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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Thomas how dare he talk to her like that. He retaliates by saying no Logan will ever tell a Forrester what they can say. She fires back at him to get the hell out. He leaves while Vinny is trying to get him about big news he will want to hear about his father. Ridge and Shauna finish their conversation and she ends up saying she has a feeling that tucking him in bed was just the start. He says he is glad one of them remembers that night. She assures him nothing happened and he says good as he does not like to keep things from his wife. He is reassured that nothing happened but he did not tell his wife and it is a little late to do that now and not back when. Thomas joins Vinny at Bikini’s and says this better be good. He just had a round with his step-mother from hell. She wants him out of the company and the family. Vinny makes it quick that his dad went on a bender right here at Bikini’s and ended up spending the night with a blonde but it was not his step-mother. When Vinny leaves Thomas questions Danny about two nights ago. He finds out from him that Carter was there for a short while but Ridge definitely spent the night upstairs with Flo’s mother. Every time Danny opens his mouth Thomas thinks it gets better and better. He wishes there was proof. Danny says no proof but he does have Ridge’s belt so that proves some clothes came off.

Thomas admits that Brooke hates him and guess who else she hates – Shauna. He gloats that now maybe he has what he needs to get rid of Brooke. He tells Danny that it is too obvious so he cannot tell Brooke but Danny can. Danny says he does not even know Brooke so no way. Thomas tells him that he knows he wants to be a model and not working in this dump so just do this favor for a Forrester and he can make it happen. Danny has doubts but Thomas tells him he does not have to call her and blurt it out. But use that belt. Tell her that he has it and could she come pick it up and then just get in a chummy chit chat and spill the goods. Hope and Liam are at Brooke’s when the father of Douglas’s playmate brings him home and Douglas says he has a tummy ache. It always happens when his dad yells at him. He had seen him earlier in the day right here in the house. He called Douglas bad and that he was not a hero. He is still mad at him. Brooke tells him he is not bad. And his dad is away becoming a better man but in meantime Douglas will be here with her, Liam and Hope. Finally Danny says he does not understand why Thomas wants this but he will call Brooke now. He does and makes a plan for her to stop by. Thomas grins that he is sorry his dad will have to be hurt but it is for the best. Finally Brooke can pack up and go back to the valley and take all of those pathetic Logan bimbos with her. Then with a gleam in his eyes says that marriage is now over!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack wanted to know why Jennifer backed away when he tried to kiss her at Ted’s apartment. She had an excuse ready and then she was talking too much. He ended up kissing her. Gabi told Stefan that she loved him and never been this happy. He wanted her to stay that way. Kayla showed up in Julie's room. Doug wanted to know if she was starting the transplant. She told  them it was Kate. She told them that Kate woke up. Kate told Lucas that Vivian was the one who shot her. He wanted to go wring Vivian's neck. She stopped him from going. Vivian pretended to be Billie and found out that Kate was still alive. Vivian was upset when she got off the phone. Vivian realized it was only a matter of time before Vivian blamed her. Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion. He said he was on police business. Jennifer couldn't believe that Jack remembered everything. Jack couldn't believe how her, but she didn't care. JJ showed up while Jennifer. She explained how Jack saved her. Jack told JJ everything that happened. Jack told them about a memory he had from the past. Jack told him that he remembered everything. Hope questioned how Kate could have come out of the coma. Doug understood that Kate was alive. Doug was worried about how they would break the news to Julie. Kate told Lucas what she remembered  the night she was shot. She told him about being buried alive too. Lucas couldn't believe that she was able to escape. Lucas felt bad for giving up hope on her. He said he had to decide. She wanted to know what he had  to decide. Stefan told Rafe that they answered Lani's questions. He thought it was harassment. Rafe told them that Kate said Vivian shot her and he was there to arrest her. Stefan lied and said she wasn't there. Gabi said that she was there. JJ wanted to call Abby about Jack. Jack didn't want to disturb the kids so Jennifer was willing to wait. JJ wanted to know what happened. Jack apologized to JJ for the way he treated him and Haley. He regretted not having respect for him. JJ was glad to have his dead. Julie woke up and asked Doug and Hope if she had her new heart. Doug said there was something she needed to know. Kate wanted to know why Lucas was so nervous. Lucas finally told her that he was going to donate her heart.

Gabi told Rafe that Vivian was upstairs. He thanked her and went upstairs. Stefan couldn't believe she did that. Jennifer, Jack, and JJ went to the hospital. They told her what happened with Henry. Jennifer and JJ wanted to see Julie. Kayla warned her that things changed since she first arrived. Julie knew that she was going to die since Kate woke up. Kate was upset that Lucas couldn't wait to decide to donate her heart. Rafe went upstairs to look for Vivian. Stefan couldn't believe that she betrayed him. She told him that she didn't betray him because she saw Vivian downstairs when she told him that she was upstairs. Vivian told them that Kate was awake. He told her that Kate told the police what he did. Jennifer and JJ went to see Julie. Jennifer assured her that she would be okay. Lucas wanted Kate to forgive him. She forgave him. She blamed Kayla for what happened to her. Jack talked to Kayla how he remembered the good and bad things about what he did. Gabi and Stefan hid Vivian in the passageway. Rafe came downstairs and wanted to know where Vivian was. Jennifer told Hope, Doug, and Julie how Jack got his memory back. JJ stayed behind to talk to Julie. JJ refused to let her go without a fight. Jack told Kayla that he got his memory back. He didn't like how he remembered what he did to her. He didn't understand how she could forgive him. He couldn't stay anymore. Kate wanted to sue the hospital for medical malpractice. Jennifer wanted to go find Jack. Julie told Doug and Hope that she didn't have much time left. Lucas wanted Kate to focus on Vivian since she shot her and left her to die. Rafe asked what happened to Vivian. Stefan and Gabi made him think that Vivian went to Doug's Place. He wanted to check the tunnels first. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly is in her hospital room and Michael comes to see her. She goes to deliver the baby and Jason tells him what is going on with the pregnancy. Joss runs into Nelle who is picking up trash in the park. Joss tells her off and she goes to the hospital. Kristina and Alexis have a workout in the park together when Kendra shows up for Alexis' session. Kendra gives Alexis a pre-work out in a foreign language.

Carly gives birth to Donna. Kristina and Joss show up and they all discover the sex and name of the baby. Kristina remembers Sonny talk about Donna from the old neighborhood. The baby goes into surgery. Nelle meets with a lawyer. Willow tells Harmony that Shiloh is dead. Jordan makes Sam come back to the PCPD and arrests her.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Chelsea and Nick debated whether or not Adam was beyond redemption. Chelsea theorized that Nick’s grief was what caused him to insist that Adam couldn’t change. Nick blurted out that Victor was alive. Nick claimed he’d kept the truth from Chelsea to protect her, but she was furious with him for letting her and Connor think Victor was dead, and she accused him of costing Connor his father. Adam saw Victor and they had a cathartic conversation, in which Adam expressed remorse and revealed that he planned to leave town. Victor made an unsuccessful attempt to convince Adam to stay and work to be a better person. Devon hired Brittany to represent him in the dispute over the will. Devon, Jill and Cane heard Amanda’s claim that Katherine had actually left the two billion plus dollars to Cane, not Devon. Nate and Elena discussed Amanda. They were both rattled by her appearance, so they wondered about Devon’s claim that he wasn’t shaken by it.

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