The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/16/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has still not heard from Ridge. Eric drops by also looking for him to sign some important papers and she says Ridge did not come home last night. He was angry with her so he just left to cool off. It was over Thomas. Eric says he could guess that……but no reason to call the police over a domestic squabble. It is not their first. He is surprised that Ridge knows what Thomas has done and defends him anyway. And he does not buy into this that Thomas feels so insecure because he did not have a father growing up. He had more time with his father than the girls did. Ridge wakes up and does not know where he is or why he is with Shauna. He says he remembers stopping by for a drink. She says a drink yes, but he was not stopping. He had a little too much Irish whiskey and they are upstairs from the bar. He could not make it alone so she had help to get him here and stayed with him. She knows his family wants nothing to do with her but she does not care. He will always be her hero for getting Flo out of jail. Ridge smells coffee and Shauna goes and gets a tray and asks when was the last time he had breakfast in bed. He tries to question her how he got here and did she go home and come back early this morning. Slyly she says no, he did not want her to leave so she didn’t. Eric makes a few phone calls but still no sight of Ridge and no one stayed in the guest house last night. He says he is not easily shocked but perhaps Ridge is with Thomas and maybe Brooke is over simplifying all of this. Liam was desperate to save this marriage but Hope pushed him away and married Thomas. A lot of bad decisions were made and it only matters what happens now. He says he has had his own scandalous moments but home is always home and so it shall be for Ridge.

Shauna brings Ridge his pants and says it is okay. She has seen men in underwear before and yes she saw his. So he jumps up and puts on his pants. She says she has slept on many a floor before but his is no good. So she shared a bed with him and he was out like a light. Nothing happened….meaning the family jewels are still in the safe. He feels relieved. Eric questions Brooke more about the last words that she and Ridge said to each other and says he understands their different views about their children and now Thomas. Ridge tries to understand and Shauna says she is really not plotting anything. She is so grateful what he did for Flo. He needs to use his phone and borrows her charger. He says he should not be caught here with her so she will need to go now. He had an argument with his wife and ran off and that was silly but he will be okay now. He says he has known Brooke like forever but there are things he does not understand and sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger. But as far as being a stranger he thinks that went out the door the minute she took his pants off. But he says he is thankful for her finding him drunk and bringing him up here, putting him to bed and staying with him then bringing him breakfast and giving him time to sober up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to Sarah's room and confronted her about her pregnancy. She tried to deny it, but he told her how he saw the positive pregnancy test. Eric took Nicole to his place. He told her how he got the apartment so Holly would be able to live there. Things got awkward when he mentioned how Sarah was the one who helped him. Sarah was surprised that Xander went through her trash. He talked to her about her pregnancy. JJ saw Jennifer in the lab and she told him what happened to the serum Rolf created. Jack confronted Eve about destroying the lab. She denied doing anything to the lab. Kayla talked to Will and Sonny about Kate's condition. Vivian was dressed as a doctor and overheard Kayla talking to Will and Sonny. She walked away from them when Sonny said that they would find out who hurt Kate. Nicole understood how Sarah and Eric got closer when he thought she was dead. He explained his relationship with Sarah. He also explained Sarah's relationship with Xander. Xander wanted to know why Sarah didn't tell Eric about the baby. She snapped at him when he tried to get answers. He realized that she didn't want to ruin Eric's reunion with Nicole. Jennifer told JJ how she felt when they she thought they had the serum. Eve denied destroying the lab, but Jack didn't buy it. He told her that Rolf could make the serum again so she trashed the lab for nothing. Jack reminded her that what Eve did was a crime. Eve denied being at the lab. She wanted him to take her down to the police station because she would sue him and win this time. Jack called Eve out for not wanting Jennifer being happy. He called her a lying, vindictive witch. Eve denied trashing the lab. She admitted that she didn't want to see Jennifer happy. She said she hated her. JJ wanted to know if Jennifer could get in touch with Rolf. She told him what happened when the serum was destroyed. Eric talked to Nicole about the way Xander was acting. Eric took Nicole to his bedroom. She wanted to know if he made love to Sarah in that bed. Sarah couldn't believe she was an idiot and didn't take better precautions not to get pregnant. Xander thought she would be able to handle telling Eric the truth. She asked him why she would have to tell Eric anything. Vivian was surprised that Kate survived the shooting. Vivian tried to stop Kate from breathing. 

