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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge finds out from the doctor on the phone that Thomas has a concussion and a couple of broken ribs but he’s making it all right. Brooke says she is pleased. He continues to say she can call it an accident but the truth is Thomas is in the hospital because his wife hates him. Shauna visits Flo in jail. She says it breaks her heart to tell her that she went to Quinn but she is not going to help with bail. Flo does not blame Quinn. She got what she deserved and they are right. Shauna has to tell her that Thomas is in the hospital; he fell off a cliff. Bill tells Katie that it does not matter where Thomas is now, he and the rest of them will have to pay. If he thinks that falling off the cliff is the worst thing that can happen to him then he has another think coming. Brooke continues with Ridge all that Thomas has done hurting her daughter so she feels her actions were justified. But now they are like strangers to each other both with different views. He says who he really wants is Buckingham but he cannot get to him right now. And Brooke would be in jail if Thomas had not lied. So she ought to go thank him. And if not Buckingham, he can get to Flo. He barrels past Pam who comes straight to Brooke and says there is so much drama around here and she could not help but notice the tension between Ridge and Brooke earlier. And all with good reason since they both have children on opposite sides. Bill interrupts so she leaves him with Brooke. Ridge tells Flo that she seems surprised to see him. First thing he does is show her a photo of her and the Logan girls all hugging… big happy family. But she has lied from day one. She admits what she did was wrong. And she tried to tell Thomas to do the right thing and he never did. She is not going to defend herself here. But she is glad Thomas survived. He tells her she is a very beautiful woman. She could have anything she wanted. But she hurts people she says she cares for and he does not understand that. Brooke tells Bill that Ridge is on the warpath as he went to see Flo. Bill says he hates to see the tension between her and Ridge but Flo will not skate for this…….nor Thomas. She gives her side of the accident and he says she does not have to defend herself to him. That would be Ridge who always tries to justify his behavior and now Thomas’s. She admits she is not sure they will ever get past this.

Ridge jumps on the Steffy bandwagon when Flo brings up Hope and Liam. He reminds her over and over how hurt Steffy was. It broke her heart in a million pieces. She is strong but she was left like someone had pulled the spine right out of her. He knows because he was there when she found out and collapsed in his arms. And he watched Hope and Liam take Beth out the door. Steffy gave up that precious girl with such grace. He came here today as he wanted to see Flo face to face and her to acknowledge all the pain and suffering she has caused. His son is included in that because he got caught up in her web of lies. He almost died. Does she have anything to say for herself. She says no, nothing that would help anything. She has already told him she regretted what she has done. He says she is right. It would not matter what she says now. The only thing that gives him some comfort is that Flo will be here a long time. And he will see her year after year losing her youth and beauty and she will know exactly who she hurt to cause this. He is not a bad person but he wants to see her suffer the way his entire family has. And he will be here to see that she suffers until the last broken heart is mended.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian called Stefan to let him know that she was alive. He had trouble believing it at first. Eric called Sarah to let her know that he, Jennifer, and Jack found Rolf. He told her that they were on their way back to Salem with Rolf. He let her know that Nicole and Holly ran off so he wanted to stay in Chicago to find them. Sarah wasn't really too happy about the news. Ciara was worried about Julie. She thanked Ben for saving Julie's life. She was worried that Julie was lying on the ground too long. Ciara wished that someone had found her sooner. Gabi thought about Julie having her heart attack. Gabi was sure that Julie was faking her heart attack. Ciara called Hope to tell her about Julie, but she didn't answer the phone. Doug saw Hope at Doug's Place. Doug wondered if she heard from Julie because he hadn't heard from her in a while. Kayla tried to help Julie at the hospital. Doug talked to Hope about Julie being gone for so long. Hope made a joke about her shopping and he assumed that was what she was doing. Julie thought about what happened with Gabi. Julie ended up flat lining. Gabi was convinced that Julie was faking her heart attack. Stefan didn't understand how Vivian was alive. Vivian told him what happened with Rolf. She told him that Kristen was holding her captive. He was ready to do something to her if Vivian was hurt. Sarah thought it was great that Holly and Nicole were alive. Eric told her that he hadn't seen them yet. Sarah asked if he knew where they were. He told her that he had to go. She said she loved him, but he didn't say it back to her. Hope told Doug about the letter that Ted wrote to her. He asked her if she wanted him to read it to her. Ciara had trouble reaching Doug too. Sarah walked up to them and wanted to know what was wrong. Ciara told her what happened to Julie. A guard pulled a gun on Eric. Eric refused to leave until he found out what he wanted to know. He told the guard how Nicole and Holly escaped and he wanted to know where they were. Eric was prepared to get killed to find out what he wanted to know. Stefan wanted to go get Vivian. He told Gabi that he got a call from Vivian and that she was still alive. Gabi wasn't happy about it. Kayla continued to work on Julie. Julie thought about her conversation with Gabi again. Eric tried to taunt the guard about Rolf being gone. He wanted him to tell him where Nicole and Holly were. Sarah assured Ciara that Kayla would do what she could to help Julie. Julie finally had a pulse. Julie thought about Gabi again. Sarah walked in the room when Julie opened her eyes. She said she left her to die. Stefan thought it was a miracle that Vivian was alive and he noticed Gabi wasn't happy about it. Gabi reminded him about what Vivian did to her. Doug read Ted's letter to Hope. Doug didn't want to read the rest of the letter. Hope wanted to know why he didn't want to read the letter. 

