The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/18/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge says he has something to tell Brooke about last night. She interrupts and says there is no need. She knows they are not going to see eye to eye on many things. But they will just have to do better than how it happened last night. Shauna tells Flo to close her mouth before something flies in there. Yes she and Ridge slept together. Flo is beside herself when the entire Logan family is already hating them and now Shauna gives them another reason. Little by little Shauna fills Flo in with how she found Ridge knocking them back at Bikini Bar and she joined him and before long he was passed out. She and Danny managed to get him upstairs and into bed to sleep it off. Flo questions if anything happened besides her pulling his pants off. Shauna retorts no, he was passed out. But he did not want her to leave and she was afraid he would wake up and try to drive home like this so she stayed… and in the bed. She does reveal that she has to tell the truth and she kissed Ridge on the lips and it felt so good to have his lips on hers. He did not wake up but she wishes he had. She felt something... not sure what but it was something. Flo asks if she did anything else and Shauna rolls her eyes and says of course not, well maybe she looked at him a little longer but then she rolled over and went to sleep. Carter drops in at the Bikini Bar saying he thinks he might have left his credit card there last night, what a night. Danny says yes with Ridge. Carter tells him this was very unlike Ridge as he is one stand up guy and he values his friendship. But he knows there can be tension in his marriage because of his son so obviously he wanted to be alone last night. Brooke tells Ridge that he needs to see Danny and Carter and thank them. She will if he does not want to. He even pooh-poohs that and thinks they should just let it go.

Ridge changes the subject back to Thomas needing help. He is not sure when his troubles started, perhaps when Caroline died. He knows what Thomas did to Hope was awful. Brooke says yes even though Dr. Buckingham and Flo were totally involved it was Thomas who could have taken Beth and placed that baby in Hope’s arms and he didn’t. And she does not want to see Flo or her mother ever again. Shauna makes Flo promise that she won’t tell anyone what happened last night. Flo says why would she. It would just give the Logan women another chance to hate the Vegas witches. Shauna goes on and on though how wonderful it would be to wake up to that hunk of a man every morning, be married to him with fashionable clothes and live in a fine mansion and have more money than they could ever spend. She would never do what Brooke did and she guarantees Flo that Ridge would never leave her at home and go drinking. He would have no reason to and he would be the happiest man in town. She would see to that. Flo tells her she needs to come down to planet Earth. Shauna just happened to go to the Bikini Bar last night and the same place that Ridge just happened to be for a short while. It was a coincidence, not fate. He is happily married to Brooke and she will keep Shauna’s secret so no one else will know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told John how he almost had sex with Kristen. He told him how he was able to resist her even though he wanted to be with her. John thought it was good that he was able to resist her. Brady wasn't sure if he would be with her again. He told him that all he could think about was Kristen. He needed John to help him get Kristen out of his mind. Jack and JJ talked about not hearing from Jennifer. Jennifer was tied up to a chair. Jack got a text from Jennifer about a lead for a story. JJ wondered if the lead was about Rolf and she checked it out without them. JJ was still worried about her. JJ told Jack  how he hadn't found out anything about Rolf. Tony talked to Marlena about what happened when he shot Ted. He told her that he was more worried about how Anna was dealing with what he was going through. Anna went to Kristen to get her to help with Tony. Kristen thought she and Tony were ungrateful because she helped him and didn't help her. She didn't want to help him. Brady told John that he wanted to be with Tony. Brady thought that John believed he was nuts for wanting her. John was able to relate to his problem. Rafe told Ben and Ciara how he couldn't let him see David because of Jordan. Rafe explained everything to them. Jordan told them that she didn't want them near David. Ciara apologized for what she said about her and didn't want her to take it out on Ben. She begged Jordan not to keep David away from Ben. Jordan believed that he was too dangerous. Ciara yelled at Jordan for what she said to Ben. Anna told Kristen how she felt that she couldn't live without Tony. She didn't think Kristen could relate to how she felt. Kristen said that she was a romantic. She finally decided to help Anna get Tony back if she helped her get Brady. John reminded Brady that he was in love with Kristen once so he could understand how he felt. Brady didn't know how he could stay away from Kristen. Anna didn't know how she would be able to get Brady to fall for her. Kristen got upset when Anna told her that she didn't think she would be able to get Brady to change her mind. Kristen decided that she wouldn't help her after all. Anna called her cruel and thought no man would ever love her. Jack told JJ that the APB on Rolf turned up empty. Jack and JJ talked about who they could get to help them find Rolf. Jennifer tried to get untied until the kidnapper showed up. 

