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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Down on his knees Wyatt tells Sally that he knows she is not expecting this and neither was he. But he wants her to be his wife so he hopes she will say yes even without a ring right now. He is there for a long time and finally says he is dying down there. She only has two options so say something. Ridge helps Pearl and the other model for modeling his designs and changes. Brooke is impressed but Ridge ends up saying he has a problem with Bill. He is not sure he will be there in the long run for Katie or his son, Will. But he does want to talk to him about a piece in Eye on Fashion though they will never be BFF’s. Ridge tells Brooke that is what he likes about her; she is always so positive in any situation. Bill rushes to Katie who just fell on the floor and it out cold. He calls for help. Soon she is being rushed to the hospital and Dr. Armstrong is called in to attend. Bill does not want to wait in the hall. He wants to go in the room. They convince him otherwise. Sally pulls Wyatt up and says she would not marry him for his rich and richer but she is conflicted. She starts with that he has no idea how much it hurt to lose him before and how easily he moved on to Flo. But seriously now, this is more than assurance. A proposal! She wants him, she wants this. She is saying yes. They hug and kiss. She says it is not the ring but what he said that matters. He knows it is going to be one hell of a ride being married to her. She pushes him onto the couch and starts her striptease.

Bill catches the doctor as soon as he can and demands answers. The doctor tells him that he has ordered some tests and they will know more then. Bill says if she needs a specialist, just tell him and he will fly in the best on his private jet. While waiting he calls Brooke and informs her that Katie collapsed and is in the hospital. Brooke says she is on the way. Laying on the couch afterwards, Wyatt tells Sally they forgot to close the blinds. Hope she does not mind but he has a Mrs. Prude close by. Sally gets up, peels off her blanket and goes to blinds and closes them after standing there long enough to show off her goods. She tells Wyatt that he was right. It is going to be one hell of a ride so better hold on tight, Mr. Spencer. Bill pesters Dr. Armstrong long enough so that he can go in and see Katie for a minute. He tells her to wake up, he needs her. She’s a fighter and has beaten the odds and will again whatever this is. They are going to raise their son. He will always love her. She has to pull through.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Lucas that Kate was only breathing on machines. Lucas was upset that he was going to have to make some tough decisions about her healthcare. He was afraid that God wouldn't listen and keep her alive. Sarah overheard part of Xander and Kristen's conversation. Sarah wanted to know what they were talking about so Kristen told her part of it. Kristen told her that she wanted her support as well as Maggie's support. Sarah asked her if she lost her mind. Stefan told Vivian that she messed up when she shot Kate. Vivian explained how Gabi was the only one who could blow everything out of the water. Will asked Gabi if Vivian shot his grandmother. Gabi didn't answer him. Vivian and Stefan came out and saw them hugging. Will asked Vivian if she shot Kate. Lucas talked about how hard it was to decide whether to honor Kate's wishes. Julie and Hope talked about her condition as well as Gabi. Julie told Hope that she wanted someone to take care of Doug. Sarah refused to help Kristen get Brady back. Xander told her that he agreed with her decision. Sarah had to take a call from the hospital. Kristen warned Xander about getting in her way. Xander told her there was no way he was letting her take Sarah's baby. Lucas couldn't believe that Julie needed a transplant. Kayla explained Julie's situation. Lucas wanted to talk to Julie. He wanted to talk to Jennifer too because he hadn't spoken to her in a while. Kayla told him that she hadn't heard from her. Will demanded answers about what happened to Kate. Stefan told him that the police were already there and didn't find anything. Will was going to make them pay for what they did. Gabi went after him and told him that she would pray for Kate. Will wanted her to do more than pray. He wanted her to help him prove one of them shot Kate. Brady talked to Sonny about his obsession with Kristen. Xander told Kristen how he could just go to Sarah and tell her what Kristen planned to do. Kristen knew his feelings for Sarah would be how he would help her. Kristen threatened to tell Eric about Sarah's pregnancy and that he was the one who told her.

Kristen told Xander that Sarah would be mad at him if she found out that he told her about the pregnancy. Xander told her that Eric would help the child, but he would stay with Nicole. Kristen thought that the baby would help convince Brady to be with her. Sarah came back in the room and wanted to know the rest of the plan. Brady wanted to know what was going on with him since he couldn't stop thinking about Kristen. Sonny tried to make him feel better about his obsession with Kristen. Lucas went to see Julie. He told her what happened to Kate. Stefan was glad that Will didn't see the scrubs Vivian had at the mansion. Vivian and Gabi started arguing over what they did to Kate and Julie respectively. Will ran into Sonny and told him that he knew Stefan and Vivian were lying about what happened to Kate. Gabi tried to say that what she did wasn't as bad as what Vivian did to Kate. Lucas told Julie what happened to Kate. Julie assured Lucas that Kate would survive. Lucas assured her that she would too. Kristen continued to talk to Sarah and Xander about how she helped people in town. Sarah yelled at Kristen and got weak. Kristen got her a glass of water and told her to take care of herself. Sarah drank the water and went back to her room. Kristen was willing to play nice with her because she was about to have her child. She told Xander that he could have Sarah and that he should thank her. Gabi told Stefan that he was going to go to jail for obstruction of justice. Vivian warned him to keep Gabi in line or they were going down. Kristen convinced Xander that she was saving a child. She wanted him to give her a date and time of the abortion. Kristen was finally able to convince Xander to help her with her plan. Stefan thanked Gabi for protecting his mother. She did it for him. She was afraid that Vivian was going to ruin things for them. Sarah told Xander how she made her appointment at the clinic. He offered to take her. Sonny assured Will that Kate would be okay. Will thought Kate's life was in Lucas' hands. Kayla told Hope and Lucas that Julie could die at any time. Hope said they needed a miracle. Lucas asked if he could give Kate's heart to Julie. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Jack defended Adam when he heard the Newmans say he killed Victor. Billy let Jack continue to think he’d been in rehab. Adam ordered Michael to arrest Victoria for murder. When Michael resisted, Adam threatened to have Fen thrown in jail. Lauren came home after taking Fen to rehab. She had revenge toward Adam on her mind, but Michael didn’t want her becoming a target of Adam’s. Chelsea worried about what it would do to Connor if Adam was guilty of killing Victor. Nick reassured her. Chelsea took Connor to see Adam. Adam told Connor that Victor died. Rey reluctantly arrested Victoria, which outraged Billy, Nikki and Nick. Nikki raced home and told Victor that their plan had gone wrong. Elena and Devon talked about Amanda, but he didn’t tell her Amanda looked like Hilary. Devon met with Jill. Devon, Elena and Jill all thought the case was a scam. Devon hadn’t been able to reach Tucker, and Jill wasn’t able to contact Chance. Devon had a tense run in with Amanda. Nate went to visit Devon, but talked to Elena instead. Nate came face to face with Amanda.

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