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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Crying, Thomas hugs his dad and thanks him for not giving up on him. Ridge says he will always be there for him. Detective Sanchez calls and says he would like to see him in person. He wants him to come to the jail. Ridge then tells Thomas that he messed up and he will have to pay the consequences but it won’t be in jail. He promises him that. Minutes later the next face that Thomas sees is Steffy. He opens his eyes and she says to keep his mouth shut and listen to what he did to his sister. Thomas does try to speak but she says she is not interested in any of his excuses. He does anyway and says he was not obsessed with Hope. He was in love with her for years and he then wanted a mother for Douglas. And it helped that he could send Liam back to Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. She rails at him that was not Phoebe. It is Beth. And he should have told her right away when he knew. She has plenty to say but in the end she says he does not love Hope. And he danced his son in front of her for bait. As hurt as she is now, she is an adult and will get over this but she will never forgive him for what he did to the two girls. They are so confused. Shauna visits Flo and they go over the same old excuses. It was Dr. Buckingham that belongs in jail, not Flo. And Flo hopes Thomas will go straight to jail when he is out of the hospital. Shauna assures her again that she will never stop trying to get her out of here, even if it means she does community service, whatever. Ridge meets the detective and tells him that his son messed up but he broke no law so he’d appreciate it if he would leave his family alone. The detective says he may be happy to know that he has looked into the matter more and determined that Emma was texting and driving too fast and that would have been even if Thomas was on the road and following her or not, so he is not going to waste any more time on that.

Detective Sanchez also tells Ridge that Flo might be released today. She has been very co-operative with the police and it is really Buckingham that stole the baby and Flo went along with it. Ridge says no, the family does not want Flo to skip. Sanchez says then it will hurt Thomas if she goes to trial she can bring up all the dirty laundry including what Thomas did that the press will have a field day with it. He just thought Ridge should know he could make it less messy for Thomas. Ridge re-thinks and says he will listen to more about a plea deal. Sanchez gets a phone call and tells Ridge he has to take care of something. But Ridge needs to call his wife, talk to his family and see what they want to do. Flo’s future is in his hands. Shauna is leaving and hears this. She goes straight to Ridge and says if this is true and he has the power then he has to do all he can to get Flo out of this. They have Buckingham and that should be enough. Flo only got caught up in this mess. She begs Ridge to help her. With tears streaming down his face, Steffy tells Thomas again that she will get over this but Liam and Hope and those two beautiful girls may never and she will never forgive him. Kelly does not understand why her sister is no longer living with them or why she has another name. And why her daddy is not there anymore and they are no longer a family. She says Thomas encouraged her in this family that she created but now he has betrayed her. It’s disgusting making her believe his lie. She says she is glad she came though. She is glad she got the chance to look into his lying eyes. He crossed the line and one he cannot come back from. She needs to protect herself and her daughter. She does not know if they can ever be in the same room together now. But they will also survive. Hope and Liam and the girls will move on; they will all move on without him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi showed up at the hospital and asked Ciara about Julie. Ciara wanted to know why she even cared. Lani told Rafe how Gabi was with Julie when she had her heart attack. Stefan looked for Vivian, but she had finished burying Kate alive. Eric told Nicole how he got close with someone else. He told her how he got close to Sarah. Sarah read the test results again. Sarah thought about calling Eric, but she didn't do it. Nicole was surprised that Eric got together with Sarah. She remembered that Sarah was with Rex. Brady stopped Victor from strangling Ben. Brady didn't understand what Victor was doing. Ben told Victor that he loved Ciara and wouldn't give her up. Ciara went off on Gabi about what she did to Julie. She reminded Gabi how she pushed Julie down the stairs. Gabi told her it was an accident. Ciara didn't believe her. Eric continued to tell Nicole how he got closer to Sarah. Sarah ended up calling him to check on him. Eric told her that Nicole and Holly were safe and with him. She pretended to be happy for them. He told her that they were coming home soon. Eric quickly got off the phone with her. She said out loud how she wouldn't be able to tell him now. Xander was at her door and wanted to know what she wouldn't tell. Xander knew that she was having a hard time dealing with Eric being with Nicole. She made it seem like she was okay. Eric kissed Nicole. She felt bad for Sarah and wondered if there was a way for Sarah and Rex could get back together. He didn't think they would ever get together again because she's in love with him. Rafe couldn't believe Gabi would leave Julie. Lani told him how Gabi admitted what she did. Lani said that Gabi wanted revenge because she exposed her. Gabi wanted to give Julie flowers and apologized. Gabi walked off, but Ciara stopped her. She told Gabi that Julie needed a new heart. Ciara talked to Gabi about what happened with Julie. She said that if she and Ben got to her sooner, she wouldn't be as bad. Gabi apologized again and walked off. Ben wanted Brady to untie him when his phone rang. Victor didn't want him to do it. Vivian went to her room and saw Stefan in there. He wanted to know why she was so dirty. Vivian lied about what she was doing. Stefan wanted to spring her on Kate and get DiMera back. Vivian thought it would be easy. Brady untied Ben and he wanted to let Ciara know what Victor was capable of doing. Sarah made it seem like she had a stomach virus when she talked to Xander. She snapped at him so he was going to leave. Nicole asked Eric if he fell in love with Sarah. He admitted that he did love her.