Jordan understood that Ciara was upset about what happened between. Ciara assured her that Ben wasn't a threat to David or anyone else. Ben wanted everyone to take a breather. Ben wanted to talk to Jordan outside, but she didn't think it was safe. Rafe assured her that he would be there if she needed him. Jordan agreed to talk to Ben for a minute. After they left, Ciara yelled at Rafe. Anna went to see Tony at the precinct. Anna told him that she tried to get through to Tony. She was hoping Kristen would speak at his trial, but she refused to help him. Brady continued to talk John about his obsession with Kristen. John was sure that Brady could get over Kristen. Jack and JJ went to see Kristen because they were looking for Rolf. She wanted to know what happened to Rolf. Kristen didn't care about helping them. JJ told her that he wasn't surprised no one wanted anything to do with her. Jennifer's kidnapper gave her some water. She spit the water in his face and demanded that he let her go. Tony thanked Anna for going to Kristen for him. He told her that without Kristen, he would go to jail. Anna thought they could turn things around. Rafe told Ciara that after things settled down, he would talk to Jordan about letting Ben see David. Ciara couldn't believe he was letting Jordan stay with him. Rafe reminded her that Ben did bad things just like Jordan. He wanted her to try to think the best of her too. Ben wanted to be part of Jordan and David's lives. She didn't want to fail her son and had to put him first. She couldn't trust that the evil inside of him was gone. Ben realized that he hurt people, but he wasn't that person anymore. He told her that she could ask Ciara to see if he changed. Jordan didn't think she was a reliable source. Jordan thought something bad was going to happen to Ciara. He wanted to know if she was threatening Ciara. Jack called Adrienne to see if she could help find Rolf. He found out that Jennifer wasn't working on a story. Jennifer told her kidnapper that he wouldn't get away with what he did. He put the gag back on her mouth. Ciara wondered if Rafe thought Jordan was better. She reminded him that Jordan kidnapped her twice. He told her that he could keep an eye on her with her living with him. Jordan was worried that Ben would do something to Ciara. She was afraid of what would happen next.  

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kim and Franco discuss their future as Elizabeth hears them. She sees the two of them kissing each other. Elizabeth freaks out on both of them. Franco gives Kim an address to meet him at later as he leaves town. Franco runs into Cam at Kelly’s and Cam tries to tell him about his life. Franco doesn’t care. Joss’ teacher tries to get through to her but she doesn’t seem to listen. Elizabeth calls Scott to get Franco committed. Kim and Franco meet up but Franco is dragged off. Elizabeth had no other choice.

Jason gets a call from Shiloh telling him about a story in the paper tomorrow. Sonny and Jason question Lulu and Maxie. Maxie claims to know nothing. Jason wants to do more digging. He wants to get Spinelli involved. Lulu tells Maxie all about her hookup with Dustin and is not sure how to handle it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Newman family begins to mourn house to tell Victor's death and Nikki tells Nick and Abby that Victor wanted a small intimate funeral service with only close friends and family. Genoa City begins to learn about Victor's death and everyone is in shock. Michael calls Kevin looking for Victoria and tells him the news so Kevin and Chloe rush to the boat house to tell Victoria. Billy tells Victoria he knows he has a problem but when Victoria wants him to go to a doctor Billy refuses because he said he already tried that and it didn't help anything. Phyllis tries to support Adam in his grief but he makes her leave by saying that she is only worried about how Nick feels and she doesn't care about him. Nick and Michael both think Adam had something to do with Victor's death and they are determined to find out the truth. Victoria is devastated by the news and she and Billy rush to the ranch to be with Nikki.

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