Hope took the letter from Doug and read how Ted lied about losing a child. She couldn't believe that he lied about something like that. Doug was glad that Hope walked away from him. Hope read that he lied about his wife dying too. Doug commented about the things Ted wrote, but Hope wanted to finish reading it. The guard refused to tell Eric anything about Nicole and Holly because of Kristen. Eric told him how Kristen was willing to cut a deal to get out of jail. Eric used Kristen getting out of jail to make him tell where he could find Nicole and Holly. Stefan thought it was a miracle that his mother was alive. He wanted her to be happy for him. He wanted her to find it in her heart to forgive Vivian the way she forgave him. She agreed to try to forgive him. She wanted to go upstairs, but he had to get to Chicago. Gabi couldn't wait to see Kate's face when she found out about Vivian. Stefan didn't want Kate to find out anything. Julie passed out before she could tell Sarah and Kayla who left her for dead. Gabi wanted Stefan to send Ben to Chicago to get Vivian. He would be glad to see Kate's face when she found out that Vivian was alive. He hoped that she would have a heart attack. She told him about the heart attack that Julie faked. Ben assured Ciara that Julie would be okay. Sarah told Ciara that Julie would be okay. Ciara wanted more answers, but Sarah couldn't tell her more. Ben got a text from Stefan telling him that it was urgent. She wanted him to go to Stefan. Ciara tried to call Hope again. Doug wanted to know if Hope was okay. She said she was okay. She thought about the love that she shared with Bo. She wondered if she was going to ever love again. Doug tried to make her feel better about what happened to her. Sarah and Kayla were in the waiting room. Sarah told her that Eric said Holly and Nicole were alive. Sarah told her what happened to Nicole and Holly. Eric tried to get answers from the guard. The guard told Eric that he didn't just answer to Kristen. He wanted to know who else he answered to and they looked at Vivian. Ben went to the DiMera mansion. Stefan told Ben to go to Chicago to pick up a woman. Stefan told him that he had to pick up his mother. Vivian denied being the other person that was helping Kristen. Eric wanted to know who the guard was working for besides Kristen. Hope checked her phone and found out about Julie. The guard wouldn't tell Eric about the other boss. Eric was prepared to walk out of the room, but the guard threatened to shoot him. Ben told Stefan and Gabi that Julie had a massive heart attack. Doug and Julie showed up at the hospital. Doug wanted to know about Julie. Kayla showed up and told them that she had some bad news. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis reveals to Jordan that he got caught and fired by Jax. Jordan told him so. Jordan goes to check on something at GH. Curtis goes to a meeting with Hayden. Jax is angry that Hayden got him involved. Hayden explains to Curtis they are looking for the real will of Mikkos Cassadine. Jordan shows up at GH to find Andre in a coma.

Elizabeth tells Julian that she will get Franco back. Julian looks at her in pity. He goes to Charlie's and tells Olivia that things will be all set very soon with the sale. Sonny and Olivia celebrate the news of her opening Charlie's herself. Kim and Franco talk as if he is Drew. Cousin Gladys shows up to have lunch with Mike and Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Lola decide to start looking four a bigger apartment because their shower broke and Rey came over for a visit. Lola realizes that It hurts Rey every time he sees Sharon when he comes to visit them. Lola tells Kyle that she took a picture with Zoe for her to post on social media and Kyle looks worried that his secret will come out. Zoe asks Phyllis to team up with her to sabotage the opening of the Grand Phoenix because she wants it to go viral so she can become a famous social media influencer. Phyllis turns down the offer because Summer is also working on the opening and she doesn't want to ruin her night. Phyllis warns Zoe not to go through with her plan because she doesn't want to have the Abbotts and the Newman's for enemies. De on talks about his grandmother Katherine with Elena and he tells her he wishes he had more time to spend with her. Devon also tells Elena that he is wondering why the discrepancies in the will didn't appear until now. Sharon tries to explain to Adam why she turned down his marriage proposal but he tells her that no matter how much she tries to deny it she wants to be with him. Sharon asks Nick if Faith can stay with him because she needs to take a trip to think but what she really means is she wants to forget about Adam. Jack and Victor have a long talk over a drink and Jack tells Victor that he feels like there is something missing in his life. Victor tells him that when he felt that way he left town until he found what he needed which was Nikki. Victor tells Jack that he failed Adam that is why Adam has done the terrible things he has done. Victor doesn't think the relationship between he and Adam can be repaired. Jack decides to leave town and asks Kyle to take over as CEO of Jabot while he is away on his trip. Kyle is nervous about it but Jack assures him he will do a great job. Jack gets in his car where the ghost of his father asks him where they are going and Jack says " I don't know dad I will let you know when we get there."

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