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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge thanks Shauna again for the aspirin she gave him and breakfast this morning and for taking care of him last night. He still can’t believe he got so drunk. She says think nothing of it, they have all done that. She tells him that Brooke will never hear of this from her. He says he owes her. She says she will always be there for him whenever he needs. He looks around for his belt and his phone. He finds the phone and she says go ahead and call her. She tells him he can say what he wants but assures him again that it will never come from her. Eric is still with Brooke as she is pacing the floor wondering where Ridge could be. He tells her a watched pot never boils. She replies she just wants Ridge to come home and not be in a fighting mood. She can understand they had an argument and he left to blow off some steam but not to come home at all she can’t understand. Suddenly Ridge is calling and Brooke is happy to hear his voice and asks how he is. He says fine and he will explain it all when he gets home. At home he tells her his phone died and he did not mean to worry her. She wants to know what happened last night. He says he had a little too much to drink. She asks where he was and he tells her the Bikini Bar and Danny was there. She is glad he was in good hands. But does not understand why he drank so much that he passed out and yet Danny did not help him get home or call her to come pick him up. Ridge says Carter was there for a short while too but the night is a little fuzzy and maybe he told Danny not to bother driving him home. There was a room upstairs and they let him sleep it off there. He was in good hands. Anyway it is embarrassing now so could they just forget it. She asks if she can get him an aspirin. He says no, she did already……oops he meant the crew helped him and a waitress got him an aspirin so he is okay now. She says she was so worried thinking about him being in a ditch on the side of the road somewhere. He is sorry he put her through that. Flo is alone and looking at the photo of the Logan gals hugging. There is a knock at the door and when she opens it there is Katie who brushes past her and throws her purse on the sofa. Flo ignores that and asks if she wants to come in. Katie replies that what she wants is never to see Flo again but that is not going to happen since she escaped from prison. Flo explains that she did not escape. She was given immunity. Katie snipes that she can stop right there as she does not believe for a moment that she is doing something good for this world. She says Flo only cares about herself and she is a liar. And she is the exact opposite of her father. She takes Flo’s left hand and puts it on her heart and asks if she can feel Storm’s anger. And she hopes she can feel his disgust. And most of all she hopes she can feel his shame. Flo says she already knows that and she is disappointed too. Katie says she wishes she would quit throwing that word around. It’s not like she forgot her birthday. She actually watched a mother grieving for her dead baby for months. That is not disappointing, that is monstrous. And she wants her to rot in jail. Flo says she knows that is where she belongs but she was given this deal. Katie scoffs when Flo says she knows no one wants to see her now but she was hoping in time she could gain some of that respect back. It’s a long shot but it could happen. Maybe with Ridge’s blessing they could start. Katie says excuse her……what? Flo says not to forget it but to move on. Ridge could have fought the feds but he didn’t. And that says so much and means so much to her and her mother. Katie tells her she does not care what she does as long as she leaves here and never comes back. Shauna looks around the room and the disheveled bed and she remembers the kiss she planted on Ridge while he was passed out. Danny comes right behind her and looks round knowing Shauna had just left.

