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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke paces the floor wondering why Ridge is not returning her call or coming home. Flo hopes Wyatt can find some way in his heart to forgive her. He says he does not hate her but it doesn’t change the heartache and pain that she brought to Hope and Liam’s lives. She says she understands but it is hard to stand here and have him say it. She says for the record she believes in miracles. She is now a Logan and after all these years he is back in her life. And she loves his mother but knows Quinn will never feel that way about her again. Wyatt says his mother is no Mother Teresa. She has done things in the past that she is not proud of. They talk a few more minutes with her saying she does not even know if it is possible but she will do everything she can to win his trust again as he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Sally is listening in on the other side of a door ajar. He gets a phone call that he needs to go get some papers and take care of. Sally swoops in. Flo says she is pretty sure Wyatt was not expecting her. Sally says and she is sure he was not expecting her either. She cannot believe Flo is even out of jail when she says she got out on immunity. She feels awful about everything. Sally says she is going to have to do a lot better than boo-hoo. She caused a lot of people pain and had months to tell the truth and did not. Sally scoffs that Flo got a get out of jail free card. She had one miracle so she would not be greedy and push for more. Shauna tells a drunken Ridge that perhaps it is not her place but she did go and try to explain to Brooke of why Ridge agreed to let the state release Flo. No, Brooke did not agree with her but she wants Ridge to know she will be indebted to him forever. The bartender tells him this is his last drink of the night. Ridge tells Shauna that Brooke is worried about her daughter and he is worried about his son. She says he needs to go home and talk about this. He makes noises that he needs to go to work but cannot stand up when he tries. He passes out and slumps back in his chair.

Katie drops in on Brooke and hears her side of the story of why Ridge is not home and Brooke has no idea where he is. She told Ridge that Thomas was not welcome to stay here anymore, and should not even be around Douglas. Katie advises her to tell Ridge first before she goes after that restraining order. Brooke says she did and it did not go over well. The bartender comes over and offers Shauna help with a passed out Ridge. Perhaps she should drive him home. She says sure that would go over big with his wife. Danny says there is a room upstairs. They can take him there and let him sleep it off. They manage to get him up the stairs and in the bed. Shauna proceeds to take off his shoes and starts to try to take off his belt when he wakens enough to try to stand up. She does loosen his shirt and takes off his belt and starts pulling off his pants in which he helps and he rolls over back in bed. As she starts to leave he rises up again and whether he knew who he was talking to or not asks her to stay. So she lies down beside him and looks adoringly at him. She leans over and gives him a kiss on the lips……and says what a fine man Ridge Forrester is. He helped her daughter, something his own wife, Brooke, would never do. And then she nestles up to his neck and settles in. He doesn't move one inch.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian tried to get info about Kate's condition. She found out very little so she decided to go to the hospital. Jack and Jennifer saw how the lab was torn up. Jennifer wondered who could have destroyed it. Jack had an idea who did it. Eve saw the article about their divorce and said she never loses. She stormed off somewhere. Brady went to Kristen's hotel room. She told him that he wouldn't regret being with her. Xander wanted to tell Nicole that she had an obstacle for her happiness. He told her that Eric was with Sarah. She knew about his relationship with Sarah. Sarah told Eric that she loved him. She wanted to tell him something before he went running to Nicole. Eric apologized to her for hurting her. He wanted to know what she wanted to tell him. Nicole wanted to know why Xander cared about her relationship with Eric. She threw up in his face how he kept quiet while Kristen pretended to be her. She didn't believe he changed. She blamed him for what Kristen did too. He said he cared about her and was glad she was home. She said if he believed that, he would give her a divorce. Jack was sorry he married Eve. Jennifer was thankful because he was brought back to her. Kristen wanted to celebrate being back with Brady. He didn't know why he went to her room. Kristen told him how they belong together and he knew who she was this time. Xander told Nicole that he signed divorce papers when she wanted him to sign them. She reminded him that Kristen signed them the first time and wanted to sign them again. Xander told her that he was over her now. She wanted to know who he cared about now. Sarah was about to tell Eric the truth when Sonny showed up. Eric wondered if they found out who shot Kate. Sonny told him that he and Will thought of who it could be. Brady stopped kissing Kristen because he thought it was wrong. She assured him that they belonged together. He reminded her about everything she did. Kristen told him that she fixed everything and made it right. He was about to walk away from her, but he went back to kiss her again. 

Sonny talked to Eric and Sarah about what Vivian told him and Will. Sonny left to be with Arianna. Eric wanted to know what Sarah was going to tell him. Xander admitted that Sarah was the woman he loved. Nicole thought it was funny because Sarah was in love with Eric. Xander wanted Nicole to get together with Eric so he could be with Sarah. Brady stopped making out with Kristen and told her that he wouldn't do it again. Kristen tried to stop Brady from leaving by taunting him. He finally admitted that he still wanted her. Nicole showed up while Eric and Sarah were talking. Sarah didn't want to keep Eric from Nicole anymore so she left. Brady admitted that he knew Kristen was herself. He felt her connection now. He said he couldn't fight being with her. He hated how he was still attracted to her. He refused to let her destroy him. Kristen said she wouldn't hurt him and that she could make him happy. She tried to force him to drink the champagne, but he threw it against the wall. He stormed out of the room. Xander went to Sarah's room and told her that he knew she was pregnant. Kristen was determined to get Brady back in her life. Jennifer went to the lab to look for Rolf. Jack grabbed Eve and told her that he knew what she did. Sonny met with Will at the hospital. Vivian was dressed as a doctor and they saw her. They wanted info about Kate. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Tessa both tell Mariah to fire Theo because he can't be trusted and Tessa is upset because he made a pass at her even though he knows she is in a committed relationship with Mariah. Mariah ignores Devon and Tessa's advice and insists she can handle whatever Theo throws her way. Billy asks Chloe to bring Victoria to him because he needs to talk to her but a short time later he tells her that its best that Victoria not come because she wouldn't understand why they both hate Adam so much. Chloe has been trying to call Victoria all day but Victoria's phone died and she hasn't been able to answer her calls but they finally run into each other at the park. Chloe takes Victoria to the boathouse and they talk while Billy is asleep and Chloe tells Victoria everything that happened and that Billy can't remember anything. Chloe explains that sometimes when Billy awakens he does remember almost killing Adam and he gets this cold detached look on his face. Chloe laves Victoria alone with Billy and warns she should be ready for anything when he awakens which he does a few minutes after Chloe leaves the room. Victor summons everyone to the ranch including Adam but Victoria isn't answering her many messages. Victor tells his family that his condition has gotten worse and Nate suggested he go to a clinic oversees to get round the clock treatment at a private clinic and they are leaving tonight. Nate tells everyone that he has taken a leave of absence from the hospital to go to the clinic with Victor and Nikki. Adam asks Victor if there is anything he can do and Victor asks him to get along with his brothers and sisters so Nick tells Adam that he has wiped the slate clean as of today and Adam promises Victor he will do as he asks of him. Victor gets up to hug his family good-bye when he collapses to the floor and Nate asks a frantic Abby to call 911 and tell them to hurry because he can't find a pulse..

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