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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Sanchez to take it easy. Thomas just took a very bad fall. Det. Sanchez says he is aware of that. All he wants to ask Thomas if he fell or was he pushed. Wyatt starts to kiss Sally and she tells the cowboy to hold his roll. She’s not sure she wants to jump back in headfirst. She seems to enjoy giving him a hard time. He says he can do better than that first kiss. And they can make this relationship whatever they want it to be. Sally had her second chance so now he wants his too. They joke about his chewing his breakfast cereal and other things. He wants to take her to dinner for a real date. She apologizes again for not telling him the truth about Thomas. Perhaps some of this could have been avoided. Wyatt says he does not want him to die but he got himself into all this mess so he will pay for his actions. He mentions Flo too sitting in a jail cell, one deception after another. That’s why he hopes they can all move past this. She says he seems pretty confident. Thomas tells Det. Sanchez that no one pushed him; it was an accident. Brooke gives a quiet sigh of relief. Sanchez asks Thomas if he is positive and Thomas says yes, he fell. Before the detective leaves he tells Thomas not to leave town. There is new information that he needs to get from Xander and Flo. Ridge begs for just a little time and Hope and Liam stay as well. Thomas says he has no one to blame but himself. Brooke was only trying to protect her daughter thinking he was hurting her. He does not know what made him do the things he did. He was being selfish but he guarantees them he will never do anything like that again. He knows he has no right to ask for their forgiveness. But he did it out of love for her. He meant his vows. Douglas really wanted Hope to be his mother. Thomas wanted her too for Douglas’s mother. And he is sorry that he knew the truth but kept Beth’s whereabouts from her. He tells Hope that he loves her and hopes someday she can forgive him. The doctor comes back in and says that is enough. He tells Ridge and Brooke that considering the fall, there seems to be no setbacks….no paralysis, no broken bones or even concussion. So he would just like to keep him for another day or two for the swelling to go down. They can consider themselves lucky.

Ridge tells Brooke that’s a relief. And Thomas is not the only one who should feel lucky. She must be relieved that Thomas did not tell the detective the truth. He pulls away when she tries to put her hand on his. He says he saw her push Thomas whether it was intentional or not. Liam and Hope talk and she is grateful that Thomas did not say her mother pushed him. Liam says yes, he was not sure where he was going. She says Thomas’s apology is not enough, not even close. There are so many firsts with Beth they have missed. He admits that is true but look at it this way. There will be so many more firsts they will see and enjoy now. Brooke and Ridge sit and talk. He tells her she got off lucky that Thomas did not tell the truth. He saw her push him. She tries to explain one more time that she was only protecting her daughter. She saw Thomas put his hands on her daughter’s arms and thoughts went flashing through her head of things Thomas has done and could do to Hope. Ridge is staunch in his views. He saw what he saw. She pushed him off the cliff and he could have died. They are lucky he is still with them. She says she is sure he was frightened but so was she. And Ridge needs to understand what she saw. And why they went over to the cliff house in the first place because they knew Thomas would be there and were afraid. He says again that he saw what he saw and that was Brooke shoving his son so they are going to see this differently. He was not afraid when he went to Steffy’s. He told her he would handle it. Now he is only concerned with what just happened in Thomas’s room. She should be glad Thomas did not tell the detective the truth. In fact instead of badmouthing his son she should go in there and thank him. She cries no, she is not going to grovel and show her gratitude. It was an accident and she does not believe for a minute that Thomas’s apology is real. She thinks he is still trying to manipulate Hope. Ridge says he does not believe Brooke. Thomas is still in the hospital because of her. She fires back that Thomas is in the hospital because of his sick, twisted obsession of Hope and it won’t just end here. Thomas is going to have to pay for what he has done to Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah confided in Kayla about what happened with Eric. She was insecure about Eric's feelings for her. She believed that Nicole's the love of his life. She also told Kayla that a part of her would be relieved if Nicole were dead. Kayla tried to be understanding, but Sarah felt like a horrible person for hoping Nicole died. Sarah knew she had to step aside if Nicole were alive. Jack, Jennifer, and Eric went to Chicago and found Rolf. Eric was determined to search his entire place to find Nicole. Rolf told someone they could come out. It turned out to be Vivian. Jack remembered Vivian being at the warehouse. Jennifer told him that she was Vivian. Jennifer explained what happened when Vivian was pronounced dead. Vivian was glad that Kayla was a quack. Eric realized that Rolf was behind her being alive. He admitted to bringing her back from the dead. Eric got mad when Vivian laughed at him. Jennifer told him to let Rolf and Vivian speak. Vivian told them what happened when Rolf gave her the serum. Jack wondered why she needed the serum. She told him that Kate shot her. Stefan put Kate's gun on her. Kate tried to explain what happened when she shot Vivian. Kate told him why she didn't walk away from Vivian. He finished her story when he told her what he saw when he walked in the room. Kate said she snapped when everything happened. She told him it was over and he needed to move on with his life. He put down the gun and asked her if she would like it if he moved on with his life. Kate continued to plead with him to work with her. He didn't think he needed her help. She told him that he and Gabi didn't have what it took to run the company. She assured him that she was the best person for the job. She let him know that she knew the weaknesses at Titan. She believed they could make a fortune. He put the gun back on her and told her that he wouldn't work with her. Julie went after Gabi and was having a heart attack. She wanted Gabi to help her, but she wouldn't do it. Gabi walked away from Julie. Julie begged her not to go, but she left. Julie passed out. Kayla thought that Sarah should fight for Eric when she decided to walk away. She would have fought for Eric, but Holly was involved so she didn't want to mess with that. Kayla thought she should call him since she hadn't heard from Eric. Vivian continued to tell the others what happened, but Eric didn't want to hear it. Eric wanted Jennifer to help him search the apartment. Vivian remembered how nosy Eric and Jennifer were. Jack asked her if she had her memory. Ben and Ciara walked in the park and saw Julie on the ground. Gabi showed up while Stefan was about to shoot Kate. She tried to stop Stefan from killing Kate. He didn't want to listen to her. He was determined to kill her and he wanted her to help him get rid of the body. 

