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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shauna begs Ridge since the decision seems to be in his hands to get Flo out of jail. He says she caused his daughter a lot of pain so what makes her think he would do anything now to help Flo. Shauna continues that she knows she made plenty of mistakes herself but this is her daughter and she will beg Ridge again to forgive her. She knows he is upset…..well okay furious with Flo but she really wanted Beth to be back with Liam and Hope from the beginning. Buckingham used her, he took advantage of her goodness. Steffy visits Flo and tells her how she feels. Phoebe was her little girl and they were a family. Flo says she is so sorry. She was so happy that Beth was back with her parents that she did not think of the black hole it would have in Steffy’s heart. Steffy tells her there is only one bright spot in all of this and that is to know that Flo will spend the rest of her life in here with the thought of what she did to Hope and Liam……and to Steffy too. Sanchez comes back from his phone call and asks Ridge if he has made a decision in not blocking immunity for Flo Fulton. If so they need to start the processing right now. Ridge looks at Shauna, she looks back at him with that begging in her eyes. Sanchez says with all things considered he thinks this is Ridge’s best option. After a long pause Ridge says okay. Sanchez leaves to get the paper work started. Shauna stares at the ground and cannot believe what she just heard. She tells Ridge that she cannot begin to thank him enough. He says make one thing clear. He does not care about Flo; she deserves to be right where she is. He is doing this for his son. She says she feels the same for her daughter so she can never thank him enough for this second chance. She will be forever indebted to him.

Flo comes back to the visiting room and does not understand both Ridge and her mom there. She says that she is the one who must live with this every single day. Shauna says no not after today. There will be no charges, no prison. Flo looks at Sanchez and he confirms it. All she has to do is sign her name to the dropping of charges provided she continues to work with the authorities in the false adoption documents cases. Brooke plays with Douglas and he asks when his dad will be back. He’s been gone a long time. She says she does not exactly know but she looks at Katie and Donna and says he is surrounded by love. She tells her sisters that you would think that the child might shut down but he is more cheerful than ever and she will make sure that he is never mistreated or shunned again. She does not want to start something with Ridge but she hopes he will understand. A stunned Flo thanks Ridge and vows that it might take a while and he may not believe it but she will gain his trust again. Outside the room Shauna thanks Ridge again and says she will do anything he wants for this precious gift he gave Flo and of course Flo back as her daughter. She even gives him a big hug. He cannot bring himself to return that hug. His hands fall to his side.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi told Stefan how the town will consider her a murderer if Julie died. Stefan told her how his mother killed Kate. She didn't believe him, but he explained what happened. Jennifer asked Kayla if she could set up a lab so Dr. Rolf could come up with the formula for Jack. Kayla wasn't sure if she could convince Seth to do it. Jennifer continued to convince Kayla to do it. Kayla decided to do it, but it had to remain quiet. Kate walked in the hospital and passed out. Hope and Eli went to Julie's room and talked to Doug. Eli had to take a phone call and left the room. Doug asked if it was bad. Hope hugged Doug. Eli and Jennifer talked about Julie and then they talked about Kate. Eli wanted to know who would kill her. She told him that was a long list. He thought Stefan might have done it, but she told him that Vivian could have done it. Eli thought she was dead, but she told him that she was alive. Gabi wanted to call the police about Kate. Kayla and Haley were trying to help Kate. 

Jack and JJ were trying to get Rolf to work in the lab. They talked about how Jack wasn't the old Jack yet. JJ was worried about what Rolf would do to him. Jack wanted to think positively about what he would do for him. Jack wanted to handle things with Dr. Rolf. Jennifer told Eli about what happened during her trip to Chicago. Stefan asked Gabi not to call the police because he just got his mother back in his life. Gabi thought he was choosing his mother over his wife. He warned her not to turn his mother in to the police. Gabi threatened to walk away. Stefan told her that she would do the same thing if she were in his shoes. He told her that they had to stick together. Hope told Doug about Julie's condition. Doug wanted Julie to get a new heart, but Hope told him why she wasn't a good candidate. He couldn't believe Julie would die. JJ apologized to Rolf for his attitude. Rolf explained that he would have to do the serum again and in his way. Jack wanted to do things his way. Jennifer told Eli that Kate was shot after Vivian came back to town. Stefan wanted Gabi to cover for Vivian for him. Eli went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Stefan. He told him that Kate was shot. Kayla and Haley continued to work on Kate. Doug flashed back to his life with Julie. Julie woke up and wanted to know if she would get to go home soon. Gabi and Stefan pretended to be shocked that Kate was shot. Eli asked Stefan if he shot Kate. He denied it. He asked if his mother shot her. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian yells at Brad because he lied about Nelle being Wiley's real mother. Brad asks Julian if he really wants Lucas to loose his family. Julian doesn't. Carly finds out that Joss skipped school. Sonny isn't shocked considering Oscar. Carly thinks this is because of Dev. the two of them start fighting and bring up all their latest affairs. They agree to stay strong for the baby. Michael finds Joss in the park and assures he that it is ok that she have a life past Oscar.

Jason informs Monica and Franco that Drew's plain went down and is at the bottom of the ocean. Elizabeth confronts Kim about kissing Franco. Kim promises to not let it happen again. Kim goes to see Franco and he informs her that Drew is gone. Jason tells Elizabeth that Drew is gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Grand Phoenix opening is going well until Zoe spikes the Grand Sangria signature cocktail with MDMA the same drug that caused her to almost die in New York Everyone at the party starts to act strangely and the drug causes Summer to kiss Kyle. Theo figures out the sangrias were spiked with this drug and tells Kyle. Lola sees Summer kiss Kyle but he explains to her the sangrias were drugged and Summer had no idea what she was doing. Lola understands but she worries that Summer still has feelings for Kyle and that could be a problem. Devon and Sharon have a bad reaction since the MDMA Interferes with Devon's medication for panic attacks and it also interferes with Sharon's bipolar medication. Devon and Sharon are rushed to the hospital for a stomach pump while Paul and Rey question everyone. Abby and Chelsea suspect that Phyllis drugged the cocktails to sabotage the opening of the hotel but she denies she had anything to do with it. Paul tells everyone that he will continue to question everyone tomorrow when everyone is sober. Kyle , Abby, and Chelsea worry about the bad publicity and how they will handle things. Paul orders Abby and Chelsea to close the hotel until he has finished his investigation something that worries the ladies. Phyllis stand s in a corner and smiles leaving the audience to wonder if she changed her mind and partnered with Zoey to cause trouble for the opening of the hotel. .

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