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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas sits up in his hospital bed and asks the doc if he is better and good enough to go home. He says he is impatient and wants to get back to his life. He has a young son at home wanting to see him. Dr. Armstrong says he would normally like to keep him another day or two but considering his son he will check out a few vital signs and then probably will release him. Before Ridge leaves, Detective Sanchez comes in and says he hears Thomas might be released soon so he assumes he is up to answering a few more questions. Brooke meets with Donna and Katie and they want to know anything new with Thomas or Ridge. She says she thinks Ridge is still waiting for her to go and apologize to Thomas. Katie says surely when Thomas is released he does not expect to go home as if nothing ever happened. Donna says he cannot escape the consequences of what he has done. Liam walks in and says Thomas will not escape. He is going to make sure of it. He says Thomas is a full grown man, not a child, and he has used all this time to keep him and Hope apart and from Beth. He is not a different person, he is the same guy. And he worries what he might do when he is released. Yes he cleared Brooke of pushing him but he did that to gain brownie points. He does not want to turn a blind eye to what might happen now. He reminds Brooke that Thomas will expect to come back and stay in the only home he has known since returning to L.A. And that will be only a few feet from the cabin with he and Hope. And Thomas will spend time insinuating himself in Hope’s life again. Brooke has spent so much time trying to protect Hope so do not sit by and let Thomas get his way. Brooke says she has no intention of doing that, but it seems like she may be fighting Thomas but also Ridge and for her marriage.

Detective Sanchez asks Ridge if he can answer for Emma’s accident unless he was there. Sanchez tells them that Thomas was there that night chasing Emma and trying to keep her from telling Hope the truth. Ridge stops him and says that is enough unless he needs to see a lawyer. Sanchez says he also talked to Flo Fulton and she did not paint a very nice picture of Thomas. She could still testify. And he thinks Thomas is still in jeopardy because of Emma’s death. Ridge is worried and tells Thomas that he could lose his freedom and he does not want that. Thomas replies he does not either. He apologies to his dad for getting caught up in something and then lying about it. He is sorry for letting his dad down. Then he admits he is scared. He could go to prison and he has his whole life ahead of him. And then there is Douglas who needs his father just the way Thomas needs his father now. He says Ridge is the only one on his side. He looks him in the eyes and begs him to help him. Liam tells Brooke while alone that he does not want Thomas around Hope so if he is here they will have to move out. They need to work together to make sure he does no more damage to their family. Thomas tells Ridge that he has done horrible things that he is ashamed of, but he needs his dad now more than ever. Ridge questions him about the night Emma died. He wants to make sure Thomas told him the truth about that night. Did Thomas run Emma off the road….is he responsible for that young woman’s death. He wants the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan went to see Vivian at the Salem Inn. She was happy to see him and wanted to go home. He told her that Kate was there and running DiMera. Kate wanted Gabi to tell her where Stefan was, but she wouldn't tell her. Kate reminded her how he tried to kill her. Victor talked to Brady about his decision to be with Kristen. Victor wanted to know if he made the right decision keeping him as CEO of Titan. He recapped everything his family did. He wanted to stop Ciara from being with Ben. Vivian wanted to call Mr. Shin to get him to change his mind about having Kate run DiMera Enterprises. Vivian thought he lost his job because of Abby. He told her about Gabby and how he's working with Gabi. Kate and Gabi briefly ended their argument. Kate wanted to continue with the plan to get rid of Stefan, but Gabi didn't want to do that now. Xander went to Sarah's room to check on her. He told her how he overheard her talking to Eric about Nicole. She claimed she was okay with him finding Nicole. Xander didn't believe it. Gabi told Kate how she fell in love with Kate. Kate understood how she felt about Stefan. Kate told Gabi that she was lucky that Vivian was dead. Vivian started drinking after she heard Stefan's news. Stefan told Vivian that Gabi's his soul mate and he loved her. She wanted more for him than Gabi. She wanted to help him get the company  back from Kate. Vivian wanted to know why Kate wasn't in prison. He told her that Kate said it was an accident. Stefan told her that he wanted to kill Kate, but Gabi stopped him. 

