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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam awaits at the house until Ridge comes home. He tells him the latest on Katie. He says Hope is at the cabin with Douglas but he wants to speak to him that they both do not think Douglas should be near Douglas right now. Ridge says he just saw a good father-son moment. Liam says he has not seen all his time with Douglas and he came home after seeing his dad with a belly ache. Ridge is defensive and does not want to talk about this. His son is trying to be a better person. Liam says he still just wants to add his voice to Brooke and Hope’s that they do not think Thomas should be anywhere near Douglas. Ridge raises his voice and says they do not need Liam’s voice. All is okay. Shauna shows up at the hospital to see or at least ask how Katie is. Bill happens to intercede and wants to know what the hell she is doing here – how touching. As usual she feigns genuine concern for all the Logan’s. He asks how two grifters can look the other way and not say a thing when Beth was taken away from Hope. She says she made a big mistake by telling Flo not to reveal the secret but they are both paying for that now, being persona non grata. Bill tells her better stay away from the Logan’s and do not come back to see Katie. Thomas tells Danny that Brooke will be coming over for Ridge’s belt. This is going to work out nicely for everyone. Danny is not so sure. He does not think it feels right. Thomas assures him when he can dump working in this joint and just strutting on the runway as a model then it will feel right. Thomas hides behind a big plant when Brooke comes in. He can hear the conversation.

Brooke thanks Danny for calling and would like to know more about that night. Danny is reluctant but does answer her questions. Shauna tells Bill that she is sorry for what his family went through and still going through but now she is really afraid of what all of this might do to Brooke and Ridge’s marriage fighting over Thomas. Brooke slowly has to drag it out of Danny that Ridge got wasted, he got help to take him upstairs and sleep it off. He had to leave. Brooke wants more details of who this other person is. She about doubles over when she finds out it was Shauna Fulton. She spent the entire night with her husband. Thomas smiles with delight. Bill tells Shauna to mind her own fricking business. He does not think Brooke will be concerned about her marriage. He wants to make this clear. None of the Logan sisters want to see her ever again. She has punched her two tickets to hell for her and Flo, so stay away. When Brooke leaves, Thomas comes out and talks to Danny. He says all is set in motion thanks to him. And it will pay off for him handsomely. He is the future of Forrester and he will be in position to further Danny as a model. They can keep this between them. Brooks goes home and finds the place all festive with plans for a catered dinner, candle lights and wine. Quickly all of that changes when Ridge enters and tries to put on some loving moods. She pulls away and goes right for the jugular. She wants to know the details of what happened the other night when he did not come home. She asks if he was alone. When he cannot lie; says he misses her laugh, her giggle, just being with her and they need to carve out a little alone time. She asks again and when he does not answer she says she thinks she knows the answer. He spent the night with that Shauna Fulton.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to Kristen to make sure that she didn't say anything about Sarah's pregnancy. Kristen didn't care that she had abortion. Xander told her that she didn't have the abortion. Rolf saw Eric and Kristen so he told them the news that he brought Kate back to life. Rafe wanted to search the tunnels for Vivian. Stefan didn't think it would end well so Gabi wanted him to explain. He said he was talking about Vivian. Gabi was afraid of what would happen. He didn't like how his mother was in danger. Kayla went to check on Kate, but she thought that she was trying to kill her. Kayla explained the situation. Kate didn't want to hear it. Nicole was nervous about what Rolf did. Rolf mentioned that he didn't terminate a pregnancy. Nicole and Eric weren't sure what he meant. He said his conscience was clear because he didn't terminate the pregnancy. Eric reminded him about what Kristen did. Nicole thought Brady wouldn't be with Kristen again. Rolf told them not to be sure of that. He walked away without explaining what happened. Kristen told Xander that there was a trail for Sarah's appointment. He told her what he did to erase Sarah's steps. Kristen asked him what Sarah would do now that she didn't get the abortion. He said she wanted to keep it, but she better not tell the truth. She was only interested in her own pregnancy. She was going to go to Brady since he wouldn't answer her calls. Kate didn't understand how Kayla could give Lucas bad advice about her condition. Kayla didn't get how she survived. Kayla thought the odds were against her waking up. Kate wondered if Kayla did that to her out of revenge. Kayla said she took an oath to do no harm. Kate reminded her that she blackmailed her. Rafe came back from the tunnels without Vivian. He managed to find Vivian's scarf. Gabi tried to make an excuse, but he didn't believe it. He wanted to find out where Vivian was. Vivian was in the garden and ran into Rolf. Nicole kept thinking about what Rolf told her. Eric wasn't worried about what he said. Nicole couldn't believe someone asked him for an abortion. Eric thought they should leave Rolf's insanity in the past. Xander showed up while they were talking. Brady ran into Sarah and wanted to help her out. Sarah was about to open up to him when Kristen showed up. Brady wanted to throw her out, but she blurted out that she was pregnant with his baby. 

