The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/19/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna tells Flo it was no big deal and nothing happened but she was in bed and slept with Ridge Forrester. A fantasy but it was just a little kiss on the lips while he was out cold. She says Flo is out of jail now and she should be focusing again on Wyatt, her true love. Flo thinks it is too late and she does not think he will ever forgive her but Shauna says show him that she is still the girl he fell in love with. And there is only one way to find out. Quinn turns around while designing and is startled by Sally in the doorway. Before she backs out, Quinn says Wyatt told her they were back to seeing each other. Sally asks if she does not approve. Quinn gives her a hard look. Sally tells her don’t bother answering that as she knows how she feels. And yes she has made mistakes but nothing like Flo did. And as they square off she says not that it is any of her concern but Wyatt has to prove himself to her first. She has been burned too many times before. They will be taking it slow this time. Quinn says okay but she believes deep down Wyatt still loves Flo. Bill and Katie drop in on Wyatt and Bill rails into him about seeing Flo again after what she did to his brother and Hope. And he does not want her just waltzing in his building any time she wants to. And what she did to Liam and then lying to Wyatt there is nothing she can ever do to redeem herself. Just tell him that he understands that. If it were not for Katie then he would prefer that she still be in jail. Later he tells Katie that Flo will look at him with those puppy dog eyes and he might fall for her again. Then Sally is no Miss America either. He notices Katie grimacing and asks if all is okay. She says yeah, just a little muscle pull probably from the gym and she is a little tired and needs to lay down. She refuses to let him call the doctor. Will bounces in and wants a hug so Bill’s focus is off Katie for a while. Will asks his mother if they are going to the park but Bill pipes up that he thought they were going to the bank to get some new $100 bills and he can have one. Naturally Bill’s son wants to do that instead. Katie bows out saying she is a little tired and will catch them next time. She lays back on the bed making another face.

Pam and Sally exchange a few snide remarks about Quinn. When Quinn looks around there is Shauna. She does not know how she got past security into the building. Shauna says it was important. She wants to talk to her about Flo and Wyatt. She goes into her familiar mantra that her daughter got caught up in something she had no clue about. Can Quinn find some way she might be able to talk to Wyatt. She gets that twinkle in her eye like they are on some scheme; Quinn likes it. Wyatt is working alone and there is a knock at his door. It is Flo with a bag of goodies that she holds up. She says she probably should not have come; she looks around and sees that he has food out already and that he must be expecting someone. He says yes. She just did not want him to hate her; he says he doesn’t. She always meant a lot to him and now she is family. She says she will go but first she’d like him to look at something. She pulls out a disc he can put on his computer and it shows photos of them in high school at the prom, bon fire etc. Then she tells him that she truly feels he is the man put on this earth for her. She believes that. True love cannot be thrown away so casually. She leaves with one backward glance and whispers bye. Wyatt plops down on couch, much to ponder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah warned Xander not to say anything about her pregnancy. Jack called Jennifer's phone to find out what happened to her. JJ wanted  to know what happened. Jack tried to make excuses for why she didn't answer the phone. JJ didn't believe that. He thought she wasn't the one who sent the text to Jack. Eve was sitting in the park and took off a pair of black gloves. JJ thought something was off with Jennifer. He wanted to go to the police. Jack noticed Rolf at the hospital. He let them know that he returned. Rolf had on black gloves too. Kristen told Brady that she helped keep Tony from going to jail. She admitted that she did it for him. Sarah told Xander that she decided to terminate her pregnancy. Abe ran into Eve in the park. She apologized for talking Jack into running against him. They talked about how Jack wasn't the man he used to be. Eve wanted to team up with Abe to bring down Jack. Jack wanted to know where Rolf was. He told them that he had to go somewhere private to get over what happened to the lab. Rolf couldn't believe what happened to it. Jack asked him if he knew where Jennifer was. Jack and JJ wanted to know what he did with Jennifer. Jennifer was tied to a chair and tried to get out of it. Xander wanted to talk Sarah out of getting rid of her baby, but she didn't want to listen to him. She didn't want to have his baby and was determined not to let him find out. She turned around and saw Eric and Nicole. 

