The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/30/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Det. Sanchez what is it he is looking for. He says answers. And since his son went over the cliff he would think he would want some too. He needs to know more about this fight and if Thomas went by accident or did someone push him. Wyatt talks to Quinn and says things are not easy now and he is just trying to move on. Quinn says she did not jump on the bandwagon earlier and condemn them but she has had time now to talk with Shauna and she knows more details and she cannot feel any pity for her or Flo. Wyatt says he understands as he feels that way too. She tells him that he needs time to breathe. It was only a few moments ago that he was planning a future with Flo so it is not time for a rebound. He says Sally’s secret was not the same. He doesn’t realize that Sally is listening on the other side of a slightly door ajar. He has no right to expect she would take him back but she is his girl now. Sally walks on in with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. Wyatt explains his mother is just leaving. The nurse tells Hope there is no change in Thomas but she can sit with him for a few minutes. She tells Thomas that he is a parent so that is the part she cannot understand. He knows what it feels like and yet he let her stay in agony and never said a word about Beth. He admits she hates what he did…….in fact she hates him! She says she should not even be telling him this. She’d like him to wake up and hear her voice and how she really feels now. She does not believe all of that stuff was him and he needs to wake up now for Douglas’s sake and prove the others wrong. Suddenly Thomas makes a little noise and she runs to get the nurse. Liam and Brooke all run in with Det. Sanchez right behind. He tells Brooke that she must be so relieved although he still has questions for her as to how this so-called accident happened.

Sally and Wyatt discuss Thomas and she feels so sorry for Douglas losing his mother and now his father is in major danger. Wyatt says even if he recovers he does not think he is a fit parent for Douglas. She admits she heard what he just said to his mother. He says he meant every word. She admits he has done a pretty good job of showing it lately. He says he is a slow learner. He knows there is a ton of good looking women in L.A. and he doesn’t deserve a second chance but he is standing in the room with the best looking one and he would like that chance. She asks him if he has booked that spa weekend. He says he did not know she was serious about that. She says he surely did not think he could just sweet talk her and be back in her life. But then she says she has been given second chances in her life so she surely can return the favor. She will forgo the spa weekend and settle for Malibu with him. Now is the time to kiss the girl. They do in grand fashion. Thomas opens his eyes and calls out to his Dad. Ridge asks if he knows he is in the hospital and what happened to put him there. Dr. Armstrong comes in and says they will take more tests but he is pleased for now. He cautions them all that Thomas needs more rest and not stress so only his dad can see him now. The detective says he has a few questions that will only take a minute if he might. Briefly he almost puts words in Thomas’s mouth by saying he was alone on the cliff with Hope and her mother. Next thing he was over the cliff after words had been exchanged that he did not think was too friendly. Can Thomas enlighten them more if it was an accident or someone wanted him to go over the cliff. He turns around and tears are rolling down Brooke’s cheek.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer went to JJ and told him about Rolf possibly being alive. She thought that he could help them get Jack's memory back. Kate went to see Kristen to tell her that she was going to be the new CEO at DiMera Enterprises. Kristen said she didn't have anything against her. She told her that she held her captive. Kristen warned her that she made it personal. Jack and a police officer showed up. Kate walked out of the room. He told Kristen that she had her deal. He asked her when was the last time she saw Rolf. She realized that she had the key to him getting back his memory. Jack asked her if she knew where Rolf was. She said she knew where he was. Stefan and Gabi were determined to work together to get Kate out of DiMera. They also talked about falling in love after hating each other. They kissed each other when Kate walked in the room. Kristen told Jack that Rolf was with Nicole and Holly. Kristen wanted her freedom first before she would tell him anything. He told her it didn't work that way. She knew he had a personal stake in finding Rolf. He said he wanted to find Nicole and Holly too. She didn't believe that. She said she needed him more because she could give him back his life. Eric talked to Sarah about looking for Nicole. Sarah understood that he wanted to find Nicole. She realized that he would spend the rest of his life wondering if he didn't look for her. Sarah thought she was going to have a broken heart either way so she thought they should end their relationship now. Kate and Gabi started arguing until Stefan got involved. He wanted her to get out, but she told them that she was moving in the mansion. JJ and Jennifer talked about Jack getting his memory back. He was afraid that Jack wouldn't change once he got his memory back. Jack gave Kristen a deal to sign. She read it and wasn't going to sign it.

