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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge works with a model for one of his designs. Brooke comes in and approves and then he says he heard she cancelled a meeting so maybe they can find something else to do, wink wink. She replies that this was one Thomas set up and now he is not here and that is for the best. She has not changed her mind about that. She knows how protective he is of his children and her of hers. She wants to remind him that Thomas is troubled. Ridge says he is not going to let her demonize him. Brooke says it is astounding how many people knew Beth was alive and never said anything. She will never be able to forgive any one would kept silent and let a little child tell the truth. She goes down the list of Flo and even her mother who convinced her to keep quiet. She is just as guilty as Flo. She tells Ridge that Shauna has already come to see her and it won’t be long before she sets her sights on him and she does not want him near that horrible, horrible woman. He says he won't. Flo returns and her mother is all ears to know what happened. She had her own errand so she hopes one of them was successful. Flo tells her that Wyatt was expecting someone else; she assumes the redhead. The one thing she learned is they are going to take it slow. Shauna thinks that is great and it still leaves room for Flo to pursue. Flo says or it could mean they are very serious and do not want to make mistakes and will do it right this time. Shauna still thinks taking it slow only means Wyatt will have more time to come to his senses.

Meanwhile Sally shows up at Wyatt’s for dinner and as they kiss he wants her to feel comfortable in any room of his house. She says she is thinking more and more this could work. He wants to know what more can he do to make her feel that. Bill and Will come back having put off their banking business. He asks how Katie is feeling and she replies she is fine but she does have some pain in her back and lower legs. She has been looking up some symptoms on the internet. He gets up to call the doctor and when she tries to get up she ends up on the floor. Wyatt and Sally continue their conversation with her saying she never got over him and that is why she is cautious. It’s not that she does not love or trust him but she has to have a man who can make a total commitment. He agrees that is important and he’d like to show her he can be that guy. Quickly he gets down on his knees surprising her. He says he has no ring but just pretend. He’d like her to marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander made the mistake of letting it slip that Sarah was pregnant. Kayla told JJ that she thought Henry was the one who kidnapped Jennifer. Lucas and Will were with Kate at the hospital. Sarah told them that Kate won't be able to come out of the coma any time soon. Kayla explained to JJ and now Jack because why Henry snapped. She flashed back to him getting upset with her because he lost the lab. Henry reminded Jennifer about the way she treated him over the past two years. He wanted to make her pay for what she did. Kristen wanted to know if what Xander said was true. She was happy that Sarah didn't want the baby. Xander didn't understand how that was a good thing. Kristen told him that having a child with Brady would help them get together. She wanted to take Sarah's baby from her. A big portion of the show was interrupted. Henry wanted Jennifer to accept that they were going to be together for a long time. Jack and JJ got a lead on Jennifer and went to the hotel. Unfortunately, Jennifer and Henry were gone. Lucas talked to Kayla about Kate's condition. She told him that Kate couldn't breathe on her own. She would be on machines until he decided otherwise. Vivian talked to Stefan about Kate slipping into a coma. She didn't want anyone to find out what she did. Will snuck into the mansion. Xander refused to help Kristen steal Sarah's baby. Sarah wanted to know what he meant.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Maxie have lunch together at Crimson. Peter lets it slip that Maxie wants to start her own magazine. Lulu thinks it is a great idea. Maxie doesn't agree because she really does like working at Crimson. Lulu is not sure if she believes her. Peter takes a call in the hallway and yells at the hit man to get the job done. Spinelli overhears this.
Dev and Joss talk about life and Dev tells Joss that he is sorry if he was a jerk. Joss doesn't know what he means. Carly and Sonny argue about the idea that Dev is taking priority over Joss. Joss later finds a brochure on a boarding school. Dev looks up tickets to Canada. Shiloh escapes from the prison van.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer gets sympathy and a listening ear from both Kyle and Theo and Theo tells her that his father was a teamster and he died when he was a teenager. Kyle tells Summer she can talk to him anytime about Victor and he gives her a hug. Jack asks Kyle to be his right hand man at Jabot while Billy is gone because he is impressed how he handled the mess of the Grand Phoenix grand opening. Amanda Sinclaire who looks just like Hilary tells Devon that Chance is challenging the will because he has become aware of another will that didn't leave the bulk of Katherine's estate to him. Amanda further explains to Devon that David Sherman the lawyer who handed Katherine's will made a death bed confession that Tucker Devon's biological father paid him to change the will. Devon gets angry and tells Miss Sinclaire that Chance is making this up and he hired her because of her resemblance to his late wife. Paul and Rey interview Ms. Fuller the pharmacist that works at the hospital who they suspect made the pills that killed Victor . The pharmacist gets immunity from her crimes and then tells Paul and Rey that Victoria paid her to make the pills double the dosage that Victor was prescribed. Paul and Rey head to Victoria's house where she allows them to search without a warrant and they find nothing. Paul and Rey then go search the Newman offices where they find the two bottles of pills the regular dosage bottle and the double dosage bottle. Michael calls Adam to tell him that he granted immunity to the pharmacist and Adam is happy that his plan is working.

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