Sarah didn't want to tell Eric what she was talking about with Xander. She walked out of the room. Xander called Eric out for trying to make him look like the bad guy. Rolf denied having anything to do with Jennifer's disappearance. He was determined to come up with a new serum for Jack. Rolf went back to the lab. Jack and JJ talked about who could have had something to do with Jennifer's disappearance. Abe wasn't willing to work with Eve. Eve tried to convince Abe that it would be a good idea to bring Jack down. Abe knew why she wanted to hurt Jack. Abe tried to advise her not to worry about getting revenge on Jack. He told her to let it go. Abe walked away from her. Kristen told Brady that she was trying to be a better person. Brady didn't understand why she would help her brother just to impress him. Kristen told him how she helped Jennifer out too. Jennifer continued to struggle to get loose. Jennifer flashed back to a moment she shared with Jack. She continued to fight to get the ropes off of her hands. Jack went to see Eve and demanded to know what she did with Jennifer. Jennifer had another flashback of her life with Jack. Jennifer finally got her arm out of the rope. Kristen explained to Brady how she helped Jennifer. Eric wanted to know why Sarah was upset. Xander told him that she didn't want him to know. Nicole reminded him how he helped Kristen and wanted Eric to break up with her so he could get her. Eric ended up going after Xander. Kristen told Brady she did everything she did for love. She wanted to get back together with Brady, but he said they weren't getting back together. He didn't want to hear any more. She told him that she didn't have to be ashamed anymore. She knew he wanted to be with her. Kristen was about to kiss Brady when Abe showed up. Kristen wasn't happy about him interrupting. He wanted her to leave Brady alone. She refused to leave so Brady left instead. She wasn't happy that he did that. Nicole stopped Eric from fighting Xander. Xander taunted Eric again so he tried to go after him again. Nicole stopped him and wanted to get Holly. JJ talked to Kayla about what was going on with Jennifer. She thought that Eve might be telling the truth. Jack asked Eve about Jennifer. He noticed that she had two bags of food. She asked him if he thought that the bag was for Jennifer. Jennifer got herself out of the ropes and screamed for help. Abe found Brady and talked to him about Kristen. Kristen went to the DiMera mansion to see Xander. She was determined to make him pay for throwing her under the bus. He wanted to call a truce with her. They talked about how they were trying to look good things for Sarah and Brady. Xander told her that Sarah had to suffer for what she did. He let it slip that Sarah was pregnant. She was shocked by that. Eve told Jack the food was for her. She told him she didn't take Jennifer or destroy the lab. Kayla told JJ that Henry was the one who took Jennifer. Jennifer put the gag back on her mouth and the ropes on her hands before Henry came back to the room. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin meets with Cassandra at the PCPD. Cassandra realizes that Valentin is leading Nina on with thinking she could get caught at any moment. Nina returns to work and finds that Maxie succeeded and did well in her position. Sasha freaks out about telling Nina the truth. Michael promises her that she will be fine. She goes to Crimson where Valentin shows up and tells Nina what is going on with Cassandra.

Shiloh’s trial starts and Willow, Kristina, Harmony, and Sam all take the stand. Actual evidence is given. Jason is there watching over Peter. Spinelli has been sequestered to court himself. Peter arranges for his hitman to help with getting Shiloh off the hook. Alexis is hired on as Cassandra’s lawyer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Traci talk about Victor's death and Traci tells Jack she has lost the last piece of her daughter Colleen since when she died she donated her heart to Victor. Jack tells Taron overhears the conversation between Traci that he will miss Victor since their business battles made him a better man. Jack also goes to offer support to Nikki and tell her he is available anytime she needs to talk. Paul also arrives to offer his sympathies to Nikki and she tells him that she and Nick think that Adam killed Victor not his illness. Paul is skeptical of this theory since there isn't any evidence but he later tells Rey he is going to get a toxicology report and see if it offers any evidence. Sharon overhears the conversation between Rey and Paul at Crimson Lights and goes straight to Adam's penthouse. Adam tells Sharon that Nick just wants to blame him for Victor's death but the truth is he will miss his father very much. Jack toasts to Victor at Society with a tequila and says that Victor was a legend. Paul calls Rey and tells him that the toxicology report shows Victor had an elevated amount of the experimental drug in his system and they are officially opening up a homicide investigation. Devon, and Jill remember Victor , Hilary , Katherine and Neil and Devon assures Jill that he has all the proof he needs to fight the challenge to Katherine's will. Devon tells Jill that Victor mentored him after he got all of his grandmother's money and he taught him a few business strategies to protect Katherine's gift to him. Devon waits for the lawyer at his penthouse and when the doorbell rings Devon is shocked to open it and see someone who looks exactly like Hilary.

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