Kate told Stefan and Gabi that she didn't go after the job. It was offered to her because they were always fighting. She wanted them to help her get the company back on track. Stefan didn't want t help her. Kate apologized to Stefan for accusing him of kidnapping her. She asked him would he rather work for her or Kristen. Kristen couldn't believe that Jack expected her to stay in jail until Rolf, Nicole, and Holly were found. Jack said she would be out in a few hours. Kristen refused to sign that deal. She wanted to be out first and then she would say where they were. Eric didn't want Sarah to do anything rash, but she knew what would happen. He said he cared about her and she went off. She ended up admitting that she wanted Nicole to stay dead. Jack thought Kristen would be a flight risk. She said she wanted her company so she wouldn't leave. Jack refused to bend. He told her that she would only get her freedom after Nicole, Holly, and Rolf were safe and sound. Jack went to Jennifer and JJ to tell them about his conversation with Kristen. He told them that he was going to look for Rolf. Jennifer was going with him. He tried to fight her down, but she wouldn't listen to him. Jennifer wanted Eric to go with them to find Nicole. Eric told Sarah that he was going with Jennifer and Jack to look for Nicole and Holly. Jennifer, Eric, and Jack were suddenly in Chicago and walked in the apartment. She reacted to something. Stefan threw up in Kate's face how she killed his mother. He pulled out the gun that he found in her luggage. He pointed the gun at her and wanted to kill her. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis sits at Charlie's while Ava shows up and explains to Julian that Ryan sent her a letter. Julian tells her to rip it up. Ava wants Alexis to get involved but Ryan has rights supposedly. Ava gets angry. Alexis meets with Kendra the personal trainer. Mac tells Felicia that he is returning to the PCPD and Felicia is happy to hear this news.

Peter has a dream that Maxie has a fit when she learns that Peter had been involved in Jason’s kidnapping from the beginning. He wakes up and tries to avoid her. Shiloh is being held before his custody case and keeps annoying Chase. Peter tries talking with him. Franco finds Kim and they talk as if he were Drew. Kim cannot handle it anymore. Elizabeth tells Scott she is going to have Franco committed so he cannot leave town.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe are keeping a sedated Billy in the Chancellor boat house so he won't hurt himself or try to kill Adam again. Chloe and Kevin talk about how Chloe saved Adam's life by pushing him out of the way before Billy hit him with the car. Kevin knocked Adam and Billy out and then they brought Billy to the boat house and put a splint on his leg. Kevin and Chloe left Adam to wake up on his own alone on route 7. Adam talks to Phyllis later and tells her what happened last night they rule out Kevin, Billy, and Chelsea and settle on Victor as the person that hired someone to kill him. Adam has a emotional confrontation with Victor in which he denies having anything to do with what happened to him . Victor tells Adam that his mother would be ashamed of the man he has become now. Adam tells Victor he loved his mother but he despises him. Michael texts Kevin to tell him the judge agreed to Chloe's plea deal so Kevin and Chloe head to Crimson Lights so that people can find out she is alive. Chelsea sees Chloe first and they also have an emotional discussion about how Chloe's 'death" affected Chelsea. Chloe cries and apologizes to Chelsea for all the pain she caused her and Chloe also tells Chelsea she hopes they can be friends again someday Phyllis is angry with Abby, Chelsea , Summer and Theo she feels they all betrayed her because they won't let her be a part of the Grand Phoenix after the project was her idea. Adam and Phyllis decide to team up and get revenge on everyone who has wronged them. Adam decides to start with Victor first and wonders if there is a way to use his illness to get revenge on him.

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