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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he will get Douglas ready for his play date so she can go to the hospital. Brooke thanks Ridge for taking the test to see if he is a match for Katie. But a minute later they are butting heads over Thomas. Now that Douglas is back in school it is very important that he be watched over and be secure. She tells Ridge that she loves him and she does not want to fight about this. He says their families have always had problems but they work through them. She says the last time he was this upset or mad was when he stormed out and got drunk at Bikini’s and she does not want to go through that again. She is afraid every time she hears the bell at the gate it might be Thomas. So as long as Thomas is out there she does not know when he might strike. Flo catches Shauna deeply engrossed with her phone and turns out she is looking at those gorgeous pictures of sexy Ridge Forrester. She tries to get Shauna’s attention that if she had not been there with Sally she would not even know that Katie was in the hospital. The family is avoiding her. Flo chides Shauna that she needs to forget Ridge; he is committed to Brooke. Shauna isn’t so sure if they are constantly splitting up even though they then get back together. She mentions again that kiss and how she felt something. Just lying next to him in bed was so much energy and chemistry. Not sure what to call it but she felt it was more than a shock, more like a lightning bolt. And the way he looked at her the next day she thinks he felt it too. She always thought someday Prince Charming would come along and sweep her off her feet and who knows Ridge could be her Prince Charming. Douglas is upstairs in his room and suddenly there is Thomas who says he is so happy to see his son. Douglas wants to know where he has been and why he is not home. He says he knows his dad is mad at him. Thomas sits down and tells his son that he disobeyed him. That was not a good thing to do. Does he know what that makes him. Douglas replies a hero, that is what Liam and Hope said. Thomas says no, he is no hero. He defied him by not listening to what he said and did it anyway. Ridge tells Brooke he thinks they can be reasonable and work this out. She says okay but her main priority now is taking care and protecting Douglas. He says he is not making excuses for Thomas but if Brooke will not allow him in the house she will never know. Ridge says Thomas is in touch with Taylor and he is trying to be a better person. She says he needs help yet running off and staying with Vinny is not the way. He tells her both his kids are in pain and need all the compassion they can get. And Thomas is trying to be a better father. She replies that she thinks he needs to stay as far away from Douglas as possible. Ridge pulls away from Brooke and tells her to quit doing this. He loves her and does not want to fight. If they stick together they can survive anything. She kisses him and says he is right. Now she needs to go to the hospital. Douglas holds his head down and says the last time he talked to his dad that he had told him he was a great kid and his best friend. Thomas says yes but best friends don’t rat each other out. Now he cannot go to work and he can’t come home. And it does not matter if Hope and Liam say he is a good kid. He is his father. He might not like him right now but he is the only parent Douglas has. Douglas replies Hope could be his mommy. Thomas says that was before but now she is not. Douglas ruined all of that by saying Phoebe is Beth. But he digs a little information out of Douglas by asking why he doesn’t live with Hope. Douglas says he can see her any time he wants. Thomas inquires if he ever hears Liam and Hope arguing… maybe about him. Douglas says no, Hope is always happy. Thomas says maybe now but not always, not with Liam. Douglas says he does not want to talk anymore; he needs to get ready for his play date.

The door is open and Ridge walks in. He asks what Thomas is doing here. Thomas says sorry he does not want to get anyone in trouble with Brooke. Then he grabs Douglas and says he missed his son and wanted to see him. He calls Douglas Buddy but Buddy doesn’t look too thrilled. In fact he runs to Ridge and jumps into his arms. Thomas says he knows he messed up and people are not happy with him. Mostly he is mad at himself and he just wanted to make sure that Douglas realized that. He tells Douglas that he is not really mad at him; he was just hurt and somehow everything got all ruined. Ridge puts Douglas down and says he needs to get ready for his play date and Thomas and him can talk downstairs. Brooke is not home right now. Thomas senses there must be a lot of tension between the two of them. Downstairs Thomas brings out some of his designs he has been working on. Ridge tells him they are good and it is good that he is being productive. Thomas says he may have lost access to the company but he has not lost his talent. Ridge tells him to be patient. It will take time. Thomas says he knows, he messed up but that does not mean he has to be exiled. Ridge says Brooke has every right to be upset and Thomas knows that. Thomas admits not telling the secret about Beth was a terrible decision. He did not handle that well… nor his love for Hope or his concern for Douglas. He just lost it. Caroline’s death hurt him more than he realized and he needs to make amends for that. Ridge says he understands how Thomas feels and he believes his remorse is genuine but Brooke is still concerned. Thomas says he knows she does not even want him to see Douglas anymore. And it was Buckingham who stole the baby and many others knew about it long before Thomas did. Ridge says but then he did find out and yet he lied to all of them. Thomas remarks he was scared and he learned that from talking to his mom. He thought the only thing he could do was make a new family with Hope. What he did was wrong but it was done out of love. He is not going to make excuses. He is trying to be a better man. But he feels like he is being kicked out of the company and the family by Brooke and all the Logan’s. He tells Ridge that he and Steffy lost their father years ago but he is an adult now and he still needs his father. “Just tell me I can count on you” he says.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen rubbed on Sarah's stomach while she was sleeping. Xander walked in and demanded that she take her hands off of Sarah. They went back and forth about it. Will wanted to know if there wasn't a way for Kate to live. Kayla apologized for the news. She left and Lucas and Will hugged it out. Henry didn't think Jack would show up. Lucas was prepared to give Julie the heart. Kayla had to get the paperwork for him. Lucas and Will went in the hall with her. Eli and Lani showed up at the hospital. Kayla told Eli that Lucas was going to allow Kate to donate her heart to Julie. Eli couldn't believe it. Eli told them that he wouldn't forget about what they did. 