Eve told Jack that she saw Jennifer as a fraud. Jack didn't believe that. Eve wanted to know how she fell in love with him. He didn't think she ever loved him. She managed to break down and call Jennifer out her name. Jennifer and JJ admitted that their family would get back together. Eric told Nicole he was with Sarah on the rebound. Eric said she was the only woman for him. Nicole wanted to make sure that there was nothing between them. He cut her off and said she was the only one for him. Xander was surprised that he was the only one who knew she was pregnant. He told her that Nicole wanted a divorce from him. Xander wanted to know if she was going to wait until they get married to tell him the truth. She said that she didn't have to have the baby. Xander thought she could leave town. She thought it would suspicious for her to leave town suddenly. Eric was willing to take Nicole to another place to be with her. He let her know that she was in his heart for today and forever. Eve told Jack how everyone felt sorry for Jennifer, but didn't give her any sympathy when she lost her daughter. He didn't want her to start her pity party. She didn't want him to mock her struggle over her loss. She stormed off. Vivian continued to keep Kate from breathing through her tube. Kate ended up flat lining so Kayla, Will, and Sonny went in her room. Kayla wanted to save her life. Kayla wanted Will and Sonny to leave the room. Xander told Sarah that if Eric knew she was pregnant, he would be with her. Sarah didn't think he would be at all. Eric and Nicole made love. Eric assured Nicole that nothing would come between them again. They made love again. Xander thought Sarah should have been more concerned about her life and not just Eric and Nicole. Sarah remembered that Eric loved her before Nicole showed up there. Xander wanted to take care of Sarah. He wanted to help her get through everything regardless of what she decided doing. Will was worried about Kate so Sonny assured him that she would be okay. Kayla told them that Kate slipped into a coma. Vivian overheard them talking. Jack and JJ talked about what happened at the lab. JJ didn't believe that Eve didn't do it. Jennifer continued to straighten out the lab when someone wearing black gloves walked in the room. The person grabbed the scalpel. Jennifer turned around and was shocked. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sasha is left alone with Michael and reveals to him that she is not actually Nina's daughter. She only agreed to it to help her actual dying grandmother. Nina and Valentin make arrangements for Sasha to stay at the Metro Court so she can be closer to GH. Laura and Curtis walk in on Lulu and Dustin having sex. Laura is shocked and leaves them be. Lulu demands to know why they were on the boat. Laura is vague about it along with Curtis.

Chase takes Franco's ankle monitor off. Kim tells Franco she doesn't want him around anymore even if she is reminded of Drew. They end up kissing though. Obrecht threatens Brad to find Brita. Brad begs Julian to kill Obrecht. Julian says he will take care of it.

Lulu tells Dustin that was amazing. They start kissing again and Laura and Curtis walk in. Lulu is shocked and covers herself up.

Kim asks Franco what he is doing at her house. Franco just wanted to check on her. Kim guesses it is ok. Kim thinks she is fine. Franco points out that she just lost someone she loves. Kim thinks that there is a good chance that he is alive. Franco appreciates her faith in them. Kim thinks that she knows Drew and thinks that he will find his way back home. Franco tells her that if she really wants Julian to be the man in her life then he will leave her alone.

Nina tells Valentin that Lucy Coe wants Sasha to be the face of Deception. Nina tells Obrecht that she cannot tell if she is happy for Sasha’s news or not. Valentin is happy for any success for their family. Nina would be happy for this. Nina thinks. She would be in magazines. Nina would be so happy to tell the world for how fabulous she is. Obrecht thinks that once she invites the whole world into their lives then they will know every little detail.

