The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/25/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn yells at Wyatt that what is wrong with him proposing to that redheaded drifter. She knows Flo hurt him but don’t hurt himself to get even. She goes on that Flo who she knows he still loves got caught in a trap in extraordinary circumstances. Sally cuts corners and takes the easy way out and never learns. Flo is at least remorseful now. Flo is stunned when Sally tells her that she and Wyatt are engaged; just does not seem like him. Sally says Flo has herself to thank as he compared the two of them. Flo goes on that Sally just does not seem like the marrying kind. Sally says yeah she is a free spirit and there is no ring. Eric calls Quinn and gives her the news about Katie. She shares it with Wyatt who wants to go there right away. Eric tells Quinn that Katie’s visitors are limited so Wyatt should wait a while. Wyatt calls Sally and tells her who in turn tells Flo that her Aunt Katie is in the hospital with kidney failure. Dr. Armstrong gives the group the bad news. It is beyond surgery for repair but he will check and have more information as soon as he has it. Bill goes to Katie and begs her again to hold on and to come back to them.

Katie stirs a little. She asks where she is and Bill tells her the hospital and he will go get the doctor. They were so worried. He loves her and everything is going to be okay. He tells all waiting in the hallway and all want to rush to her. Eric says he will wait; he does not want to overwhelm her. He tells Ridge that it does not seem right. He always thought of Katie as being able to conquer anything. Here he is twice her age with a bad back and bad knees. He quips maybe it is the martinis. The doctor tells Katie that the good news is they can make her feel better by tomorrow morning. The bad news is she will be seeing this hospital room for a while. He explains that the anti-rejection drugs she took during her heart transplant left her venerable. But they can start dialysis tonight and then the only thing left is a kidney transplant. Katie says no, she cannot do that. Eric says she can and will. Both Donna and Brooke want to be tested if they will be a match. Katie cries to Bill that she feels like spare parts and who will she be when they are finished. He kisses her; says he loves her and she is going to make it through this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack went to the station and demanded to know if Jennifer was found. Lani explained why Eli wasn't worried about Jennifer at the time. Jack wanted to know what Eli was going to do about the kidnapping. He wanted everyone to investigate the case. Lani called Eli to tell him to get to the station. Julie wanted to know what happened. Jennifer screamed for help when Henry walked in the room. Jennifer told him that her son and ex-husband were going to find her. He agreed and wanted to take her away. He told her they were leaving Salem. Xander was talking on the phone with Kristen when Sarah nearly caught him. She didn't hear phone call. He told her that he wanted to go with her to the clinic. Maggie walked in on them and wanted to know what they meant. Xander lied to Maggie about what she heard. Sarah told Maggie that she didn't have feelings for him. Julie wanted to know why Jennifer didn't visit her. Eli lied to her and said Jennifer was there. Eli left to go to work.Julie knew he lied to her about Jennifer. She was determined to find someone who would tell her about Jennifer. Jennifer told Henry that they weren't going to be together after what he did. He told her that he would put up with her until she realized they belonged together. Jennifer apologized to Henry for what she did to him. She wanted to get to know him. She thought he was a nice guy and didn't realize that he was angry. She tried to handle him to keep him from taking her away. JJ found Jack and thanked him for trying to find her. Jack tried to downplay what he was doing. Sarah didn't like the idea that she lied to her mother. She made Xander promise not to tell Maggie that she was pregnant. He said he wouldn't say anything. 

Eli told Jack and JJ what the cops were doing to find Jennifer. JJ found some information about Henry. Henry told Jennifer that he was always angry. He told her how his mother was and how she treated him. Maggie went to see Julie at the hospital. Julie asked Maggie to look out for Doug. She agreed to do it, but Julie didn't mean that. She wanted Maggie to take her place with Julie. Sarah didn't want to stay at the town square with him because she was going to run into someone. She ran into Eric and Nicole. Maggie told Julie that she couldn't do what. Julie begged her to be with Doug. Maggie reminded her that she's married and needed to be looked after. Maggie asked her if she thought Hope would let Doug be unhappy. Julie wanted to know about Jennifer. She tricked Maggie and that was how she was able to get Maggie to tell her that Jennifer was missing. Julie started to get agitated. Jack told Eli and JJ that he was going to get some answers about Jennifer. Jennifer tried to placate Henry to keep him from kill her. He told her how he killed his mother. Xander didn't want to tell Eric where he and Sarah were going. They started talking and they decided to leave. Eli told Lani they were running out of time to find Jennifer. She begged him not to kill her. She told him how Jack used her and abandoned her. She said he wasn't coming. She tricked him into thinking that she would be with her. Julie wanted Maggie to tell her the truth about Jennifer. Maggie finally told her about Jennifer being kidnapped. Julie was very upset about it. Sarah was ready for her abortion. Maggie called Eli and told him that Julie had another heart attack. Eli had to leave the station. JJ found something about Henry. He found out that Ted was Henry's lawyer. Henry put the knife up to her throat.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Shiloh and Sam fight to take over the boat. He pushes her to the floor and tries raping her when Jason shows up and shoots him. The two get it together and Sam goes to get the boat back to the mainland. Shiloh wakes up and fights Jason taking control. Peter finds Dev and Dev begs him to take them to GH. Willow is reunited with Wiley and Brad and Lucas are soon after. Chase goes to the docks.

Carly sits with Bobbie in the hospital. Sonny and Jax discuss how he knows that Dev is clearly up to something. Joss tells Jax and Sonny that Dev is a hero. Sonny tells Dev that he is not going anywhere. Aiden finds Franco and feeds him a candy bar. He tries to bond with him. Franco tells Elizabeth he understands what she is doing but it won't work.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe have a romantic celebration at the Grand Phoenix because they finally have the normal life they always wanted and can live their life with their real names. Billy goes to his therapist again and tells her all about his dark side and tells her he is ready to do the work needed to get better because his family needs him. Billy later tells Jill that he went to his therapist to get his gambling under control and she tells him she is proud of him and his father would be proud of him too. Nikki,, Victoria, and Abby meet at the Grand Phoenix to discuss the plan and Victor's condition and Abby says she feels badly keeping the truth from Summer and all the others who don't know Victor is alive. Devon tells Elena that Amanda Sinclaire is a Hilary lookalike and she tells Nate that Devon is imagining things but Nate tells her he saw Amanda Sinclaire while visiting Abby at the hotel and Devon is telling the truth. Jill thinks that Amanda Sinclaire is running a con and she refuses to believe that Chance is involved at all. Jill promises to help Devon fight the challenge to the will because Katherine would want him to look out for him. Sharon goes to Adam's place and offers to be his friend and act as his conscience so he won't go too far in exchange she wants him to help Victoria and clear her name. Adam gets upset with Sharon because she won't admit that she loves him so he tells her to leave the penthouse and never return.

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