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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that she does not think Ridge will ever forgive her for re-acting so fast. Bill says typical of the dressmaker so no big loss. So either Ridge does not know her at all or perhaps he does not know Thomas. Flo sits and tells Ridge she wanted to tell the truth so many times. She hated herself every single day. In the end it was his own son that kept her from telling. She knows he is Ridge’s son and he will be on his side but Thomas was the one who did not want her to tell the truth or he would lose Hope. Then she happens to mention Emma and he wants to know what she had to do with it. Flo says many people think Thomas had something to do with her death. Ridge is shaken. He says everyone connected to this will be prosecuted. She says that is as it should be. She is not asking for pity. He says she stole a baby twice, once from Hope and once from Steffy. She says maybe he does not know that side of his son but if he did he would know why she had to keep quiet. Thomas would stop at nothing to get Hope and that included manipulating his own son. So what does Ridge think he would do if someone else came along and was in the way. She says she thinks Thomas has some very serious issues and is guilty of a very serious crime. The doctor tells Thomas that he will have headaches for a while and need rest for the broken ribs but he will mend and be okay. Brooke says Thomas is using his heartstrings to get back with Hope. And Ridge is buying it. Bill tells Brooke that Thomas is a sociopath and there is something seriously wrong with him. And if Ridge cannot see that then something is seriously wrong with him too. Flo tells Ridge more and that Thomas knew all along about Beth but did not want Hope to know so she would marry him. He used his son to help with that too. With Emma out of the way then he started in on Flo threatening her of that same end. She tells Ridge she is done and she calls the guard to take her away. Last thing she does is pick up the Logan gal picture. Bill goes to see Thomas and asks how his boo-boo is. And good, he recognizes him and has his full attention. And he wants him to know he does not like the things he has done to his family. But he has been working on himself. Everyone tells him to watch his temper and they are right. Normally he would have walked in there and choked him as he deserved and he still could. His eyes glisten as he says he is not going to do that and he is so proud of himself. On the other hand he will be damned if he will let this go which is what he thinks Thomas would want... just smooth it over and sweep it under the rug and apologize for his mistake…….that is what he wants to call it a mistake and move on. Just blink once for yes and twice for no. Better yet just keep lying there looking stupid. This mistake is going to have consequences and he can’t wait to teach him how. Katie tells Brooke that Thomas has been a source of tension for a while and she needs to deal with that. Brooke says and it has gotten worse since Thomas’s accident. They have never been this far apart. Brooke says she wishes for Ridge that she could believe Thomas was remorseful and a new man, but she cannot believe that. And this is Ridge, the man she loves, the man she married and should be able to rely on yet he believes Thomas and wants her to even go thank him for keeping her out of jail. Thomas had a dark side to him that no one knew how bad it was and even for Ridge she cannot forgive that. She cannot pretend that is okay. She is not going to do that anymore. Thomas has to learn a lesson here. Thomas asks Bill is he threatening him. Bill says if he were he would not have to even ask. This is how things get misinterpreted. If Hope had nothing to fear from him then he has nothing to fear from Bill.

Thomas says he is supposed to be resting. Bill says yes and Hope was supposed to be a mother. Thomas replies he did not steal her baby. Bill retorts still he did all he could to make sure she would not get Beth back so as far as he is concerned it’s the same difference. Thomas became fixated on a whole different level. That’s a whole other level of sick. Thomas says he does not expect forgiveness but he did apologize to Hope. Bill says he knows, the poor freak that he is. He is now pouring it out of his black heart but no one is buying it. Well only Ridge but he has to or he would have to admit his first born son is a lunatic and a complete loser. Buckingham and Flo in jail, Xander and Zoe lost their jobs and here he is, Tommy the choo choo. “I think I can get away with it, I think I can get away with it.” All wrapped up in his father’s ignorance and his own excuses. You cannot defend the indefensible and he will make sure Thomas pays for what he has done. Ridge walks in and tells Bill he is not wanted here. Bill gives him a cold stare. They end up arguing with Bill saying Flo and Buckingham are paying the price and Thomas will have to do the same. And that is what is wrong. Every time his kid screws up he just gives him a blankie and a ba-ba and coddles him. Thomas moves like he is going to laugh or throw up and Bill tells him just to lay there and let his dad handle it while he sucks his thumb. Then he drops the bomb that he has been talking to Justin and there seems to be reason to think that Thomas may have been involved in Emma’s death so he is going to have a lot bigger problem than just keeping a secret. All Ridge can say is that is a very serious heavy accusation. Bill says he knows, but he knows he does not bluff nor does he blink. Ridge wants him gone and raises his voice enough that the doctor comes in to quiet things down so Thomas can rest. Bill apologizes and says yes Ridge yelled at him but Thomas does need his rest and he would like to give him one last piece of advice. Daddy cannot save him from this one or from him. Justice will be done. He’ll see to that. He leaves then Ridge leaves with the doctor scratching his head. Bill catches Ridge outside in the hallway and says he is not doing his son any favors. He has to learn his lesson and pay for what he did to Hope, Liam, even Steffy. Ridge says he knows. He’s worried about him not just for the fall but for the decisions he has made to get him here. Okay he kept a secret but that is not a crime and he is trying to make amends. Ridge says he almost died. Bill says yes of his own actions where he should be in jail. And if the police find he is responsible at all for Emma’s death then he is going away and there is not a damn thing Ridge can do. He leaves and Ridge returns to the window to watch the doctor with his son, and gives a heavy sigh.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Hope, Doug, and Ciara that Julie's condition was serious. Doug wondered if Kayla could do anything to help Julie, but she wasn't sure. Ben told Stefan and Gabi that Julie had a massive heart attack. Gabi didn't believe it. She thought he was faking it, but he told them how he and Ciara found her. Stefan wanted him to go to Chicago to get Vivian. Gabi couldn't believe what she did. Eric was determined to find Nicole and Holly. The guard told him that his other boss wouldn't want him to do that. He put the gun on Eric. Gabi couldn't believe that Julie had a real heart attack. Stefan wanted to be there for Gabi, but she made it hard for him. She repeated how she wouldn't leave Julie to die. Gabi told Stefan what happened when she saw Julie. She wanted to find out how Julie was doing. Doug wanted answers from Kayla. She didn't know what else to do for her. He wanted to know if Julie was going to die. The guard was about to shoot Eric, but Vivian stopped him. Eric thought that Vivian was the boss the guard was talking about before. She denied it. She wanted to go in another room, but the guard wouldn't let her leave. He didn't want her to be a witness so he wanted to shoot her too. Eli and Lani arrived at the hospital. Hope told them what happened to Julie. Doug wanted to go see her. Kayla let him go. Hope wanted Ciara to go with him. Hope wanted Kayla to tell her and Eli what was really going on with Julie. Kayla took Hope and Eli to a waiting room and told them that Julie needed a new heart. Eli wanted her to be on the transplant list, but she said it was impossible. Doug, Ciara, and Lani went to see Julie. She woke up and they talked to each other. She admitted that she was scared. Doug tried to make her feel better. Doug didn't want her to see him cry so he left the room. Lani talked to Julie. Julie told her that Gabi left her to die. Stefan told Gabi that Julie didn't die. He let her know that she would be fine. Gabi wanted to go check on Julie. Stefan didn't think she should go to the hospital, but she insisted on going. Vivian told the guard that he couldn't kill her because she is the mother of Stefano DiMera's son. She warned him that Stefan would be upset if something happened to her. The guard didn't believe her so he wanted to kill them right away. 