Sarah told Xander about how she ended up with Eric. She let him know that she was better off alone than with someone who loves someone else. Xander told her that he would love her more than anyone else. He would never make her feel second best. Xander gave her a compliment and tried to kiss her. She backed away and threw up on the floor. Ben went to Ciara and she told him about what happened to Julie. Ciara called Ben a hero for saving Julie. Victor told Brady that Ben had to be eliminated from Ciara's life. Brady wondered why he told him about it. Victor wanted him to help him get rid of Ben. Stefan told Vivian that Kate will be fighting for her life with his new plan to make her pay for what she did. Kate thanked her for saving her life. Kate wanted Gabi to work with her and let bygones be bygones. She wanted Gabi to get Stefan to stop lashing out at her. She wanted him to move on with his life since Vivian was gone. Vivian was afraid Kristen's goons were outside and she wasn't sure if Kate would come after her. Stefan gave her back her gun before he left. Eric wasn't sure if he did too much by texting Robert. Robert texted him back so he knew where to find Nicole and Holly. He picked up the guard's gun and left. Xander didn't realize that he made Sarah wan to puke. She thought she was worried about Eric or had a stomach virus. Xander thought she might be pregnant. Sarah told him that she was a doctor and knew how not to get pregnant. She finally thanked him for the things he said about her. Xander went downstairs so Victor told him that he needed his help with something. Eric went to a cabin and a guard put a gun on him. He let Eric know that they were watching him at the townhouse. The guy put the gun on Eric, but he managed to punch him and knocked the gun out of his hand. The guard was going to make him pay for what he did. Brady went to the hospital and asked Ciara to join the family business. Victor vowed to take care of Ciara for Bo. Xander found Ben and put him in a headlock. Ben passed out afterwards. Kate got the shock of her life when she ran into Vivian. Vivian pulled a gun out on her. Sarah was canceling her appointments and realized that she could be pregnant after all. Eric fought off the guard until he was knocked out. Eric called out to Nicole and she came out of a room. They hugged and kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis informs Kim that Olivia won’t be able to buy Charlie's for another week. Kim is distracted though. She goes inside and Julian walks over to make sure she is ok. Franco shows up shocked that Kim is there and that Julian owns the place. Cam tells Elizabeth what happened. Elizabeth brushes it off because there are more important things to worry about right now. Jordan and Mac find out that Andre was stabbed. Sam explains to Jason and Elizabeth that Drew’s plane never landed in the Middle East.

Sonny and Diane discuss with Carly the prospect of adopting Dev. Carly will only agree if all their children are ok with it. Michael and Sam discuss the fact that Sasha might be lying about something. Sam doesn’t want Michael to get too worried about it. Nina is concerned about Sasha. Obrecht blackmails Brad into helping cover up Sasha’s potential DNA test.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Summer have lunch at Society while they continue to brainstorm ideas for Jabot and when Lola tells Theo that Kyle is acting CEO while Jack is on vacation Theo seems upset rather than happy for Kyle. Kyle advises Zoe not to let Theo use her or make her do something she doesn't want to do but Zoe just thinks Theo is cute and harmless. Kyle is at the office later when Lola arrives with the leftovers of his lunch and he tells her he can't stand being around Theo. Lola advises Kyle to leave Theo in the past since Theo can't accept that he is grown up and married and left his old life in the past. Theo tells Summer that he likes holding Kyle's feet to the fire and getting a little payback for how Kyle has treated both f them he enjoys having the power to ruin Kyle's marriage because Lola doesn't know his secret. Summer finds Theo's words to be a turn on and the couple make love. Billy awakens and doesn't remember anything about almost killing Adam on route 7 or going to the Chancellor mansion to talk to Chloe before he went to route 7 to meet Adam. Chloe tells him everything that happened and later talks to Kevin at Crimson lights and after a long talk she persuades Kevin to help her get Billy to the point that he realizes he needs professional help to deal with his grief and anger with Adam. Nate confronts Adam about stealing his tablet and hiring someone to hack into the tablet and later hiring someone to interpret the medical records for him. Adam denies Nate's allegations but Nate is sure that he is lying and he later talks to Abby about it and they both hope Adam isn't going to use Victor's condition against him but Abby tells Nate that when it comes to Adam they have to prepare for the worst. Adam plays catch with Connor in the park to help Connor break in his new baseball glove. A woman arrives and gives Adam a bottle of pills that she tells him look just like Victor's pills except they are double the dosage. The woman warns Adam that doubling the dosage of the medicine will increase Victor's side effects of dizziness, shortness of breath, and sudden drop in blood pressure so he must watch Victor carefully. Adam takes Connor back to the penthouse and he tells Connor he feels tired so they will have a longer visit next time. Connor wonders if Adam is sick like his grandpa.. Connor tells Adam that he heard Nick and his mom talking and he wonders if his grandpa will be okay and Adam says his grandpa will be just fine because he is invincible.

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