Sasha needs to know what Michael is doing with delaying the inevitable. Sasha cannot lie anymore. He deserves to know the truth about who she really is. Michael asks what the secret is then. Sasha tells Michael that she is not Nina daughter.

Laura is so sorry. Lulu asks what she is doing here. Curtis and Lulu leave the room. Laura thinks that maybe they don’t start in state rooms. They should go get some fresh air.

Dustin thinks it has been a moment since someone’s mom has walked in on him. Dustin promises that this isn’t that bad.

Valentin doesn’t want to question Obrecht’s optimism, but he does wonder if Sasha is ready to be in the public eye. Nina thinks that this is an amazing offer for Sasha to say yes too. Nina wants to talk about something happy. Obrecht was just offered an interview with someone with a terrible disease. Nina thinks that it was so amazing how supportive Michael was during all of this.

Michael wonders what Sasha means. Sasha explains that her and Nina are not really related. Sasha was given a DNA test to give to Curtis. She has come to love Nina like family and she cannot bring herself to live like this. She needed the money at the time.

Curtis knew that Lulu had moved on from Dante… He realizes that this isn’t his business. Laura knows that Lulu didn’t want the divorce in the first place. Curtis is sure that there are plenty of other thing that they could talk about. Laura is sure that Lulu is a good judge of character. She thinks that his interest in her is sincere. Curtis thinks it is time to get back to business in hand. Curtis reminds her that they are on a boat that is supposed to be closed down. Curtis thinks that Lulu might be too busy getting busy that she might not notice.

Lulu doesn’t know how to explain this to her mother. Lulu explains that it has been a long time since she was with someone other than her husband. Lulu tells him that she is going to go check on her mother. Dustin tells her to hurry back.

Kim doesn’t want to have this conversation again. Kim thinks that Drew was with Oscar in the end. He is not him. Franco is way more Drew than the other guy. Kim guesses he could be right but it doesn’t help her. Franco knows that she needs to share the memories of Oscar with someone like him. Kim wanted that once upon a time. She is over Drew. Franco thinks that he is standing right here. She knows him. He is just as in love with her as the day that she shipped off. Kim has spent a lifetime with her son and didn’t need him. Franco finds a snow globe. He remembers buying it for her. It was a really nice day. Someone knocks on the door. She goes to answer it. Kim asks if there is something that she can help Chase with. Chase is here to have a word with Franco. Kim has had enough of him tracking his every move. He is not a criminal. He is a victim. There will be no justice for what was done to him. Chase explains that Franco is free to go as soon as he removes the ankle monitor.

Obrecht finds Brad. She doesn’t want him to be so tense. Brad isn’t sure why she needs to see him. Obrecht misses Brit. Brad isn’t so sure that she would say the same. Obrecht needs a little favor. He is going to reunite her for his daughter.

Sasha explains that not everything was a lie about her. The only family she had left was her grandmother. She needed money for medical expenses. Michael wonders whom. Sasha asks who he thinks. Sasha explains it was Valentin. In his mind he gave Nina her hearts desire. Sasha was supposed to leave and that was supposed to be the end of it. She introduced her into her life. She let him use her to manipulate Nina. If she told the truth then she would have lost Charlotte and Valentin so she convinced herself to stick it out. Michael asks if that was her idea of doing the right thing. Sasha was giving Nina what she always wanted. Michael wonders what happened to her grandmother. Sasha explains that she died from the surgery. That was when she got the call from Valentin saying that Nina wanted her back. Nina was the only family in her mind left. It was better than good for a while. Then he told her about Nelle and all her lies and manipulations. She couldn’t be another liar for him. Michael thinks that is what she did. Nina knows that lying brought her into his life. Michael wonders when she is going to tell Nina. Sasha thinks as soon as she is alone. Nina walks in and asks if they interrupted something. Michael says that Sasha and him are finished. Michael walks out. Nina asks Sasha what happened.