Ben showed up in Chicago and snuck up on the guard. They fought over the gun and then it went off. Julie told Lani what Gabi did. Lani assured her that she was safe now. Doug came back to the room. Lani wanted to take care of something now that he was back in her room. Hope didn't understand why Kayla couldn't get a transplant. She told them that Julie couldn't get on the list because of her age. She told them that the people who could live the longest would get the transplant. Kayla apologized to Hope. Gabi and Stefan showed up at the hospital and asked Lani about Julie. Lani wanted to know why she cared when she watched her have the heart attack and didn't do anything. Kayla couldn't tell how long Julie had to live without the transplant. Hope thanked her for her honesty. Hope wanted to be with Julie. Lani yelled at Gabi for walking away from Julie. Stefan tried to defend Gabi. Lani told her off again. She called her out for her actions. Gabi didn't want to hear what she had to say, but Lani went after her again. Lani thought Gabi wanted Julie to die. The guard ended up being the one who died. Eric was upset that the man who knew where Nicole and Holly were died. Ben was sorry for shooting the guard. Vivian didn't care that he killed him. Vivian thought they should get out of there because the guard's boss would show up. Ben thought she meant Kristen. Eric took the guard's phone to see if he could find out where to find Nicole and Holly. Julie woke up while Doug and Ciara were talking. Hope and Eli went to the room. Lani continued to rip into Gabi for what she did to Julie. Stefan threatened Lani with a lawsuit, but she wanted Gabi to think about what she did to Julie. Gabi and Stefan went back to the mansion and they talked about what Lani said to her. Gabi thought everyone would think she was a bad person. Stefan knew that Gabi wouldn't leave a woman to die. Julie wanted to know when she could go home. Hope said she could, but she couldn't go that night. Ben let Stefan know that he found Vivian. Ben wondered if Eric had luck with the phone. Vivian took the phone and used the guard's print to open the phone. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Trina and Cam walk in the park together and Franco is kissing Kim passionately. Kim cannot do this and walks away. Cam confronts him that he is glad that Oscar is dead so he doesn't have to see how much of a jerk his father is. Jason goes to Elizabeth to try to offer help with things around the house. Elizabeth thinks he is happy that Franco is gone.

Robert tells Peter that he is still on to him. Peter thinks that he has done nothing wrong. Maxie is annoyed that Mac is going back to the police because all the men in her life have to be heroes. Julian is informed he will have to wait another week for the sale to go through. He gives Wiley a trust.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle has a productive first day as interim CEO as he and Summer reestablish their working relationship with proper boundaries. Kyle and Summer decide to show everyone what they can do while Jack is on vacation because it will be good for their careers. Victoria tells Victor and Nikki about Billy being in rehab and about the nightmares he is having about Delia. Victor thinks Billy isn't in rehab at all and that Chloe might know more about Billy's situation then what she is telling anyone. Adam asks Nate about Victor's medical condition and when Nate doesn't tell him anything he steals Nate's tablet but Nate figures out that he took his tablet. Adam meets with Phyllis and persuades her to hack into Nate's tablet so he can get Victor's medical records to tweak Victor's medication a little so that Victor thinks he is getting worse not better. Phyllis tells Adam he owes her a big favor which she hasn't thought of yet. Jack calls Traci from his car and tells her he will check in from time to time to let her know how he is doing. Jack doesn't tell Traci where he is going but the audience sees from his car navigation he is headed to the Pine Forrest Inn and Spa.

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