The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/6/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke opens the door after the doorbell rang and there is Bill. He asks if they are alone. She says Ridge is not here. What does he have in mind that he does not want witnesses to. Brooke tells Bill that she is not going to plot with him against Ridge. Bill thinks they can pin Thomas to the accident by tracking the car and Xander’s security footage. He asks if she will let him look in her garage. Liam puts Beth to bed and he and Hope hug and talk. She says she let her pain get in the way. They never should have been apart. He says he never blamed her as he was in pain too. They profess their love for each other and start slowly taking off each other’s clothes and lay down on the floor. Finally they are together. Ridge says he knows what Detective Sanchez said but he wants to know what Thomas has to say about Emma’s death. Thomas is hesitant but finally says he was trying to stop Emma from going to Hope and telling her the truth about Beth. He did not kill her. Ridge is relentless and wants all the details. Thomas followed her down Mulholland….she knew it was Thomas and she speeded up. So did he but he did not sideswipe her. Then she sped up too fast and lost control and went over the railing. Ridge keeps asking questions of what he did next. Thomas says nothing, he could peer down and see she was gone. Ridge says okay, then that means he got out of his car. Did he go down and try to help. Thomas says no, it was too late, he could see that. Ridge says then he called 911 and Thomas cries no, he did nothing. He knew he would look guilty if he was the one there to call the accident in. Ridge is livid then that he actually did nothing. He just let that poor girl die. Where is the boy that he raised and loved. That is worse than killing her. He was indifferent. And he asks why is Thomas apologizing to him. He was not the one who had a kid ripped away from him…….or maybe he did. He tells Thomas that what he sees is a despicable human being. He is ashamed of him and ashamed to be his father. Thomas cries and asks if they are going to put him in jail. He knows that is what Liam wants. Ridge rails into him again and wants to know what other surprises he has. Thomas says he only wanted to be happy and Hope made her own choices. Ridge says yes based on all that he told her. Thomas mentions Douglas and Ridge says oh now he wants to worry about Douglas. The only time he thinks of him is when he needs him to do something for him. And break up a marriage that would never be his. And three words would have ended this whole nightmare. So do not bring Zoe, Xander and Flo into this.

Ridge asks what else is missing. He must have had more plots. Thomas says sometimes you cannot leave things to chance. Ridge says true but they would never choose Thomas. Thomas admits when he wants something, he wants too much. Ridge cannot remember when Thomas wanted anything that badly. He was loved growing up and had anything he ever needed. So this is how he finds his joy by hurting other people. He looks at him and wonders where his son went. Then maybe he was never here at all. Thomas says Ridge can pretend he does not know but it was him that wanted Hope to be his wife and mother to Douglas and send Liam back to Steffy where he belonged. So he was doing what he thought would make everyone happy. So just wash his hands and leave and that is exactly what he deserves. Ridge asks if he is done feeling sorry for himself and now blaming Ridge. He wants to know about his car……the tracking system. Thomas says he deleted the history when Xander saw it. Thomas wants to know why he is asking. Ridge replies because he would never turn his back on his son. Thomas cries that he has been in a fog since Caroline died and he does not know how to be a single parent. Ridge says they can work on that. Thomas says he is not good enough for Douglas. Ridge comes and sits on the bed with Thomas and says Douglas sure thinks Thomas is and so does he. They end in a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Nicole kissed at the cabin. She stopped because she realized that Kristen was walking around dressed as her. Eric told her what happened. He talked to her about how his heart broke when the building exploded. He also told her that Holly was the only thing keeping him going. Holly came out of the room. Sarah went to the hospital to check to see if she was pregnant. She prepared to give herself blood work when Kayla caught her. She asked her what she was doing. Vivian put a gun on Kate. Kate tried to talk herself out of getting shot. She was prepared to give her an offer she couldn't refuse. Ciara was surprised that Brady was offering her a job at Titan. He tried to convince her to take the job. Xander had Ben tied to a chair. He threw water on his face. Victor wanted to talk to him about Ciara. Sarah lied to Kayla about why she was doing her own blood work. Kayla offered to do it for her. Eric talked to Nicole about all of the things that Kristen did while she pretended to be her. Nicole apologized to him. Brady continued to talk to Ciara about what her role would be at Titan. Ciara was suspicious of his offer. She thought Brady offered her the job to keep her away from Ben. Brady finally admitted that the family didn't want to see her with a psycho. She threw Kristen up in his face. Ben told Victor how he and Ciara loved each other. He felt like he was a better man because of her. Victor thought he wasn't good enough for her and wanted him to break up with her immediately. 

