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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas is working on some designs at a table at Bikini’s when Vinny meets him. Thomas gloats that he made sure that Brooke now knows about that night he spent with Shauna and her head is about to explode. Vinny cannot see how that is going to help Thomas. He explains it will put a huge wedge between them, she could leave Ridge and the company and Thomas will be there to pick up the pieces and end up in charge. He will be working side by side with his father the way he had with his own father. If Brooke leaves perhaps all the other Logan’s will follow suit. And even if Hope doesn’t if she wants her line she will have to come to Thomas. He’s the Forrester; they are the outsiders. Before she goes to work, Flo has a little talk with her mom who is still walking around mooning over Ridge and that kiss they shared when he was out cold. Flo chides her for having a thing for married men. Shauna says sure – married men, men who tell long and funny jokes, men with grey hair, men with no hair, whatever. Flo says it is no wonder she is not more mixed up than she is. She tells her mom that she has been so unglued ever since that night she kissed Ridge. Shauna admits she has been a broken woman for a long time but she no longer feels like just a mom but a sexy woman again. However Flo does not like it when Shauna says she went by the hospital to see Katie rather than try to call. And it had not gone so well. Katie needs a kidney and is on dialysis now. Everybody else feels like they belong in prison but Ridge is so fair-minded. Brooke is shocked when she demands the truth from Ridge. Did he spend the night with Shauna Fulton and he admits he did. She throws back that all this time said nothing. He replies that nothing happened and yet he was embarrassed and did not think this was a discussion they needed to have. He can see now she is hurt and upset and what she might be thinking. She tells him what she is thinking…….if he really loves her how could he do this. He reminds her of the talk they had before he left the house that night. He left and went to the bar so he would not say things they might regret. He had a couple of drinks but ended up getting wasted and then he knew it was time to go home but then he could not stand up and walk. He went straight down. Carter did show up but he did not tell him not to take him home. He went out again and next thing he knew Shauna was with him. Brooke asked if he got hurt when he fell. He says only his pride was hurt. Brooke says yes Shauna came and saw her that day too and she had to push her out of the house. Apparently she drives people to drink. She pulls Ridge’s belt out of her purse and says somewhere in all of this he seemed to get separated from his belt. He tries to make it sound like it was not just Shauna but both she and Danny thought it best for him to go to bed without his pants on. Nothing happened, nothing could have happened. He was there to spend the night and she stayed to make sure he was okay. She brought him breakfast the next morning. She rants that he is sounding like it meant nothing. He says it did mean nothing. She says sorry but it means something to her.

Brooke and Ridge end up in a shouting match when she says he was not there when Hope had a dead baby placed in her arms and they know Shauna was part of that deception later. He says he was wrong. He thought Hope would be better with Thomas but she wasn’t and Thomas well… She reminds him that if was because of him that Flo was released from jail. He says no, that was the Attorney General. She is incensed that he did sign off on it though. He claims he did not want to see a trial that would hurt Thomas. Brooke fires back that he so richly deserves. She wants to know when is Ridge going to stand up for her and her family. Thomas cannot stay here. Ridge says here they go again. Brooke says she threw Shauna out of the house and told her that she and Flo were not to come near them again but now Ridge gave her that opportunity. And then on top of that he sat down and had breakfast with her. Ridge says Shauna was only trying to help and he cannot condemn her for that. He was the one who went out and acted like a juvenile. She takes his hands and says okay, they won’t discuss it more but Thomas needs professional help. Talking just to his mother is not going to help. Ridge says Thomas is doing better. He is trying to be a better person. Ridge admits that he needs her help. He gives her a hug and says this is his son, together they will get him back on track.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben went to see Jordan to talk to her. Doug and Julie talked about their lives together. She was so happy about her family. She thought it was hard to let go. Hope and Eric went to see Julie. Julie found out that he was back together with Nicole. Doug gave him advice about having a long relationship. Vivian pulled a gun on Kristen and demanded that she hide her. Kristen wanted to know what Vivian did. Vivian told her what happened with Kate. Vivian explained how the police were looking for her. Kristen didn't understand why she went to her for help. Xander wanted to know what Brady knew about the pregnancy. Xander thought he was talking about Sarah instead of Kristen. He realized that Brady meant Kristen. Brady wanted to know who Xander thought he meant. Sarah and Nicole talked about what happened to Julie. Nicole thought she was going through a lot considering. Sarah noticed the weird way she was looking at her. Nicole decided to ask her if she was pregnant. Ben thought Jordan was after Ciara. Hope asked Eric to lead the family in a prayer for Julie. Sarah wondered if Xander told Nicole that she was pregnant. Nicole told her that she heard her on the phone. She told her that it was a favor for Brady. Nicole hoped Kristen wasn't pregnant. Sarah said the pregnancy test was for Kristen. Xander covered and said he knew Brady was talking about Kristen. Brady wanted to know how he knew he was talking about Kristen. Xander came up with a lie. Xander wanted to know what Kristen's pregnancy meant for him and Kristen. Vivian wanted Kristen to save her again. Vivian chose her to save her. Vivian thought Kristen had a reason to save her. She wanted to know what Kristen wanted from her. Jordan denied going after Ciara. She thought Ben was the one who would hurt Ciara. She told him that he was related to Clyde and that he was just like him. She reminded him how he was a killer. He said he was a different person. She said people didn't change. He asked about her. She told him that she wasn't a killer. He reminded her that she killed their mother. Kristen told her how Stefan was in her family home. Vivian reminded her that she wasn't a blood relative, but she said she was more of a DiMera than he was. She wanted to get everything back from him. Brady refused to take Kristen at her word that she's pregnant with his baby. He told Xander that he didn't want a baby with Kristen. Sarah explained why she took the pregnancy test to Nicole. Nicole said she assumed she was pregnant with Eric's baby. Eric walked in and asked if she was pregnant.