Gabi tried to convince Stefan not to shoot Kate. Stefan was determined to shoot her. Gabi told him that he would be locked up for the rest of his life. She said they were on the verge of happiness and begged him not to throw it away. She begged him not to shoot Kate. Ben told Ciara to call the ambulance. Ben tried to find a pulse, but he couldn't. Julie woke up and asked him not to kill her. Jack continued to question Vivian about having her memory back. She wanted to know if Rolf restored her memory. Jennifer and Eric came back in the room and asked if Nicole was there. Vivian told them that Nicole and Holly were gone. She let them know that they escaped. Sarah and Kayla talked about Rolf being alive. Kayla suggested that she call Eric to find out how he was doing. Eric couldn't believe that Nicole escaped. Rolf and Vivian told them how the guards went after Nicole. Jack told Rolf that Kristen didn't tell him that Nicole escaped. Jennifer said that Kristen was locked up. Eric continued to grill Rolf about Nicole. Jack wanted to know if Vivian had her memory in tact. Vivian admitted that she had her memory and remembered  Stefan. Stefan put the gun down and Kate thanked Gabi for saving her life. Kate walked out of the room. Ciara told Julie that Ben was trying to help her. Ben performed CPR on Julie. The paramedics were on their way. Jennifer realized that Rolf helped Vivian get her memory back. Rolf admitted that he did help Vivian. Rolf said it would be impossible to come up with a new serum. Jack bribed Rolf to help him by making sure he would have money for research. Jack and Jennifer were prepared to go back to Salem. Eric decided to stay in Salem. Eric asked Vivian questions about Nicole. Sarah called Eric while he was trying to get answers from Vivian. Stefan got a phone call from an unfamiliar number. He decided to answer it and found out Vivian was the one calling him. Gabi thought about Julie having a heart attack. She was positive that Julie was faking her heart attack. Julie was rushed to the hospital. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

General Hospital did not air on Labor Day

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

The news ran a story about Chloe faking her death. While talking to Chelsea, Nick expressed empathy for Chloe, because he knew what it was like to lash out after the loss of a daughter. He urged Chelsea to think about whether her friendship with Chloe was worth salvaging. Chloe and Kevin went out, believing that they’d given Billy enough sedatives to keep him asleep while they were gone. Chloe eased Kevin’s fears that she’d have a mental relapse if she helped Billy. Victoria learned that Billy had known for a few weeks that Chloe was alive and that Adam was tormenting her and Kevin. She realized his nightmares began around the time of Chloe’s first return. Victoria wasn’t angry with Chloe, but she was mad at Kevin for not telling her what Billy had been dealing with. Kevin regretted not telling Victoria that Billy was in a bad place. Kevin and Chloe decided to buy time for Chloe to help Billy by sending Victoria and the Abbots a text from Billy’s phone saying that he’d checked back into rehab for gambling. Michael tried to sever his relationship with Adam now that Adam didn’t have anything to hold over Kevin and Chloe’s heads. Adam produced a picture of Fen using and dealing drugs and used it as leverage over Michael. Jack and Lauren talked about his charity’s drug treatment plan for musicians. Michael confided in Lauren that Fen was in trouble, and they arranged for her to go get their son into rehab before Adam could turn him in to the police. Lauren said that when she got home, she and Michael were going to take Adam down together.

Victoria received the text Kevin sent from Billy’s phone, and she believed it was really from Billy. She told Nick she was hurt by Billy lying to her and shutting her out, and she began to wonder if they could really have the future they’d dreamed of. She wondered if Billy had actually gone to rehab, or if this was a cover story. Jack and Traci worried about Billy, who they believed was in rehab again. Jack contrasted Billy’s decision to leave his kids, to go to rehab, with Dina’s decision to abandon her family. Traci thought that Billy and Dina were both desperate people. Jack recalled a childhood memory. John had implored Dina to tell him what she needed to make her happy, but she didn’t answer him. Traci thought the people of that era would’ve found it bizarre if Dina had admitted she wanted to start her own company and travel the world. Jack realized that Dina’s life wasn’t in the Abbott house, and she’d needed to go find it. Chelsea ran into Chloe having a picnic in the park with Kevin, Esther and Bella. Chloe was overjoyed when Chelsea said she wanted to repair their friendship. Billy woke up in the boathouse with his leg in a splint and no idea where he was.

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