Rafe went to see Gabi to find out why she left Julie when she had a heart attack. Gabi told her side of it. She thought Rafe didn't believe her. Sarah apologized for the way she reacted when Xander just wanted to help her. He wanted to take care of her. He put her blanket on her and left her room. Eric told Nicole that if he knew he would see her again, he wouldn't have been with Sarah. She intended to be the one who makes him happy. Eric said he loved her. Nicole wanted to know if he loved Sarah. He wanted to let her know about his relationship with Sarah. He told her how she was the love of his life and wanted to be with her. They kissed again. Nicole didn't think Sarah would be happy to see her. Eric assured her that Sarah would be okay with seeing her. Eric knew Sarah would be hurt, but she would understand that there wasn't a future for them. Sarah didn't know whether to tell Eric about the baby. Ben met with Ciara and told her how her grandfather talked to him about her. She apologized to him for what happened. She did tell him how she was offered a job at Titan. She was excited to be with her family. She told him how her grandfather was a softie. He didn't tell her what Victor did to him. He thought she should take the job if she wanted it. Gabi couldn't believe Rafe thought she meant to leave Julie to die. He reminded her about what she did in the past. She was convinced that Julie would be fine. They talked about how she and Stefan loved each other. Stefan wanted Vivian to get a confession from Kate on tape so they could get rid of her. Vivian told him that Kate wouldn't be a problem anymore. She told him that she took care of the problem by shooting her and burying her in the cemetery. Sarah realized that Eric was with Nicole and she was the one he wanted. She threw the paper in the garbage. Ciara went to Victor and told him that she would take the job. She did tell him that she wouldn't give up Ben. She said she wanted the job, but not if she had to give him up. Victor agreed to her terms. Ben told Brady that he would keep what Victor did a secret unless they tried to break his relationship up with Ciara. Xander went back to Sarah's room and put her cover on her. He looked in her garbage and saw the test results. Gabi went to the police station and confronted Lani about telling Rafe the truth. Lani told her why she told him what she did. Gabi warned Lani to stop saying that she left Julie to die or she would be sorry. Stefan couldn't believe that Vivian killed Kate. Vivian told him everything that happened just before she shot Kate. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Scott and Elizabeth try calling Franco to discuss the case. Franco doesn't want to talk with Scott unless he has information on his case. Scott tells Elizabeth that he has an idea. Sonny goes to see Julian and tries to offer him money for pictures that are around Charlie's. he wants to give them to Mike for his bedroom. Julian gives them for free. Brad shows up after leaving Wiley with Michael and Willow. Brad admits that Obrecht is the one to deliver Wiley. Julian puts two and two together that Nelle is the mother. Which means that he has helped Brad kidnap Sonny's grandson.

Michael and Willow look after Wiley at GH after Brad gets freaked out around Michael. Michael notices that Wiley looks nothing like Shiloh. Willow points out that he also doesn't look like her. Michael says that when he was younger he probably looked like his twin. Jason and Sam go to the PCPD to talk with Jordan and Curtis. Jordan finds out that the plane crashed and there were no survivors. Monica goes to visit Franco. He agrees to tell her about his life if she helps him leave town quicker. Jason shows up to give them both the news about Drew.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Victor told a concerned Nikki that his worsening symptoms were happening because of the stress Adam caused. Adam and Phyllis were there when Victor nearly passed out. Adam denied it when Phyllis accused him of having second thoughts about over-medicating Victor. They made a bet – if Adam continued to go through with this plot, Phyllis would do him a favor, to be named later. If Adam wasn’t able to go through with it, Phyllis wanted him to stop targeting his family for good, because she didn’t want Summer to get caught in the crossfire. Nate examined Victor, but wouldn’t give an opinion about what the issue was until after the blood test results were back. Nikki realized that Victor didn’t remember what his favorite food was anymore. Elena was late coming home because she’d shadowed Nate in surgery. Nick and Sharon discussed Faith’s upcoming move to boarding school. Sharon let Nick down gently when he asked if she and Chelsea could be friends. Sharon was glad Nick and Chelsea had a fresh start, and she wanted a fresh start for herself, too. Nick supported Chelsea and Abby at the party. Theo hugged Mariah and said they made a great team. Mariah told Tessa she trusted Theo even less now. Lola tried setting Rey up with women at the party, and she distracted Kyle every time he got mad about Theo. Sharon approved of Rey meeting new people, and she thought she should do the same. Sharon talked with Mariah and Tessa about her impending road trip, for which she had no set destination. Summer apologized to Zoe for last night. Phyllis crashed the party, and Abby and Chelsea were skeptical of Phyllis’s kind words for them. Abby thought the hotel was her calling. Zoe drugged the pitchers of drinks at the party. Phyllis overheard Devon say that he thought Chance was contesting Katherine’s will.

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