Sarah told Eric and Nicole that Brady asked her to run the test for Kristen. Eric wasn't happy about that. Xander told Brady that he thought Kristen could be pregnant. He wanted to know why. He thought she was too smart to get away with faking a pregnancy. Xander reminded him that he slept with her more than once. Brady said he thought she was Nicole. Xander called him out for being with both of them more than once and couldn't believe he couldn't tell the difference. Xander couldn't wait for Victor to find out that he got Kristen pregnant. Vivian wanted to know why Kristen wouldn't get what she wanted through Stefan. Kristen told her that she was pregnant. Ben reminded Jordan that she confessed to Rafe that she killed their mother. He told her what she said to Rafe. He told her that their mother was pregnant and she didn't want her to have another one of Clyde's babies. Ben grilled her until she admitted that she might have killed their mother on purpose and thought she deserved it. Sarah told Eric and Nicole that Kristen may not be pregnant. She didn't want to stay. They talked about whether the pregnancy was real. Kristen told Vivian that she was going to be a mother and didn't want Vivian to point a gun on her. Vivian decided to use the baby as a way to get her to help him. Jordan told Ben how she was scared when she killed their mother. Ben told her that he got help and that he was better. Ciara felt sorry for Ciara. She warned her about Ben, but she wouldn't listen. Ben said she had no reason to be afraid of him, but she had a reason to be afraid of her. She explained why she kidnapped. Jordan told him that he was sick and she wanted him to be put away for good. She said if Ciara got her again it wouldn't be her fault. He grabbed her and warned her if anything happened to her. Jordan thought he would strangle her. She said Rafe would be back and see him hurting her. He warned her to stay away from Ciara. Sarah told Brady that Kristen was pregnant. She wasn't sure if he was the father. He looked at the test results and saw that it was positive. He realized that there was a kid involved and that the baby was a blessing. Sarah was surprised by his reaction. He wanted to talk to Kristen. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie preps for the bachelorette party. They go to a spa where they accidentally double booked. Nina goes to demand the steam room when she finds out it is Willow and Chase. Nina decides to just let them be but is petty about it. Willow and Chase make love. Peter tries to take Valentin and his party golfing but it starts raining and both groups end up at the Floating Rib where Valentin sings a song. In the bathroom, Lulu overhears Obrecht telling Sasha that she is not Nina's daughter.

Laura and Kevin go searching Wyndemere for clues. Charlotte shows them a picture of Helena and Kevin thinks he has found something. Curtis tries to get information from Laura. Finn talks with Peter about missing Anna. Chet asks Peter how Maxie is doing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tells Jack about what his alter ego almost did to Adam but he tells him he is in therapy now and determined to get better for himself and his family. Jack tells Billy and Kyle he wants them both to run Jabot and he will stay on in an advisory capacity and only way in on major decisions. Jack explains that he wants to tell the story of John and Dina and the Abbott family so that the family will know the true story. Paul makes it clear to Victor and Nikki that he won't make any more deals with them or do them any more favors because he has to deal with the Mayor and the city who is upset with him for helping them. Sharon and Rey have a good talk and she tells him that she hopes Adam never returns for both their sakes. Victor and Nick have to repair their relationship with Summer who isn't sure she can forgive either of them for making her feel like an outsider because they didn't tell her about the plan. Connor is also upset because he feels everyone lied to him about Victor and he also thinks Chelsea knows where Adam is but won't let him talk to his dad. Nick also has to fix his relationship with Chelsea who doesn't know if she can trust him anymore. Mariah encourages Sharon to get her relationship with Rey back on track now that Adam is gone but Sharon isn't sure that Rey wants her back in his life. Nikki starts arranging a family dinner so that everyone can share their feelings and begin to heal.

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