Vivian was happy to see Rolf. He wondered if she was in trouble. She told him that she needed his help. She wanted him to hide her. He didn't think he could help her. She reminded him how they were close when Kristen had them together. He told her that she should have stayed in Chicago or she wouldn't be wanted for murder. She told him what happened. He let her know that he was the one who brought Kate back from the dead. Kate explained to Kayla what happened when Vivian shot her. Kate told her that she walked to the hospital and thought Kayla shouldn't have given up on her. Kayla didn't understand what happened. Kate told her that she wanted to sue the hospital. Kayla tried to explain what happened. Kate thought Kayla wanted to save Julie and wasn't worried about her. Kate wondered what would happen to Julie. Kayla didn't know what would happen. Xander gave Nicole the divorce papers. Nicole wanted to make sure he didn't put a loophole in the papers. Xander assured her that he didn't do anything. Nicole told Eric that there was nothing stopping them from being together now. Xander didn't say anything. Brady was surprised by Kristen's bombshell. Kristen reminded him how they were together more than once. Brady told her that she wasn't pregnant. She told him how Rolf gave her fertility treatments and the miracle happened. Brady told her that she was lying because Rolf told her about it. He demanded that she go to a real doctor to find out if she was pregnant. She suggested Sarah give her the test. Gabi lied to Rafe about not knowing where Vivian was. Rafe didn't believe her. Stefan tried to defend her, but Rafe didn't want to hear it. He warned them that he would find Vivian. He also told them that they would go down with her. Rolf told Vivian about how he was the one who brought Kate back to life. Vivian couldn't believe Rolf would waste his serum on Kate. He said he did it because Stefano had a soft spot for her. She wanted to know where to find Stefano. Brady didn't want Sarah to give Kristen the blood test. Kristen insisted that Sarah be the one to give her the blood test. Sarah wanted to make sure it was okay with Brady. He caved and said she could do it. Kristen told him that he was going to realize that she was telling the truth. Kate decided not to sue Kayla after all. Vivian went to Kristen and asked her to hide her. Xander saw the stuff Sarah had for the blood test on the table. Brady told him what it was. Xander was surprised that she told him. Nicole and Eric were at the hospital to see Julie. Nicole overheard Sarah talking about a pregnancy test. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura has lunch with Curtis at the Metro Court. She wants to assure him that Spencer will not be involved in this. Valentin walks over and she wants to watch Charlotte at Wyndemere. Valentin is ok with this. Curtis thinks that Laura doesn't need to get involved. Laura thinks that she wants to if it involves Helena and Valentin. Nina invite Jax to the wedding,. Valentin has no issue with this.

Hayden runs into Finn at the park. The to chat about Aiden. Hayden fantasizes about telling Finn about her daughter. Elizabeth tells Julian to get Kim out of town. Julian says it is over between them. Elizabeth is not happy about this. Terry confronts Kim who doesn't want to listen. Kim goes to visit Franco and Later Terry tries to talk sense into Franco who also doesn't want to listen.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Once Devon's lawyer Brittany Hodges notice that the pages of the will Amanda Sinclaire is reading from are a photocopy they are more convinced that the claim on the will is fake and she is being used by someone to get Katherine's money. Jill is determined to help Devon fight the claim and prove that Chance is not involved in the scam. Devon thinks Cane is the one behind the claim and accuses him but he denies it and decides to take a leave of absence from his job and go track down Chance. Victor reveals the plan to Michael and tells him they set a trap for Adam so that he would admit to changing the dose of his medicine and any other crimes he committed trying to cover up the attempted murder of his father. Michael is surprised that Paul was involved in the plan. Paul tells everyone that the pharmacist admitted that Adam was the one that tampered with Victor's medication and paid her to implicate Victoria.. Victor tells everyone that Adam came to him a changed man and said he was leaving town and after a long talk he slipped away when Victor's back was turned. Victor tells Paul that if he arrests Adam he will not cooperate with the case. Michael calls a press conference to announce Victor is alive and the charges have been dropped against Victoria. Victor also speaks at the televised press conference and tells the audience he had to do this to find the person threatening his life and the threat has been neutralized. Sharon, and Chelsea are mad at Nick for not letting them in on the plan so they could protect their kids. Phyllis is livid with everyone involved in the plan for causing Summer so much pain. Summer is hurt that she was treated like a child and not told the plan and she had to mourn Victor's death. The audience sees Adam in Las Vegas playing poker using the name Spider again.

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