Shauna walks in on Katie having it out with Flo and unloads that is a terrible thing to say. And here she thought she was a Logan yet Brooke did the same thing in chewing her out when she asked her to have a little understanding. Katie says she is going to leave and let them get packing. Shauna asks what was all that talk about the Forrester’s and the Logan’s being so supportive, blah, blah, blah. What a load of crap. There is only one person among them that has shown any compassion and that is Ridge. Katie grabs her bag and tells them both to leave the Logan’s alone. Flo wants to know from her mother just where she was all night that she did not come home. Shauna takes her by the hands and says the most incredible thing happened. She will never believe she spent the night with a man. Flo think she just means some random guy but Shauna proudly says no, it was Ridge Forrester. She is smiling and her eyes are all bright and shiny, she is positively glowing all over. When Flo questions her she says it was wonderful. As Ridge and Brooke sit and talk and he tries to dig himself out of the hole, he asks what does she want to do now and he raises his eyebrows like to upstairs. She laughs and says she just wants to make sure they don’t let their children or anyone else come between them and he agrees. She says she is just glad he is home, safe and sound where he belongs and he agrees to that too. She says she had all sorts of bad thoughts and could not sleep. She wonders if he went through the same thing without her arms around him. He says he would be lost without her. She says they will not let Thomas come between them. He adds they won’t let anyone come between them. Then he adds about last night……..he never should have left. He feels terrible now and there is something she needs to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie confronted Victor about trying to kill Ben. He told her that he did it for Ciara. Lani and Eli were at the hospital and talked about their engagement party. They were willing to postpone it until Julie gets better. Lani was upset when she saw Gabi at the hospital. Rafe told Hope that Gabi thought Julie was faking her heart attack. Gabi told Lani and Eli that she was at the hospital to see Kate. She asked Eli about Julie. Lani wondered why she cared. Eli wanted to know what was going on between them. Lani gave her the option to tell it or she would do it. Julie didn't want to stay at the hospital. She wanted a second opinion. Doug told her not to go. Julie didn't want to wait to die. Doug assured her that she would be okay. Hope wanted to know what Gabi had to do with Julie's condition. Rafe told her what happened when Gabi saw Julie. Eli was shocked that Gabi left Julie when she had her heart attack. Lani filled Eli in on what happened with Gabi. Gabi felt that no one would believe her so she walked away. Lani wanted to know if he believed her. He didn't know what to believe. Maggie couldn't believe that Victor thought that killing Ben would help Ciara. Victor explained that he had to protect her since Bo couldn't do it. Hope couldn't believe what Gabi did to Julie. Rafe tried to make excuses for Gabi. He wanted to believe Gabi. Hope didn't think anyone else would believe her especially Julie. Doug made Julie promise not to leave the hospital. Doug left to get her something to drink. Julie thought he was back and was surprised to see Gabi in her room. 

Rafe let Hope know that he was going to court to get guardianship of David. They ended up talking about Ben seeing the baby. Hope let him know how she felt about Ben now. She thought that he deserved a chance to see the baby. Julie wondered if Gabi showed up to finish the job. She told Julie that she thought she was faking. Gabi apologized for what happened. Gabi wanted her to believe that she wouldn't have walked away if she knew she was really hurt. Victor told Maggie how he got Brady to give Ciara a job at Titan. She wanted to know how that worked out. He told her how she refused to give up Ben. Victor couldn't believe that Ciara was willing to give up everything for someone like Ben. Maggie threw up in Victor's face how Bo wasn't Doug's choice for Hope. He reminded her that Bo wasn't a killer like Ben. He was afraid that Ben would ruin Ciara's life. Julie reminded Gabi how she left her to die. She intended to tell everyone what she did. She let Gabi know that she's going to die because of her. She warned her that she planned to rise from the dead and haunt her for life. Gabi gave up and told her that she was the same bitter b*tch that she's always been. Hope walked in while she yelled at Julie. She stopped Gabi from yelling at Julie. Maggie and Victor continued to talk about Ciara and Ben. Victor didn't want to keep hearing Maggie compare Ben to Bo. Maggie warned him that he could lose Ciara if he didn't stop interfering in her life. Gabi continued to deny what she did to Julie. Hope couldn't believe she was yelling at a woman who had a heart attack. Julie told Hope that Gabi left her to die. Gabi denied it. Hope took her out of the room. Eli went off on Gabi and warned her to stay away from Julie and his family. Gabi stormed off. Maggie continued to warn Victor about going after Ben. She told him how he could take him away from him. Victor was determined to honor Bo by protecting Ciara from Ben. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

This is a stand alone episode focusing on Billy and his struggle with his alter ego that tried to run over Adam and almost killed him. Billy has a nightmare in which a teenage Delia, Jack, Jill, Adam and Phyllis basically all tell him the same thing he has messed up his life again and they are all disappointed in him. They also tell Billy that there is no way to fix his life and it is best that he give in to his dark side. In the dream Billy fights his dark alter ego because he knows he can get better because Victoria believes in him he eventually punches his dark self out and wakes up from the nightmare startled and Victoria is there by his side. Billy tells her he is ready to do what it takes to get well for the sake of his family. Billy tells Victoria if there is any good left inside of him its because of her.

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