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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke continue to argue. He says Thomas and Douglas are family and will stay here. They can all go to therapy and work on being a real family. Brooke says no, Douglas is welcome to stay but Thomas is not a fit parent and he has to go elsewhere. In fact she was thinking of getting a restraining order against hm. Ridge is livid. He brings up one more time about her pushing Thomas off the cliff. She tells him that she is frigging tired of hearing him say that. She says again that Thomas is not welcome in this house and she does not even want him back at work. Ridge says that is unfair, his name is on the door of the building. He parts by saying he wishes he had not yelled at her but he is going now before he says any more that he will regret. He barely leaves when Brooke texts him that she loves him. Then a knock on the door and it is Shauna. She tells her he does not want to see her. Shauna knows but makes her way in anyway. Wyatt asks Flo why she is here. She is the last person he thought he would see today. She says she is not asking him to forgive her but just to let her explain. He does not know what that will accomplish as every time they were together she lied. He left Sally because she kept a secret from him and yet what Flo did was much worse. She helped steal a baby from Hope and Liam and even let Steffy think the baby was hers now. Ridge ends up at the Bikini Bar and starts slogging them down. Brooke tells Shauna how dare she come here to ask for forgiveness. Shauna gives her the same old story. Flo is being punished already but she was released. Brooke says she was just as much to blame as Dr. Buckingham no matter what the court says now in helping with their investigation. The bottom line is she made a plea deal to help herself. She scoffs at Shauna when she says Flo is still remorseful for what she did, got caught in Buckingham’s scheme and she is going to do all she can to earn the Forrester’s trust again. Shauna begs her mother to mother to put herself in Flo’s shoes and understand why she did what she did.

Brooke says Shauna slithered in here so now she can slither out. She gives her a push and another when Shauna turns around and Brooke is steering her to the door. She tells Shauna and this is for Flo too, do not show their faces around the Forrester’s or at work anymore. Flo tells Wyatt that she does not expect him to forgive her but she is asking that he not hate her. Brooke keeps trying to get in touch with Ridge but he is not picking up his phone…….except once when Carter joins him. He picks up the phone and shows Carter and then says he is not going to take it. Carter joins him for a drink but only to try and convince him this is the last one of many and he needs to go home. Ridge keeps getting the bartender’s attention and wants more drinks. Carter sees he is getting nowhere so he starts to leave and tells the bartender do not serve Ridge anymore. The bartender says he is not driving tonight for sure so he will keep an eye on him. Shauna sashays in and spots Ridge alone right away and walks up to him and says she wanted to thank him again for what he did for Flo. And maybe his wife does not appreciate him but she sure does. She purses her lips and bats her big eyes in his face. Ridge may be sloshed but he recognizes Shauna and takes notice.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric, Nicole, and Holly went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Maggie. They had an awkward run in with Sarah. Nicole mentioned how she found out about her being with Eric. She was okay with it when Sarah tried to apologize to her. Sarah told Nicole how Xander is back in Salem and working on Titan. Maggie found Xander in Sarah's room and wanted an explanation. He tried to explain what happened. She warned him to stay away from her daughter. Brady and Kristen had a confrontation in the park. He thought she was a psycho, but she thought she saved lives. She told him how he was a willing participant when it came to sex. He said she basically did the same thing to him that she did to Eric. She kissed him, but he didn't pull back. He seemed to be into kissing her. Jack and Eve argued at the town square. He reminded her about the bad things she did, but she knew he was okay with it. Eve warned him that she had nothing to lose by fighting him. If she couldn't have him, she would make sure no one had him. Jennifer couldn't believe that Rolf dropped the serum he made. He had to make it again. Harry showed up and wondered why he was using the lab. Brady stopped Kristen from kissing him. She told him that he would never get over her. Kristen called him out for the relationships he had because he couldn't get over her. She continued to tell him how he couldn't get over her and will eventually give in to his feelings. Maggie talked to Xander about Eric and Nicole being in back in town. She didn't want Xander to try to pick up the pieces for Sarah. He was about to tell her something, but decided against it. Nicole asked Eric if he knew about Xander being in town. Eric explained the situation to Nicole. They kissed until Nicole realized Sarah was still in the room. She apologized for being insensitive. Sarah was glad she was back.

Jack told Eve that her plan to keep him away from Jennifer didn't work. He told her that he would get his memory back. He let her know that Rolf was alive. Jennifer ran into Henry again and apologized for it. He thought she was avoiding him. She apologized to him for hurting him. He accepted her apology. Kristen told Brady that he was in love with her. Nicole wanted to leave Sarah and Eric alone to talk. Maggie wanted to know what Xander was going to say, but he wouldn't tell her the truth. He told her that Victor forced him to try and kill Ben. Xander tried to make excuses for what Victor did to Ben. Maggie planned on mentioning it to Victor. She didn't think that was what he was going to say, but Holly and Nicole showed up. Sarah talked to Eric about their relationship being over now. She knew they were over since Nicole was back. He apologized to her for their relationship being over. Jack and Eve got news about their divorce. Jennifer was happy for him. She wanted to help him, but he wasn't sure if he wanted his memory back anymore. Rolf found Jack and Jennifer and told them the serum was ready. Eve was upset about having nothing. She planned on doing something to get back at him. Nicole put Xander on notice about trying to come between her and Eric. Xander told him that their reunion might be a little difficult. Eric wanted to be friends with Sarah, but she couldn't be friends with him now. She wanted him to be happy and promised not to come between them. She did say that there was something he needed to know. Jack, Jennifer, and Rolf went back to the lab and saw how the serum and lab were destroyed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria tells Victor, Nikki, and Nick that her detectives have not been able to find Billy and she is worried because it isn't normal that he hasn't gotten in touch with her. Victor passes out while talking to Victoria and he won't go to the hospital but he does call Nate. Nate takes Victor's blood pressure and tells everyone he is stable but he does want to discuss his latest test result s with him so Victor goes into his office with Nate despite the fact that Nikki wants to go with him he tells her he wants to talk with Nate alone. Phyllis talks with Abby and Chelsea and tells them she has the proof to arrest Zoe for drugging everyone but in exchange she wants a fifty percent stake in the hotel. Abby wants to see everything Phyllis has on Zoe so Phyllis plays the recording and shows them the hotel security video which she hacked into the hotel computer to delete so the police wouldn't see it. Abby and Chelsea agree to give Phyllis twenty five percent and Phyllis is happy with that deal. Phyllis later gets Zoe to come to the hotel and there she is arrested by Paul and Rey.

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