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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge comes home and Brooke greets him with how is Thomas. Something else on his mind, he says he is fine, being released today. She says she is glad, he must be relieved. Then he drops the bombshell on her that Flo also is being released. All charges have been dropped. Brooke does not know how that is even possible. Then she really does not understand that Sanchez ran it past Ridge and he agreed because it helped Thomas. She rants that sorry but Thomas needs to pay…….everybody in this mess needs to pay. Ridge counters that his son made a mistake but he does not belong in prison. She says just wait until Hope and Steffy find out about this, there is no way they will forgive him. Shauna and Flo go back to her place, so glad to get home and take a shower and eat her favorite foods and sleep in her own bed. Shauna keeps saying she is so surprised that Ridge had such a big heart that he agreed to her release. Flo says he did not do it for her; he did it for Thomas. Shauna says she knows but she would like to think some of it had to do with her; she did beg for Flo’s mercy. Flo says she imagines Hope and others will never want to see her again. She does not want to talk about this anymore. They both know she had many chances and blew them all. Shauna keeps telling her she needs to stay positive. The Forrester’s and Logan’s are family. And she needs to get back in touch with Wyatt again. Ridge and Brooke go at it tooth and nail. She does not want Thomas coming back here. It would not be fair to Hope. Hope loves Douglas and so does she and now Douglas has to be their number one concern. He needs to be away from Thomas. Sally drops in on Wyatt and comments he cleans up well and looks so sexy in his suit. One thing leads to another and soon he is wanting to ramp up their relationship. He says he is no longer playing games and he thinks it is perhaps time for her to move back to the beach with him. As lovely as that sounds she says she wants to take it a little slower than that. She was hurt when he dumped her before and she wants to be sure this is real. Wyatt is not happy but he has to accept that.

Later while Wyatt is working, Flo walks in. She has to explain how she got released and is free now. She says it might not mean much but she is so sorry that she was not truthful with him. Ridge tells Logan to take a deep breath and think about this. Thomas made a mistake and they will figure this out as a family and help him. Brooke says absolutely not. She can not forgive him for his manipulations, lying about Beth to Hope and using his son to get closer to Hope. She will do everything she can to protect Douglas. Thomas is not welcome on this property. Douglas is welcome but not Thomas. Ridge hurls back that she is being unfair as it is because of Thomas not telling the truth that she is not being held for pushing him over the cliff. And it is not up to her to keep Douglas from Thomas. He has no place to go when he is out of the hospital. And he says again that Douglas cannot be taken away from Thomas. She affirms she can and she will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Kristen at the station. Eli went to the DiMera mansion to find out if he shot Kate. He also asked Stefan if Vivian shot Eli let him know that he knew Vivian was still alive. She saw Eli and snuck out of the mansion. Eric and Nicole went to Marlena's place and Brady was there. Nicole apologized to Brady for what happened. Eric wanted to know if Brady could forgive him for accusing him of taking advantage of Nicole's grief. They continued to talk about making things right until they left. Marlena came out and was surprised to see Brady there. They talked about his conversation with Eric and Nicole. Marlena wanted to know what he thought about the fake Kristen. She hoped that he didn't allow Kristen back in his life once she's free. Eli wanted to talk to Vivian. Stefan wouldn't let him talk to her without a warrant. Eli noticed that Gabi was quiet and wanted to know if she had any information about Kate's shooting. Vivian ended up at the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny and Will confronted Vivian about hiring Leo to come after them. Vivian made it seem like she wanted to make amends with everyone. They didn't believe Vivian wanted to make up with Kate. Sarah came downstairs and told Will and Sonny that Kate was shot. They rushed to the hospital. Vivian acted as if she was shocked by it. She wanted to leave, but Sarah stopped her. Kristen talked to John about how Brady knew who she was when they were together. She told him that she will get to him and they will get together. Eric and Nicole walked in the room. Nicole yanked her out of the chair and threw her against the wall.

Gabi told Eli that she didn't know anything about Kate's shooting. She reminded him that Kate was her friend. She had no feelings for Vivian whatsoever. Eli planned on bringing a warrant when he came back there. Eli warned Stefan to get a lawyer just before he left. Sarah confronted Vivian about burying Maggie alive. They ended up talking about how she was with Rolf and Nicole. Vivian mentioned how Eric came to look for Nicole. Sarah told her that he found Nicole and they were reunited. Vivian noticed how she wasn't happy about it. John and Eric had to break up Nicole and Kristen. They yelled at each other. Nicole told her that she would spend the rest of her life in prison. She let her know that she made a deal with the mayor for full immunity if she told her to find her. Nicole couldn't believe Kristen had full immunity. Kristen thought she should have been grateful. Nicole planned on going to the press and telling what she did. Kristen was surprised that Nicole and Eric were so ungrateful to her. Nicole couldn't believe that she hurt Brady the way she did. Kristen reminded her how she helped her out. They continued to argue. Vivian noticed how Sarah wasn't happy that Nicole was back. Sarah tried to act as if she was happy for them. Vivian realized that she was like her mother. She told her that Nicole was the type of woman Eric liked. Eli walked in the room and Kristen wanted Nicole arrested. Eric and Nicole left the room. Brady assured Marlena that he was finished with Nicole. She wondered if he had feelings for Kristen. Nicole wanted to take Holly to see Maggie. Will and Sonny were at the hospital. Will wanted answers for what happened to Kate. Sonny told him that the person who did it was right under there noses. They realized Vivian was the one who shot Kate. Vivian continued to convince Sarah that  she should fight for the man she loved. Sarah told her that she walked away because she knew Nicole was the love of Eric's life. Kristen wanted to know if Eli was going to arrest Nicole. She also wanted to know when she was getting out of jail. Will and Sonny talked about Vivian shooting Kate. Will said Vivian wouldn't get away with what she did. Vivian went back to the mansion and talked to Stefan about Kate.   

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon tells Elena that when he had that panic attack at the party and he thought he was going to die he thought about how nice it would be to see Neil and Hilary again in heaven, Devon later tells Elena that he isn't ready to die yet because he wants to be with her and then Devon and Elena tell each other "I love you" for the first time. Summer apologizes to Kyle for the kiss and he tells her that he and Lola understand but the video is posted on the internet. Kyle assures Summer that this won't damage their working relationship. Paul and Rey interview Theo who tells them that he thinks Zoe drugged everyone so Paul and Rey thank Theo for the tip and tell Theo not to leave town. Phyllis texts Zoe and tells her to meet her at the park to talk and Phyllis gets Zoe to admit that she drugged everyone to get revenge on Theo and Kyle for doing the same thing to her three years ago and just dumping her at the emergency room. Zoe is happy because Theo won't ever get another job and the video of Summer kissing Kyle will ruin his marriage. Paul and Rey can't find any suspects on the hotel video and are disappointed they are back to square one in the investigation. Phyllis is happy because she recorded Zoe's confession on her phone and she leaves a message for Abby telling her that she is the answer to her prayers.

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