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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells his dad that he really meant what he said. He is sorry. But he will not be kicked out of the family and from his child. He points to his designs and says this is his way back. Everything everyone did was wrong. But it was Buckingham’s scheme they all got caught up in. He knows he does not deserve it but it means the world to him that his dad believes in him. He grabs his dad in a big hug. Vinny sits at the Bikini and spouts off to Danny how Ridge and Brooke are calling the shots to poor Thomas. Danny thinks back to the morning after when Ridge got drunk and he saw the room. He tells Vinny that Ridge is definitely not pushed into anything. He explains that the dude got wasted and had a really fun night. Brooke comes home and finds Thomas sitting on her couch. She tells him to get out; he is not welcome here. He finds that hard to believe that she is fighting him and keeping him out of his dad’s house. He will not put up with this from her or the Logan’s any longer. Shauna tells Ridge that she hopes he does not mind but she sweet-talked Charlie into letting her in the building. Ridge tells her she should not be here. She says she knows but it was easy-peasy and she cannot stop thinking of that other night they were together. But she mentions that she knows Brooke must never know. He says it is an awful secret to keep but he will not change his mind about Flo being out of jail. But her kindness in taking care of him went beyond and she says it was her pleasure. He mentions that he and Brooke do not see things in the same way and she thinks everyone involved must pay. Brooke asks quickly where Douglas is. Thomas says his dad took him on his play date. Brooke says good; she wants Thomas as far away from him as possible. Thomas asks Brooke if she has forgotten who he is. And she really wants to keep him out of his father’s home. She corrects him and says it is her home. She will call security if he does not leave right now. He just wants to be heard. He says Douglas is his son. And he may have made some bad choices but he does have sole custody of Douglas, not her. And he just wants his life back without her fighting him or treating him like a pariah; her and the rest of the Logan’s. He mentions every single thing he has done was out of love, all the things he just told Ridge earlier. So she just needs to accept it. His dad would not like hearing her accuse him of Emma’s murder. She points her finger at him and says she will never trust him nor change her mind about him. So Vinny finds out from Danny that Ridge and Blondie spent the night in the upstairs room. Danny says he cannot prove they did anything but he took them upstairs and in the morning both were still there. No couch so they both slept in the bed. He knows as he made it up. Vinny says he has to tell Thomas. Shauna tells Ridge she hoped Brooke would have calmed down by now. And she still is sorry for what Flo did in all of this. It must be hard on Ridge with Brooke feeling this way and not understanding Ridge’s side. Thomas tells Brooke that she better change her attitude. Douglas is his son and her getting a restraining order won’t do any good. He lost Caroline and now Douglas only has the one parent. His dad is not going to turn his back on him. She is only a Logan but he is a Forrester and he won’t tolerate her attitude any more. He has been talking to his mother and realizes he was dealing with raw emotions and trying to be a better man and Brooke needs to accept that. He committed no crime. She opines that maybe not in a court of law but she is giving him a life time sentence as someone she will never trust. He gloats that is too bad as he has something she wants. She wants Douglas for Hope but that is not going to happen by mentioning a few little mistakes he made along the way. She scoffs at his few little mistakes. He says if she wants her daughter in his son’s life he suggests she change her attitude and do it very quickly. She looks him right in the eye and says she is never going to change how she feels about him. He is sick… and dangerous.

Ridge confides in Shauna that Thomas is spoiled but he is his son. She understands as a parent herself that he is just doing his job by protecting his son. He says but Brooke wants justice and everyone to be prosecuted. He says she is easy to talk to but Brooke cannot even hear Flo’s name without getting upset. She replies anytime he needs a friend or throws back too much whiskey he knows that she will be there for him. And she is sorry that he is having such a hard time with Brooke. He says they love each other and they will work this out. She says of course he will. He’s too cute to be stressed all the time. Thomas gets Vinny’s text to get over to the Bikini, something major happened. And Brooke is by his side telling him she wants him out right now. Go back to Paris and stay with his mom. She can hold his hand and deal with him. He says he has been very generous letting them keep Douglas and all he asked was that they stay out of his way. He is not after Hope now. She is with Liam and that is fine; he is moving on. But stop filling his dad’s head with negativity. This is his company, his family and his future and he is not going to let Brooke ruin it. She is messing with the wrong man. She may be his dad’s on again and off again wife but he is his flesh and blood. And he is so tired of her high and mighty Logan sanctimony. He shouts at her that she did that his entire life by replacing his mother and she is still trying to deal with it. But Brooke may have met her match now as he is sick of her butting in and taking over their success. That ends NOW! She hauls off and slaps him. She tells him to get out now. He comes right back that she just made a mistake by screwing with his life. She may have his father wrapped around her slutty little finger but that won’t work with him. Her reign with Forrester’s is over; it ends with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Will were surprised that Kate woke up. She wanted to know where she was going. Kristen was shocked when she found out that she was pregnant with her own baby. She thought that she could get Brady with her own child. Xander wanted to know what was going on with her. Jack told Jennifer that he got his memory back. Henry came to and tried to go after them. Jack spotted him and started fighting with him over the knife. Vivian told Stefan that she was glad that Kate was going to die. Stefan thought she should be worried about it Their conversation turned to his relationship with Gabi. She felt that Stefan shouldn't be with her. He should be with Eve. Stefan reminded her that Gabi knew what she did and could turn her into the police. Gabi walked in while they were talking. Kate demanded to know where she was so Kayla took her back to her room. Jack and Henry continued to struggle over the knife while Jennifer watched them. Gabi reminded Vivian that she knew what she did and the only reason she didn't turn her in was because she loved Stefan. Vivian thought she should get away with it. Gabi told her that Sonny and Will suspect that she did it. Lucas wanted answers from Kayla about how Kate woke up. She thought it was unusual that she woke up. Lucas wondered if Kate would figure out what almost happened. Kate wanted to know what he meant by that. Kristen and Rolf talked about her being pregnant. Jack and Henry continued to fight until one of them were stabbed. It turned out to be Henry that was stabbed. Jack said he killed someone. Jennifer told him that he saved her life. They talked about how he got his memory back.

