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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill sits by Katie’s side, kissing her hand and urging her to fight and he will be right beside her. He will get her better and take her home and give her all the love she can stand. Brooke and Ridge rush in and speak with Dr. Armstrong who says he is still waiting on tests and they will know more then. Bill fills them and Donna on all he knows. Brooke assures Bill that Katie will be okay. However, the doctor comes back and says tests results are in and while he says some mumbo-jumbo, it boils down to that her kidneys are in failure. Eric tells Quinn that he spoke with Hope earlier and she could not be happier. He cannot imagine how many lives were affected. Quinn mentions even Wyatt being hurt by Flo but she has not given up on him yet. Eric warns her to let Wyatt make his own decisions. She keeps harping that Flo was a victim too. She just wants him to keep Flo front and center in his attention so he does not drift back to that Sally. It is time she paid her son a visit. Uh, not now Quinn. Your son and Sally are still laying there on the couch in all their glory. Sally goes to Bikini Bar for some tea and there is Flo waiting on her as the bartender. They start with a little small talk and then Sally quips that sometimes when a person falls and think they cannot go any lower, somehow it does. Flo says if Sally has something to say to her, just say it. Sally is not sure she wants to.

Quinn does stop in on Wyatt and goes right to the punch that Flo is a kind and wonderful woman and he cannot take her for granted. She got caught up in this whole baby scheme. He needs to give her time and forgiveness. She is so proud and excited for him and is going on and on about Flo wearing her wedding dress when he says he proposed until he mentions it was Sally. Quinn’s jaw drops to the floor. Meanwhile Sally is still acting nice with Flo until she asks when is the last time she has seen Wyatt. And then cannot wait to drop the bombshell that he just got down on his knee and proposed to her……yes they are engaged. Bill along with Brooke, Ridge and Donna all take turns talking to Katie who is still not responding. They all love her and will be there as a family for her. They know she is stronger than even she knows. She will have to fight like hell. They need her to wake up as her son needs her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jordan wanted to protect her son from Ben. She thought Rafe overheard her threaten to kill for him. She realized he didn't hear her. She thanked him for keeping Ben away from David. Rafe wanted to talk to her about that. Brady was searching for something when Sarah showed up. She thought he was trying to get a drink. He admitted that he wanted to get a drink. He told her about Kristen. Rolf showed up in Kristen's room. She told him that she needed him to get pregnant. He was confused by what she wanted. Marlena went to see Kate at the hospital. She talked to her to get her to wake up, but she didn't do it. Lucas wanted to donate Kate's heart to Julie. Hope didn't know what to say. Kayla told them that there were obstacles they had to get through first. Kayla warned them of the dangers of the transplant. Lucas knew it was a hard decision to make. Kayla wanted him to talk to his siblings first. Rafe tried to defend Ben to Jordan, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say about Ben. She didn't want Ben to see David. Ben talked to Ciara about how Jordan wasn't well, but she's keeping him from his nephew. He warned her to be careful with Jordan. He didn't want her to let down her guard. He wanted to go talk to Stefan and would meet her later. Hope wanted to make sure that Lucas wanted to donate Kate's heart. He was heartbroken over the idea that she wasn't breathing on her own. Rolf thought Kristen wanted him to father her baby. She told him how she wanted Sarah's baby inside. Ben went to see Marlena to ask her to put his sister back in Bayview. Jordan went to see Ciara. She wanted to give Ciara. She got nervous when Jordan went into her bag to give her something.

Hope went to Rafe and wanted to talk to him. Ben continued to convince Marlena that Jordan needed to go back to Bayview. Marlena wasn't the one who treated her, but he told her that she needed to back. Brady talked to Sarah about the pull Kristen ha him. Sarah wondered if Brady was obsessed with him. Brady didn't like how Kristen was sure that he was going to give in to him. He told her that he wasn't going back her. Rafe and Hope continued to talk about Jordan. She told him that she didn't want Jordan to go after Ciara. Ciara defended Ben to Jordan. Ciara recapped the changes Ben made. Jordan didn't think Ben deserved another chance. Marlena continued to talk to Ben. Marlena advised him not to go after Jordan. Ben told her that he would have to take care of things himself. Lucas went back to Kate's room. Kayla went to the room told him that they still had to make sure Kate was a match for Julie. Hope told Rafe about Lucas' gesture for Julie. Rafe hoped Lucas was a match for Julie. Hope did too. They hugged each other when Jordan showed up. Brady continued to talk to Sarah about Kristen. Their conversation turned to one about Eric. Brady thought Sarah was a strong person. Kristen talked to Rolf about the pregnancy. Rolf wasn't sure that she would be able to carry the baby to term. He finally agreed to help her. Jordan apologized to Hope for hurting Ciara. Lucas wanted Kate to snap out of her coma so he wouldn't have to make that tough decision about her health. Brady suggested that he and Sarah help each other stay away from Eric and Kristen. Kristen was prepared for the plan.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam finds Dev on the Haunted Star passed out. Shiloh takes them both hostage along with Wiley. Jason calls Spinelli and demands that he figure out where Sam last was. Sam is able to convince Shiloh to let Wiley and Dev go. He tells her that he knows how to pilot a boat but doesn't know what to do with her. Jason finds Dev and Wiley on the docks as Peter walks around the corner with a bag of money. Maxie is convinced that Peter and her are going to be married one day. She finds a bank stub on the ground with a withdrawal of a lot of money.

Willow freaks out at GH telling Chase that they need to find Wiley. Lucas calms Brad down promising that Wiley will be alright. Carly and Jax promise Joss that she doesn't need to go to boarding school. Joss thinks she might want to go but promises to think about it more. Jax might buy Connie's old place. They realize that Dev is missing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack takes his mother to the park and has a long talk with her even though she doesn't respond to him and her eyes look vacant as she stares straight ahead at the scenery/ Jack tells Dina he always resented her because of how her leaving had effected him , his father and his sisters. Jack tells Dina that he now realizes that she wanted more out of life than woman could have at that time. Jack tells Dina that he is sorry that he judged her so harshly and that he is proud of all that she accomplished at a time when women weren't allowed to have dreams outside of a home and family and then he tells her he loves her. Dina has a brief lucid moment and looks at Jack and tells him she loves him too and they hug. Jack returns home and tells Traci what happened at the park and tells her he wants to write the story of the Abbott's for the sake of their family and asks Traci to help him. Traci thinks its a great idea and she is thrilled to help Jack with his new project. Billy is upset with Victor and Nikki because the plan went wrong and he wants to stop it now but when Victoria gets out of jail on bail she tells them they must continue with the plan until they have Adam exactly where they want him. Adam is feeling guilty and it is eating him up inside he spends the day reading articles about Victor on his tablet and remembering the times Victor visited him on the farm when he was a little boy. Adam records a long letter to the media on his phone telling them about the real Victor Newman. Adam also wonders if things would have been different if his mom had told him Victor was his father sooner than she did maybe this wouldn't have happened. Adam looks at himself in the mirror and wonders if his mother wanted him to grow up to be a man who killed his own father. Sharon ignores advice from Rey to stay away from Adam because she could end up getting hurt and she arrives at Adam's door because she feels Adam needs her.

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