Laura is sure that Lulu will demand answers. Laura says that this is about undermining Valentin. Lulu has no idea why she is here. She realizes that the ink on her divorce is not dry but Dante is forcing her to move on. Laura is proud of her. She wanted her to move on. She is entitled to a private life. Curtis thinks they invaded. Lulu asks what is going on. Lulu demands to know why she is on her ship.

Obrecht thinks it is devastated to be away from a child. Michael would know considering that he is so much more to Wiley than just a Godfather. Obrecht thinks that Wiley will look more like Michael as time goes on. Obrecht tells him to look into his heart. Julian walks over and asks what she wanted.

Franco asks if he is a free man. Chase tells Kim that she is not the only one who think that Franco and Drew deserve justice. Franco thinks the only place he really wants to go is somewhere with her. Kim knows the voice is different but the things he says make her believe it is the Drew that she loves. Kim is faced with the truth though. He is her friends husband. It is so messed up. Which includes his wife. Kim loves Julian. The life she wants is with him. Kim thinks them was 17 years ago. Kim has to find the strength to let this go. She has to say goodbye.

Curtis says that they are working on a case together. Lulu wonders why she is working on this case. Lulu wonders if this is something the invader could help with. Curtis promises to hit her up for an exclusive. Curtis didn’t call Lulu because she is a member of the press. Lulu guesses what he is looking for is news worthy. Laura needs to look around on board. They can come back later. Dustin says that they should be fine to do this now. Laura will call Lulu tomorrow. Dustin thinks that could have been worse.

Nina knows that Michael loves and cares about Sasha. Nina is here for her. Valentin wants to give Sasha space. Sasha has been so lucky to have Nina. Nina wants to get out of here. Nina knows that Finn is not comfortable with her being so far away from the hospital so they will put her up at the Metro Court. Nina promises that soon enough she will be home with her.

Brad explains that Obrecht has made it clear that she will always be there to destroy her family. Brad shows Julian a picture of Wiley. Julian asks. What he is supposed to do. Brad is begging Julian to do this. Julian tells him to keep an eye on Obrecht and he will do the rest.

Laura and Curtis search the room. Laura knows that Lulu will continue to press them for answers. She already lost a son to Valentin. She cannot bare to lose her daughter too. Curtis finds a scarf.

Chase finds Michael. He heard about Sasha making a full recovery. Michael isn’t sure that it is a good idea for them to be around Sasha.

Julian finds Obrecht’s car and tries to harm it. He thinks about Kim.

Brad finds Obrecht and asks how he can get Brit to come back exactly. Obrecht explains that he needs to come out and talk with her before she suffers consequences. Obrecht tells him to reach out to her daughter.

Julian walks away. From the car.

Laura can still smell the perfume of the scarf. Someone looks in on them.

Michael tells Chase that he isn’t ok at all.

Sasha tells Valentin that she really does need to talk with Nina.

Brad asks Julian if he can finally stop worrying about Obrecht. Julian did what he needed to do.

Franco is sorry that she didn’t know that he was missing her. Franco will be on his way then. Kim thanks him. Franco will send her a postcard. Kim doesn’t want him to. Franco needs her to know where he is. Franco goes to leave but tells him to stop. Kim cannot do this again. She cannot say goodbye to him again. She kisses him.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

The Newmans were devastated by Victor’s death, but none of them were able to reach Victoria and deliver the news to her. Adam wanted to be with his family, but Nick accused him of causing Victor’s death and threw him off the ranch. Phyllis tried to be there for Adam, but he pushed her away. Phyllis reached out to Summer and was hurt when Summer didn’t want to lean on her for support. Victoria met with Billy, and she helped him have a breakthrough and remember trying to kill Adam. Jack and Sharon happened to end up vacationing at the same hotel. They had a heart to heart about why they’d left town, and they felt that fate brought them together.

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