Sarah wondered why she didn't feel any different. Xander told her that her doctor had an emergency. Sarah was shocked that she was still pregnant. Rolf told Kristen that she couldn't have sex with Brady during her pregnancy. He told her it was too risky and explained why. Kristen was upset by what he said and made him get out. Kayla explained that Kate was shot in the abdomen. Rafe showed up and wanted to know what happened with Henry. Jack and Jennifer explained to him what happened. Kate told Kayla what she remembered before getting shot. Lucas wanted to talk to Kayla in the hall. Sarah couldn't believe she was still pregnant. Xander suggested that she reschedule the appointment. She decided she didn't want to do that. Jennifer wanted to tell JJ what happened to her. Jack told her that he had to lie to him to go to her. He talked to her about the way he acted towards the kids. Jennifer thought they wouldn't care once they found out he had his memory back. Jack tried to kiss Jennifer, but she turned her head away. Kayla explained to Lucas what happened to Kate. Rolf overheard them and flashed back to being in her room. He had given her a serum to bring her back to life. Kate asked Will why Lucas wanted to talk to Kayla. He explained what happened to her. She had a memory of her altercation with Vivian. She announced to Will that Vivian was the one who shot her. Vivian told Stefan about the way Gabi was talking to her. Stefan told her that she didn't want him to choose between them. Kayla and Lucas talked about Kate again. She also told him how she had to tell Doug and Julie that she wouldn't be getting her heart. Rafe arrived in Kate's room and she told him that Vivian shot her. Kristen called Brady and left a message for him to call her. Sarah explained why she changed her mind about the abortion. Jack and Jennifer kissed each other at the town square. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Lulu have breakfast together to discuss the direction that Lulu has taken with Dustin. Olivia confronted Julian about taking back Charlies from her. She overhears them talking about Lulu sleeping with Dustin. Lulu tells her that she has hoped for Dante to return long enough.

Jordan questions Sam and Jason with Diane present. Diane gets them off. Dev then is questioned and Sonny makes sure that he knows that he is going to be ok and welcome in their house. Joss runs out on class after getting sad about Oscar again. Dustin gets her to come back though. Carly goes into labor but Sonny actually makes it on time.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick goes to Adam's place and tells him Victor's funeral next week and tells him that if he ever cared about Victor at all he will honor his wishes and come to the funeral. Adam cries for a little while and then decides to leave town and never return because it is best for everyone. Phyllis comes over to tell Adam he should take over Newman Enterprises now while everyone is grieving Victor's death. Adam tells Phyllis he is leaving town for good and Phyllis persuades him to let her stay in his penthouse. Adam says a painful goodbye to Connor who doesn't ` understand why his dad is leaving town. The Newmans meet to discuss the next steps in the plan and Victor hides when Summer comes to check on everyone and tell them how much she misses her grandpa. Once Summer leaves everyone feels terrible about lying to her but it has to be done because they couldn't take the chance she might slip and tell Phyllis the truth. Everyone is also worried about Connor and Christian who are the only other of Victor's grandchildren that didn't know he is really alive. Mariah meets with Theo and tells him she will continue to work with him as long as he stays away from Tessa. Theo later meets with Summer who can't keep her mind on work so Theo takes her up to his room. Summer thinks Theo is insensitive for wanting to have sex and compares him to Kyle which leads to an argument. Summer later apologizes to Theo and asks him to hold her because that is what she needs right now. Lola wonders why Kyle is on the outs with Theo and Kyle says he doesn't trust Theo. Michael tells Kevin that Adam is using Fenmore's relapse with drugs to blackmail him so Kevin persuades Paul to give him his old job back so he can help bring down Adam. Paul tells Kevin he knew the pharmacist was lying so he had her followed and they found her at the airport trying to leave the country. Once they told her that her immunity deal didn't cover perjury she told the truth about who really hired her to change Victor's medication. Adam goes to Newman Enterprises before he leaves town and is shocked to see Victor sitting at his desk.

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