Kate told Vivian that she didn't want to shoot her. Vivian wanted to do it. Kate reminded her that she wanted to work with her, but Vivian remembered that she turned her down. Kate wanted to make it up to her. Kate wanted to offer her the same deal. Kate wanted to run the company together. Nicole explained what Kristen wanted from her. Kayla finished doing Sarah's blood work. Sarah admitted that she might be pregnant. Nicole continued to tell Eric about Kristen's plan. Ciara got offended at the idea of Brady acting as if he knew about her relationship. She said Ben was a good person. Brady told her that people don't change. She reminded him that he was with Kristen recently. They talked about how he was with Kristen and didn't know she wasn't Nicole. Brady told her he didn't know who she was. He warned her that the DiMeras weren't like them. Ben told Victor that he had no intention of dumping Ciara. Victor thought he was like his father. Ben wanted to prove to him that he wasn't like his father. Victor told him there was nothing he could do to convince him. He warned him to break up with her or Xander would break his neck. Ben didn't think that Victor would kill him. Xander put the tie around Ben's neck and prepared to choke him. Sarah told Kayla that the baby would have to be Eric's if she's pregnant. She hoped it would be a false alarm. Eric told Nicole that Brady slept with Kristen. Ciara continued to tell Brady that he had feelings for Kristen. Ciara wondered if he wanted one more chance with Kristen. Victor asked Ben one more time if he would break up with Ciara. Ben refused to do it so Xander continued to choke him. Nicole couldn't believe that Brady couldn't tell that he wasn't with her. Eric told her he would have known the second he got close to her. Eric told her that he had to tell her something before they went back to Salem. Kayla gave Sarah her test results. Brady told Ciara that the job wasn't going to be based on whether she broke up with Ben. She decided to consider the job offer. Victor thought it was poetic that the necktie killer would be taken out with a necktie. Xander decided to stop choking Ben. Xander told Victor that he couldn't kill Ben. Victor took the tie and decided to choke him. Vivian didn't want to take Kate's offer. Kate noticed the grave Vivian had ready for her. Kate couldn't believe Vivian was going to bury her alive. Vivian said she wouldn't be alive. She shot Kate and she fell in the grave. Vivian shoveled dirt on the grave. Brady went home and caught Victor strangling Ben. Eric told Nicole that he got close to someone else. Sarah checked the test results. She found out that she was pregnant. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss and Dev start school together. Jax tells Joss it is ok if she doesn’t want to go today. Joss knows that Oscar only ever skipped school once he knew he was dying. They go to school and Oscar’s old locker has a picture of them. Joss is shocked to see it. Jax confronts Carly and Sonny about Dev and informs them that he could potentially take Joss in. Carly doesn’t like the sound of this. She gets angry at Sonny because this is mentioned. Sonny will think things through.

Nelle and Shiloh meet again in jail and Nelle suggests working together against the Quartermaine family. Sasha is given a cautious bill of health. Nina and Michael both celebrate with Valentin. Nina wants Valentin to go after Cassandra. Valentin thinks that Sonny will do it himself. Alexis tells Diane about her date with Neil at drag queen bingo.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Chelsea throw a pre party at the Grand Phoenix lounge to show their appreciation to everyone who has helped them with the Grand opening of the hotel. The ladies thank everyone for their efforts and hope that the grand opening will be a success. Zoe is upset and hurt when Kyle, Lola, Summer and Theo can't seem to get away fast enough after she talks to them for a few minutes. Zoe is hurt the most when Summer tells her she is too clingy and she doesn't want to be her friend because she has enough friends right now. Devon talks to Jill and Nick about the challenge to Katherine's will and the mystery lawyer who doesn't have a picture of herself on her website Amanda Sinclair. Jill suspects her client could be Chance since he sent her an e-mail telling her he has been busy working on a possible lucrative business deal. Adam arrives at the Newman ranch to tell Victor he wants to call a truce with him for the sake of Christian and Connor but Victor doesn't trust that his son truly wants to call a truce with him. Adam switches Victor's pills to pills that are double Victor's dosage and later Victor takes his medicine unaware of what Adam has done.

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