if that was true. Kristen was upset when Vivian told her that Brady wouldn't be with her. Kristen threw her out. Marlena advised Brady to be the one to go after Kristen first. She suggested he get sole custody of the baby. Vivian was in the town square. Marlena called out to her, but she kept on walking. Lani met up with Ciara and Ben. She told them that she couldn't arrest Jordan. Jordan continued to deny going after Ciara. Rafe wasn't sure what to believe. She said she couldn't believe that he thought she would leave her child to try to hit Ciara with a car. Jordan appreciated what Rafe did for her. She wanted him to know that Ben was the one who was a threat to Ciara. Ciara was afraid that Jordan was after her. Ben promised to protect her from Jordan. Lani wanted a police officer to investigate what happened to Ciara. Marlena saw her and told her that she saw Vivian. Stefan left Gabi because Vivian needed him. Vivian was at the park when Lani caught her. Vivian turned around while she was holding her gun. She said she wasn't afraid of Lani or her gun. She told her that she wouldn't shoot her. Vivian said that the matter with Kate was personal and it was settled. She wanted to leave town peacefully, but she interfered with her plans. She was about to shoot Lani, but she shot at her too. Unfortunately, Stefan jumped in front of Vivian so Lani shot him. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria tells Nikki she is worried about Newman Enterprises because ever since the news that Victor faked his death meetings that were scheduled to get new business have been canceled. Nikki tells Victoria she is sure she will find a way to turn things around and makes it clear that she will take care of Victor while Victoria will protect the company. Billy stops by Victoria's office later and takes her for a picnic in the park so they can both relax and forget their problems for a while. Connor is still angry with Chelsea because she won't let him call Adam so he can return to Genoa City. Connor is also angry that she didn't tell him Victor was alive even though Chelsea told him that she didn't know about Victor until a few hours before the news was on television. Connor wishes that they had never moved to Genoa City and that he still thought Adam was dead. Chelsea gives Chloe a job as head of marketing at the Grand Phoenix and she asks Kevin to help her launder Calvin's dirty money and she will give him ten percent of the money for his trouble. Kevin tells Chloe and once she gives him the okay to help Chelsea he accepts the deal. Devon advises Nick to show Chelsea he is sorry about lying to her and later Nick takes his advice and gives Chelsea flowers and tries to give her a message but Chelsea tells Nick she isn't ready to make love yet. Chelsea tells Nick it will take a lot more than that to get their relationship back on track. Summer accepts Phyllis'' invitation for a girls night instead of going to the Newman family dinner. Devon takes the advice Nick gave him earlier to not allow Amanda Sinclaire to get to him and calls her to set up a meeting at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis leaves a message for Adam to return her call because they need to talk.

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