Xander told Kristen that Rolf better hurry and get there. Kristen texted Rolf to get to the hospital. Rolf went to Kate's room. Jack showed up at Ted's place and saw Jennifer with Henry. Jack demanded that he let her go. Henry told him about things not working out for him. He let Jennifer and Jack know that he planned to kill her and that Jack didn't care. Lucas was heartbroken while he signed the paperwork. Lucas didn't want to lose Kate for nothing. He wanted something good to come out of it. Eli and Lani hugged Luca and Will before they left. Will apologized for the way he reacted with Lucas. Jennifer told Henry why she fell in love with Jack. She told Jack he was the best man she would ever know. Henry was about to cut her throat when Jack lunged at him. They had a struggle before they fell on the floor. Kristen thought she and Brady would do an excellent father. Rolf told Kristen that he couldn't perform the procedure. Kate was taken out of her room, but she allowed Will and Lucas to say goodbye. Kristen demanded that Rolf start the procedure. He told her that she was pregnant. Jack woke up and his memories of Jennifer came back. He told her that he remembered. Lucas gave Kate one last kiss before Kayla wanted to take Kate. Kate woke up before the orderlies took her. She wanted to know why everyone was crying. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam shoots Shiloh in the back with a flair gun after he gets into a fight with Jason. Jason drives them back to the docks. Sam admits she killed him. They go to GH for her to get a cut checked on. Chase and the PCPD find the body and Willow later identifies it at GH. Maxie confronts Peter about why would take out so much money. Peter claims it was for a down payment on a house.

Curtis and Hayden talk about the case. Laura finds Curtis and Hayden thinks that Curtis had already told her what was going on but it is Hayden who is the real corporate. Laura calls Spencer to talk. Nina and Valentin meet with Sasha to discuss the wedding. Ava has a therapy session with Neil. Alexis sees Julian to make sure that he is alright.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Theo goes to Society to ask Lola to help him recover his friendship with Kyle Lola is not sure that is a good idea but when Theo faints when Lola cuts her finger in the kitchen because he can't look at blood Lola softens a little toward him. Lola tells Theo she will talk to Kyle but he will have to do the work it takes to recover his friendship with Kyle she won't help him anymore. Lola makes Theo promise that if he does get his friendship with Kyle back on track he won't interfere with their marriage. Lola also promises Theo she won't interfere with his friendship with Kyle. Theo asks Lola not to tell anyone about his reaction to the sight of blood and she agrees to keep his secret. Lola wonders if Kyle and Zoe had a relationship in New York but Theo assures her Zoe and Kyle never had a relationship she just like to glom on to them to go to parties. Devon and Elena celebrate her birthday at The Grand Phoenix lounge and everyone is having a great time until Amanda Sinclaire interrupts the party to tell Devon Chance won't be able to show up for the meeting because he has other business to handle. Amanda explains that Chance is sending the pages of the will by express mail for everyone to read and she tells Devon to get a lawyer and Mariah is shocked to see Hilary's double. Devon apologizes for not telling her sooner but he assures her that all this will be over soon because Chance has no claim to Katherine's estate. Mariah tells Tessa that she had no idea how much she missed Hilary until she saw Amanda Sinclaire. Summer and Kyle share memories of Victor and talk about how much they will miss him. Summer later tells Jack she thinks Kyle has become a different person because he has been acting like a friend to her lately. Jack thinks that that is the real Kyle she just never noticed before. Jack tells Summer that he will always think of her like a daughter and he would move mountains for her.

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